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Askepot (Musikken fra forestllingen i Tivolis Pantomime teater)
Head Up High (The Remixes)
Earth Sick
Oh Land
Oh Land Dec 06, 2018
Oh Land Dec 06, 2018
Here we go! I’ve been anxiously anticipating the day I could share this with you: A live performance video of “Human Error”. After 5 years of dealing am now ready to share my music with you again. This song will be out officially on Jan 4 2019. So you could call this an early christmas gift. (-: This video was made in collaboration with @boliacom Sofa Sessions. @zukanoviczukanovic plays the piano.
Oh Land Nov 17, 2018
Jeg skal være perle i aften !!!! Glæder mig helt vildt. Kom tidligt, der er ingen support. Starter kl. 20, Store Vega ! VI SEEEES Ps. Kjole af @princessTori. Fandt kjolen på nettet og stalkede hende, hun er lige blevet færdig på designskolen.
Oh Land Oct 27, 2018
Jeg udlodder 2 x 2 VIP backstage billetter til koncerten d. 17 november i Store VEGA! Du skal skrive i kommentarfeltet hvorfor du/I skal vinde! (Her øver jeg med Katrine Muff og Katinka ❤️ Afgørelsen bliver på onsdag! Pst... jeg udlodder også VIP backstage billetter på min Instagram.
Oh Land Oct 13, 2018
Here’s 10 years ago! When I released my first album Fauna! We will celebrate with a special concert in Copenhagen at Store Vega November 17! 1. My dad and I being idiots 2. Me and Kathrine Muff Enevoldsen and Katinka Fogh Vindelev singing! 3. The team that gave me the best possible start! @kasperbjorke @marieegede @brogestarck
Oh Land Oct 07, 2018
Tak Kim Larsen for dine sange. Tak til jer der lytter med. Tak for i aften ❤️
Oh Land Sep 20, 2018
10 år med Fauna! Kom og fejer det i Store Vega lørdag den 17. november. Forsalget starter på mandag. Men Facebook fans kan sikre sig en billet allerede NU via
Oh Land Sep 13, 2018
Oh Land Aug 30, 2018
Svend loves a good soundcheck 👏🏼 with @madslanger and band on @engelsholm
Oh Land Aug 10, 2018
I had so much fun shooting this video w bolia and collaboration with them on their latest collection”blurring the lines” I got rather dizzy on that turning table but what won’t you do for a great image? 😜
Oh Land Aug 06, 2018
Can’t wait to share this with you! Just finished recording the symphonic parts of the album with the #BudapestArtOrchestra ❤️ will update more on the album progress soon
Oh Land Aug 05, 2018
So excited to be recording the Budapest Art Orchestra for my upcoming album tomorrow !!
Oh Land Aug 05, 2018
So excited to be recording the Budapest Art Orchestra for my upcoming album tomorrow !!
Oh Land Aug 04, 2018
Can you handle this? Cause I can’t! This Kenya trip has been a mind blowing experience. Leaving today with a lot learnt and many questions still unanswered! Our last day was spent the more generic way crossing off the “big 5” on my list ❤️ Sanna, one of our 16-year old ambassadors took these pictures next to me ☺️@wildlifefighters @wwfdk #karenblixencamp #reepark #jointhefight
Oh Land Aug 01, 2018
This is me and Caroline from @wildlifefighters with the students from the Mara school! Today we collected plastic from their village and cleaned up the streets! They’re the smartest, happiest kids and when I ask them “what do you wanna become when you grow up?” They give me answers like “pilot” and “engineer”! Will tell you a lot more about the project so hang on.... 😊 @wwf @wwfdk #wildlifefighters #jointgefight #wwfinternational #climatechange #takeresponsibility #oneplanetonefuture
Oh Land Jul 31, 2018
I’m flabbergasted by the richness of the animal life here at Masai Mara! We are just feets away from these beautiful creatures! My photos sucked so I stole @sanna3151 s shots ! ☄️🔥💥 @Wwfdk @wildlifefighters
Oh Land Jul 31, 2018
The best school uniform I have ever seen! Almost at the destinations .....! #kenya #masaimara #wwf
Oh Land Jul 30, 2018
Holdet! @wildlifefighters2018 @joeymoeofficial @wafandelife @wwfdk
Oh Land Jul 30, 2018
Idag rejser jeg til Kenya med @wwfdk @wwf @wildlifefighters2018 og min sag kommer til at være klimaforandringer. Vi skal blandt andet ud og samle skrald! Jeg glæder mig til rejsen men er også meget spændt da jeg ved at det også kommer til at være hårdt at blive direkte konfronteret med resultaterne af klimaforandringer i et land hvor de er meget mere udtalte end herhjemme.....
Oh Land Jul 28, 2018
Only 2 days until I leave for Kenya on an expedition with @Wwf @wwfdk @wildlifefighters @wildlifefighters2018 Until then doing a little reading ❤️
Oh Land Jul 09, 2018
...Sometimes people ask me how to Work through a “writers block” . My answer is to go live your life and find passion in something else. Don’t be disappointed in being inefficient. You will find yourself inspired again sooner than you know it... lotsa love from Croatia 🇭🇷 ❤️Nanna
Oh Land Jul 07, 2018
Mornings are my favorite time of the day! It’s a new start with new possibilities...picking out songs for the new album. Can’t wait to share it all with you !
Oh Land Jul 06, 2018
3 generations Fabricius
Oh Land Jun 30, 2018
Since the release of my latest album “Earth Sick” in 2014, I've experienced the biggest ups and downs of my private life. Through it all, music has been a friend who always listens to me. In melody and music I’ve found some healing and the songs that have come out of it are deeply personal. In sharing my music I hope that people who have ever felt the same will find comfort and know that they aren’t alone..... #newalbum #almostdone #donthaveatitleyet
Oh Land Jun 23, 2018
Hats, helmets and instruments!? This is the best shop I’ve ever been to....asked the owner what the red thread was and he replied “I don’t know- it just happened naturally”