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High Anxiety
Whatever Forever
Earth Suck (Bonus Track Version)
Monolord with Bruges and Oozing Wound at The Empty Bottle (April 29, 2019)
Venue: The Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL, US) Find tickets
Oozing Wound Apr 16, 2019
What tour is actually like 23 hours a day here in Snoozing Wound (thanks Gary!). We are home now. How about yall entertain us for a fuckin change? #EuropeSetImUpset
Oozing Wound Apr 15, 2019
This is where the party ends. @tom_roelofs kept us sane and was the most punctual driver I have ever met. This guy kicks ass. So here we are in Brussels on our near 15 hour journey home. Thanks to everyone for coming to the shows, first time there was about 30 people every day at least. We sold out of shirts, natch, but was up you don't like rekkids anymore? S'all good. At least Kevin's pedals waited til the last show to die. Eh? What a tour! And also obviously mega thanks to @gholdband the greatest dudes and the most impressive drinkers I have ever met. #EuropeSetImUpset
Oozing Wound Apr 13, 2019
The final show of the gholden ooze experience. We had some laughs and some of us literally busted a gut continuously endlessly into the many shapes of toilets over this great land. Tonight at @kafekult in Munich we invite you to witness the husks of 6 weary travelers who foolishly devoted their lives to making noiseys.
Oozing Wound Apr 11, 2019
Off to Prague rock country today, peoples! Come say hi we have never been here before and I dont know what to expect but come give it to us anyway. Gimme the praguenosis I can handle it. ONWARD AND UPWARD. That's pragueress.
Oozing Wound Apr 08, 2019
Last leg of this touro. Will you know if you get your news from Facebook? Probably not. But hey, tell your friend. #EuropeSetImUpset
Oozing Wound Apr 03, 2019
In Lyon France tonight at the coolest and cleanest squat I've ever seen, Grrrnd Zero. We are ready to rage. Ready to do laundry. Ready to go to sleep or stay up all night. It's a topsy turvy world, mah friends. Chicago just elected a cop who likes bougie bars as mayor. That's great. So great.
Oozing Wound Apr 02, 2019
I wouldn't rep just any ol band but Ghold are our UK doppelgangers and good lads at that. We are on tour together, right now! I'm breathing in their stinky essence and spitting it back out as pure venom. They're a great fucking band and worth your time.
Oozing Wound Apr 02, 2019
2nd leg of tour town here we come. Facebook blocking my attempts but I got my secret ways in. You can't stop the ooze!
Oozing Wound Mar 31, 2019
Jesus christ. Facebook is giant piece of shit. I've posted this thing so many times. Who fucking cares. Follow us literally anywhere but on this garbage dump. Also we are on tour in the UK and Europe. Facebook wont let me tell you for some reason. Neat shit.
Oozing Wound Mar 29, 2019
More glowing praise for your ooze boys who are currently setting up shop in Glasgow.
Oozing Wound Mar 21, 2019
Oozing Wound: High Anxiety | Nuanced Hardcore for Grownups | Review
Oozing Wound Mar 19, 2019
Oozing Wound: High Anxiety
Oozing Wound Mar 18, 2019
It's alive! After an excruciating wait, High Anxiety exists in the physical, digital, and extraterrestrial (don't tell kevin) realms! The endless praise and one hilariously bad review have emboldened the shit out of us! We are coming to kill your ear drums. Look out ear drums! Go listen to the fucking thing already. #highanxiety #oozingwound #thrilljockey #swampbooking #heavytalent #2019metal #GOAT #WhyYouReadingAllTheseTags
Oozing Wound Mar 16, 2019
Album Review: Oozing Wound - High Anxiety
Oozing Wound Mar 14, 2019
Zack talked to the Chicago Tribune about how Julian Casablancas sucks and how life as a musician is the dumbest best thing you can spend all your money on.
Oozing Wound Mar 12, 2019
Jesus Christ. Who doesn't want a piece of the ooze these days? WE ARE HOT SHIT. Get in while the gettin's good. Don't wanna be the last of your friendos to hear about the Ooze! Here we are, at last, in mixtape form. FUCKING GRIP IT, FAM.
Oozing Wound Mar 12, 2019
Oozing Wound Mar 12, 2019
Every writer is amazed they like us!
Oozing Wound Mar 12, 2019
New interview with @KerrangMagazine about my forever anxiety, our worst tour experience, and why I keep bringing up ABBA probably to everyone's rising sadness. #kerrang #tweenshitbag #oozingwound
Oozing Wound Mar 05, 2019
Okee dokee here we go fam. One tween shitbag coming at yah! Adult Swim Thrill Jockey Records @trashcitycomics
Oozing Wound Mar 05, 2019
Oozing Wound Mar 03, 2019
According to this guy you should all be following my goofy ass on Instantgramm
Oozing Wound Mar 02, 2019
TONIGHT! 2am CST "Tween Shitbag" premieres on @adultswim! If you still have cable and likely high AF sitting there on your couch like so many taters before you then you will be among the first to witness the new age of OOZE! Bask in the transformative powers it contains! Behold the oozey depths of your psyche hitherto locked under the premise of reality! @toonamisquad @thrilljockey #adultswim #oozingwound #tweenshitbag #highanxiety #toonami #hashtag