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Oneida May 29, 2019
Oneida is playing a week from Saturday at H0l0 in Ridgewood Queens. . .come out! With IE, Ka Baird, and Matthew Mehlan. with AdHoc. Flier by Penny P. Squibblesworth - tickets:
Oneida Apr 30, 2019
Oneida plays in Boston in a couple of weeks! Come out and see us!
Oneida Apr 03, 2019
Just announced! James Brandon Lewis and Val Jeanty duo added to the littlefield show in May. Check out this killer flier by Penny P. Squibblesworth. Joyful Noise Recordings Reg Bloor
Oneida Mar 21, 2019
Big thank you to Odyssey Booking for our great European Tour! You can still see Kid Millions as Man Forever Solo around Europe. Thanks to Swamp Booking! Check the schedule below!
Oneida Mar 07, 2019
We’re leaving today for our UK/EU tour. Come see us!
Oneida Jan 24, 2019
Coming up in Feb! Oneida is playing the Sunwatchers album release show at The Glove in Brooklyn. Come out!
Oneida Jan 01, 2019
Oneida Dec 12, 2018
HEY! There's a new Oneida holiday tune called "It's Chill" - you can grab a physical copy that's limited to 100 lathe cut copies. . .OR you can buy it via Bandcamp. The tune features Thor Harris on Xylophone, OHMME on vox, and Danielson on guitar. The link to the album will be in the comments. Joyful Noise Recordings
Oneida Dec 12, 2018
NYC HEADS - Oneida plays The Bell House on Friday Jan 18th with Danielson. . .tix available NOW: Joyful Noise Recordings
Oneida Dec 06, 2018
ONEIDA FANS. Papa Crazee and his family need our help. For those of you who don't know - he's the OG founder of the O. He's still a member of the O and plays w us occasionally. He's been private about his daughter's profound needs and struggles. They are asking for our help. In the spirit of the holidays, please give:
Oneida Nov 26, 2018
Barry London and Kid Millions were involved in this awesome band Jäh Division from the early 2000s. Their original EP is getting an expanded and lavish reissue on Ernest Jenning Record Co. Fans of the O should grip the super limited splatter vinyl ASAP!
Oneida Nov 21, 2018
Oneida Nov 15, 2018
Let's get the details! You can hear the band goofing off in the background while Barry records this. Sorry brah.
Oneida Oct 04, 2018
In other vinyl news EACH ONE TEACH ONE IS BACK ON VINYL. You can buy a super limited silver vinyl copy via this link and you should do it NOW. . .thank you Jagjaguwar. If they sell out of the limited there's plenty of black.
Oneida Oct 02, 2018
Hey everyone! We have this insanely limited release with Yo La Tengo - basically it doesn't exist unless you come to an Oneida show. Our track is a cover of their great tune "The Room Got Heavy" - they cover a Roky Erickson song. It's an incredible artifact. I'm not sure if Yo La will have them for sale at shows or not. Check with them!
Oneida Aug 15, 2018
You know you're having a bad day as an Oneida fan when your signed guitar gets repossessed and put up for auction... No one in the band can remember anything about this guitar, but it might be legit... bid at your own risk!
Oneida Aug 07, 2018
Oneida Jul 26, 2018
Tour begins today! For the next ten days Oneida will be touring as a quartet featuring Kid Millions, Hanoi Jane, Barry London, and Mike Gallope. Unfortunately Bobby and Shahin will have to sit out these dates, but in their place will be Mike Gallope - who is Bobby's bandmate in New Pope, and was as bandleader/musical director for Janka Nabay. It's going to be momentous. See you soon!
Oneida Jul 21, 2018
Our tour starts next week Info/Tix: brillobox HI-FI Indy The Empty Bottle Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel The Firebird Saturn Birmingham 529 The Pilot Light Kings Ottobar
Oneida Jul 02, 2018
Oneida's cover photo
Oneida Jul 02, 2018
Tour is on: 26 July - brillobox, Pittsburgh (PA) 27 July - HI-FI Indy, Indianapolis (IN) 28 July - The Empty Bottle, Chicago (IL) 29 July - Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel, Davenport (IA) 30 July - The Firebird, St. Louis (MO) 31 July - Saturn Birmingham, Birmingham (AL) 01 Aug - 529, Atlanta (GA) 02 Aug - The Pilot Light, Knoxville (TN) 03 Aug - Kings, Raleigh (NC) 04 Aug - Ottobar, Baltimore (MD)
Oneida Jul 02, 2018
The tour is comin'
Oneida May 27, 2018
Oneida Apr 12, 2018
Hello everyone - the kind people at Thrill Jockey Records set up this GoFundMe for Kid's recovery. He's improving every day. We're looking forward to playing live as soon as it makes sense for us. Thank you.
Oneida Mar 28, 2018
Fat Bobby made this playlist on TIDAL. . .it explains a lot!