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Awaraxid 7mg
November-7: Live in Belgium
Season 3
Alive !
November-7 Oct 29, 2018
Big thanks to Rock Rebel Magazine for sharing our last video Loose connection .
November-7 Oct 26, 2018
November-7 2018 Line-up, and we hope for a long long time :)
November-7 Oct 15, 2018
The new video of LOOSE CONNECTION is there!! -> Enjoy and SHARE as much as you can!! #looseconnection #November7newvideo #Overload
November-7 Oct 07, 2018
Finishing touches to the video LOOSE CONNECTION... out soon!! stay tuned!
November-7 Sep 28, 2018
We’re all set!!! Show time: 8pm
November-7 Sep 22, 2018
Thank you Dylan, Leïla, Fred, Roxane and Vanni!! You did a fantastic job!!! Merci aux acteurs officiels et talentueux de la vidéo Loose Connection... Merci au staff du Casino pour l’accueil chaleureux! LOOSE CONNECTION video out soon...
November-7 Sep 17, 2018
30 Stunden Festival is FRIDAY 28 SEPT in ZUG! 2 new band members will be on stage for the first time :-) Get your tickets!!
November-7 Sep 13, 2018
Quiz: how many days to the 30 Stunden Festival? only 15 !!! BE THERE!!
November-7 Sep 08, 2018
We are ON 😇
November-7 Jul 17, 2018
Looking forward to September to party at 30 Stunden Festival in Zug!! ❤️❤️❤️ Who will be there?? 🧐
November-7 Jul 15, 2018
He’s smart, he’s talented... he’s Dylan: the leading actor in our upcoming video LOOSE CONNECTION 🤩 #november7newalbum
November-7 Jun 17, 2018
Oyez oyez! Tu as entre 19 et 25 ans, tu habites la magnifique région de Neuchâtel et tu aimerais figurer dans notre prochain vidéo clip??? -->> Nous recherchons entre 3 et 5 personnes pour filmer dans les prochaines semaines... alors vite!! contactes nous par MP :-)
November-7 Jun 10, 2018
Some more pictures from the Corn'Rock Thanks Dylan
November-7 Jun 09, 2018
November-7 Jun 09, 2018
Posted a new song: "05-Dare"
November-7 Jun 09, 2018
Posted a new song: "04-Time to Go"
November-7 Jun 09, 2018
Posted a new song: "03-Loose Connection"
November-7 Jun 09, 2018
Posted a new song: "02-Divine"
November-7 Jun 09, 2018
Posted a new song: "01-Running out of time"
November-7 Jun 05, 2018
We had a full house tonight at the rehearsals... new 7ers??? stay tuned
November-7 May 31, 2018
November-7 May 25, 2018
New Album Overload 1.0 is out you can listen it on N-7 website
November-7 May 20, 2018
Our new website is ONLINE!
November-7 May 19, 2018
November-7 May 19, 2018
TIME TO GO -->> track no.4 from OVERLOAD 1.0 <<-- A clock strikes uncarefully A distant time Dusk soothes all despair As air is rarefied Snow casts its flawless sheet onto our hideous acts How I wish you were here with me to start it all again Breath sinks and liquefies The consciousness Of all the beauty stained Of all the life we maimed And if my death could free you from this atrocious fate I’d sacrifice my life to start it all again It's time to heal and get purified From all the life that’s left behind I feel it, it’s time to go The sighs go dry, the lights grow dim As I hold on to memories I feel it, it’s time to go No one will do this again No one will make amends No one will come to their senses An acrid smell ploughs through This yellow sky It burns down in my lungs It stings inside my eyes And now that our delusions are tamed and rectified I know that it’s too late to start it all again