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Whatever Forever
Earth Suck (Bonus Track Version)
Oozing Wound Dec 08, 2018
Sleeping Village
Oozing Wound Oct 30, 2018
Oozing Wound Oct 29, 2018
Posty by Bill Connors
Oozing Wound Oct 22, 2018
I'm going to bother Sly Stallone every goddamn day until he blocks me or puts Oozing Wound in Rambo 5.
Oozing Wound Oct 13, 2018
See yah at the Catcus Club in Milwaukee tonight-ah! If you live in Milwaukee I bet you can figure it out. I even know where it is. Cactus Club
Oozing Wound Oct 09, 2018
Oozing Wound Oct 02, 2018
Welcome to my nuanced and complex take on the beggining of the end for maybe the most important band in my musical life. I was talking about this album like 4 freaking days ago, and here I am as the only one who isn't saying it's a goddamn masterpiece. Enjoy. Apparently my opinion is equal to scott ians. LOL.
Oozing Wound Aug 27, 2018
Approved the new album last night. Can't wait for y'all to hear my screeds against flat earthers, the service industry, and people in general; feeling insane on drugs; how much I hate politicians and congress; and an ode to my favorite movie, Total Recall. It fuckin SLAYS.
Oozing Wound Aug 08, 2018
We're three guys who play broken equipment in a basement that floods a few times a year. Wanna maybe not be passive aggressive and shitty in emails to me about a t-shirt you haven't gotten yet? We're not a business, we get to shit when we can. I'm happy to issue refunds if something got fucked up. Just lighten the fuck up, y'all, ok? YEESH.
Oozing Wound Jul 18, 2018
Here's a shot from the Bongripper show at the Metro that encompasses the full range of audience boredom, confusion, and enthrallment. Thanks Carlos Morales for the photes! #metrochicago #oozingwound #what #am #I #doing
Oozing Wound Jul 13, 2018
Oozing Wound
Oozing Wound Jul 13, 2018
Show tonight. Fight the break of dawn. Come tomorrow? Tomorrow we be gone. --Eagle Pie Larry
Oozing Wound Apr 20, 2018
It's stoner amateur night, why smoke with the kiddos when you can bong with the wizards tomorrow at the EMPTY BOTTLE, chicago. Paper Mice, Ex-Gold, and Luggage play too! Here's a pic showing our weed cred.
Oozing Wound Apr 19, 2018
The Empty Bottle
Oozing Wound Apr 14, 2018
Oozing Wound
Oozing Wound Apr 13, 2018
Show next SATurday. New jams! Fog and purdy lights! A reason to live!
Oozing Wound Jan 12, 2018
I hate myself watching this but I am all about pushing the cause. It will convey most of the necessary information to bake your way in to the cosmos.
Oozing Wound Nov 10, 2017
We've sold a bunch of pup shirts! Buy more! Give us money! I know we act like we don't want it, but we do! We use it!
Oozing Wound Nov 03, 2017
CONGRATULATIONS ME. I updated the WEBSTORE which means that you can pick your pup of choice and not even have to smell us in person to deal with it. Also updated the CD inventory which I know y'all need for your portable cd players with bass boost and skip protection AND some vinyl that's expensive because we're worth it.
Oozing Wound Oct 24, 2017
Oozing Wound Sep 29, 2017
I hate facebook so I never look at the messages, but since the gist of almost all of them is if we are selling merch online I will just say that I'm ordering a bunch of shit and I will put it up there soon. Probably after our next shows so liiiiiike November?
Oozing Wound Sep 06, 2017
Hey! The Ooze landed and we've all gone back to our stupid jobs. Y'all need to learn what LOUD means though. We are LOUD as fuck. In fact, it is the only fact about the band that I will accept. If you say, "You're LOUD" I'll be all like, "Yes. We are LOUD." Thanks to y'all who bought some shit, gave us shit, gave us ways to pass time criminally, and those who just wanted to slay. We'll be back! Save your Euros!
Oozing Wound Aug 22, 2017
Yeahr! DUBLIN!
Oozing Wound Aug 20, 2017
Maan, fuck facebook this shit is just stupid now. Just follow us on intsagram @oozingdudes the layout doesn't make me want to stab my eyes out
Oozing Wound Jul 25, 2017
Apparently, according to the commenters, we didn't take this sacred cover for the Onion seriously enough. Who fukkin cares yah ding dongs!