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Oceans Divide EP
Oceans Divide Jun 08, 2018
Check out the singer of Oceans Divide new band Everyone Loves A Villain and their new music video. The single is also on Spotify. Thank you for the support!
Oceans Divide Sep 19, 2017
I have a new project called Everyone Loves A Villain! Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire says give us a "like". Thanks for the support! - Chris McCoy
Oceans Divide Apr 24, 2017
Check out the new album from the singer of Oceans Divide's new project Drone Epidemic. It is available via iTunes and Amazon Music. Thank you all for your support and hope you enjoy the tunes.
Oceans Divide Apr 01, 2017
Check out Chris's (OD singer) new project Drone Epidemic. They just released a new single called "Control". Give them a like and share with your friends!
Oceans Divide Jan 18, 2017
Brand spankin' new track from OD guitarist, Morgan Mallory! Pay what you want - anything over $1 goes straight to providing clean water to those who have none.
Oceans Divide Dec 24, 2016
Here's a good memory from playing the machine shop back in the day. Great venue if you ever get a chance to go!#FBF
Oceans Divide Jul 15, 2016
Oceans Divide fans are the best! Thanks for the love.
Oceans Divide Mar 01, 2016
New project from Oceans Divide guitarist, Morgan Mallory, premieres on PopWrapped!
Oceans Divide Mar 01, 2016
Oceans Divide officially endorses presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders! #bandsforbernie #feelthebern #notmeus
Oceans Divide Feb 28, 2016
Pick up the singer of Oceans Divides new project Drone Epidemic on iTunes worldwide! Thank you all for all your support! #droneepidemic #newep #worldwide
Oceans Divide Jan 19, 2016
Check out the singer of Oceans Divides other project Drone Epidemic! They Just released their new EP available on iTunes.
Oceans Divide Dec 29, 2015
Thank you Lemmy for the music you created! Rest in power!
Oceans Divide Dec 25, 2015
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Much love!
Oceans Divide Jul 04, 2015
Happy 4th of July to all of you! Have fun, be safe and play some oceans divide over the fireworks!
Oceans Divide Jul 01, 2015
Congrats to our producer Jasen Rauch and his band Breaking Benjamin. Check out their new album when you get a chance.
Oceans Divide May 24, 2015
We would like to thank stone chrome radio for spinning our track "lipstick lies". Thanks for the love!
Oceans Divide May 10, 2015
Who out there has the limited edition OD Booty Shorts?? Post your posterior pride!
Oceans Divide Apr 30, 2015
Hey guys long time no talk. Hope all of you are well. I have been in the cave writing and recording some new tunes with my new project "Drone Epidemic". Here is a new track we just released. Hope you guys like and will be releasing an album shortly. -Chris
Oceans Divide Apr 11, 2015
Check out the singer for Oceans Divides new project Drone Epidemic. New music and shows coming soon.
Oceans Divide Apr 11, 2015
Check out the singer of Oceans Divides new project Drone Epidemic. New music and show dates posting soon.
Oceans Divide Apr 10, 2015
I am going to be releasing some new music soon for you guys with my new project Drone Epidemic. Give us a like and stay tuned for new tour dates coming soon!-Chris
Oceans Divide Apr 10, 2015
Check out the singer of Oceans Divide new project Drone Epidemic. New music and tour dates will be released soon.
Oceans Divide Nov 26, 2014
Wishing you all a Happy thanksgiving and safe travels!
Oceans Divide Apr 18, 2014
Alright, my pretties - Top 5 favorite Songs of 2014.......aaaaaaaaand GO! -Morgan
Oceans Divide Feb 21, 2014
Hows everyone doing? What are you guys listening to these days?