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Be Here Now (Remastered)
(What's the Story) Morning Glory? [Remastered]
Time Flies... 1994-2009
Dig Out Your Soul
Stop the Clocks
Don't Believe the Truth
Heathen Chemistry
Familiar To Millions (Live)
Standing On the Shoulder of Giants
The Masterplan

Definitely Maybe (Remastered)
Oasis Aug 18, 2019
Where were YOU in '94? #DefMaybe25 (📸: Definitely Maybe DVD poster)
Oasis Aug 15, 2019
Introducing.. the 'Slide Away' Cover Challenge! We’d love to hear your versions of this iconic Oasis track from 'Definitely Maybe'. The official sheet music is below …. simply record your version & share on YouTube using #SlideAwayChallenge in the title. Over the next 3 weeks, fans' favourites will be added to Oasis’ 'Slide Away’ Challenge Official Playlist on Youtube here: ▶︎ Now...Slide away and give it all you've got! #DefMaybe25
Oasis Aug 14, 2019
Entries from Kate Arthurs (Bonehead's wife's) Oasis scrapbook from 1991 until 1994. To check out more photos of rare 'Definitely Maybe' memorabilia head over to the official website: 👉 #DefMaybe25
Oasis Aug 12, 2019
Have a watch of ''Definitely Maybe', The Documentary' over on YouTube. The full length documentary includes exclusive early footage of the band, music from the album and personal, detailed accounts of the making of the album. 👀 here: #DefMaybe25
Oasis Aug 10, 2019
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'Definitely Maybe', this limited edition double vinyl picture disc will be available exclusively on Oasis' official store. Available on the 30th August, you can check out details and pre-order your copy here: Did you know that 'Sad Song' was originally made available exclusively to the UK vinyl copy of the album? You can 🎧 to the track here: #DefMaybe25 (📸: B side: Paul Slattery)
Oasis Aug 09, 2019
Oasis has a brand new official GIPHY channel. Go check it out and get sharing! ▶︎ #DefMaybe25
Oasis Aug 08, 2019
"You and I are gonna live forever..." 25 years ago today 'Live Forever' was released! This month we're celebrating all things #DefMaybe25! Use the hashtag to share your memories of the album, tracks, live performances and original merch.
Oasis Aug 08, 2019
“In 20 years’ time, people will buy 'Definitely Maybe' and listen to it for what it was. That’s what is important.” NG, August '94. This August we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of ‘Definitely Maybe’ & we want you to be part of it! Share your photos, videos & memories using #DefMaybe25 and join the Oasis fans community on the brand new official ‘Definitely Maybe’ Facebook group here:
Oasis Aug 08, 2019
Oasis' seminal debut album 'Definitely Maybe' turn 25 on August 29, 2019! Follow #DefMaybe25 to join the celebration.
Oasis Aug 04, 2019
Spotify users... make sure to follow the 'Oasis: The Singles' playlist. Here you'll find every single Oasis ever released, from 'Supersonic' to 'Falling Down' and every classic in between. Have a 🎧 ▶︎
Oasis Aug 02, 2019
"Coming in a mess, going out in style..." #FridayFeeling
Oasis Jul 30, 2019
Liam during the making of the 'Wonderwall' video, September 1995. 📸: Jill Furmanovsky
Oasis Jul 28, 2019
Who remembers the 'Don't Look Back In Anger' Lip sync competition from back in 2014? The compilation video is now close to hitting 1,000,000 views! Once again, a big thank you to all who took part.
Oasis Jul 24, 2019
Celebrate Manchester’s amazing rock music heritage by helping Rockarchive crowdfund a permanent photography exhibition at the The University of Manchester! Showcasing the best of the city's bands (past & present), this year's exhibition 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' documented the journey of the city's unique rock music history. If you'd like to help keep this great visual record in its home city (where it belongs!) click here ▶︎
Oasis Jul 22, 2019
#Throwback 22 years to Oasis performing 'It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!)' live at Air Studios, London in July 1997. The performance was originally broadcast on the 'Right Here Right Now' documentary.
Oasis Jul 19, 2019
What's missing from your Oasis collection? What t-shirt, poster, vinyl, hoody etc do you wish you could still get your hands on? Suggestions on a postcard (in the comments) below...
Oasis Jul 16, 2019
Last year the #AlbumChartUK announced that 'She's Electric' was the 21st century's most played album track on radio, never released as a single! To celebrate this and 23 years of '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?' we created an original new lyric video for the track. Have a 👀 below.
Oasis Jul 12, 2019
Oasis playing Wembley Stadium 10 years ago today! Some great footage from the crowd here for 'Cigarettes & Alcohol'. #OnThisDay
Oasis Jul 10, 2019
"Here's Liam having a beer and a fag at the Bethesda fountain during the filming of the Live Forever video in Central Park, NY. It's not actually legal to drink beer from open containers – and the band found this kind of crazy in a country where you can walk around with a gun in your pocket ..." 📸/Words: Paul Slattery
Oasis Jul 07, 2019
#OnThisDay 22 years ago 'D'You Know What I Mean?' was released! Back in 2016 directors Dom & Nic, plus members of the original production team, re-worked the 'D'you Know What I Mean?' video, editing it to Noel's reworked version of the track and adding previously unseen footage. Watch the video here ▶︎
Oasis Jul 05, 2019
#Throwback to Oasis' 1996 T-shirts. Who's still got theirs?
Oasis Jul 03, 2019
This week marks 17 years since 'Heathen Chemistry' was released! The album was the first to be recorded with guitarist Gem Archer and bassist Andy Bell. To date the album has sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide. Have a 🎧 here ▶︎
Oasis Jul 01, 2019
Apple Music listeners recently voted for their favourite Oasis tracks. This is the resulting official Apple Music 'Fan Favourites Volume 1' playlist! Have a listen here:
Oasis Jun 28, 2019
#Throwback to the band having a quick beer before playing second on the bill at the NME Stage, Glastonbury Festival, 1994. 📸: Paul Slattery, Oasis: A Year On The Road.
Oasis Jun 26, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1994, 25 years ago, Oasis made their Glastonbury Festival debut, performing on the NME stage. Have a watch of 'Live Forever' below. How many of you were there? #GlastonburyFestival #Throwback