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Awaraxid 7mg
November-7: Live in Belgium
Season 3
Alive !
November-7 Aug 10, 2019
Kiss Fans: to celebrate the 45th anniversary of KISS album Hotter Than Hell we re-arranged a little bit their song Parasite. Thanks to share if you like, as it is the most important thing you can do to help alternative music band like us :) #AceFrehley #Kiss #Parasite #Cover
November-7 Aug 04, 2019
This is not our Parasite song but it is even more powerfull :) We recorded the song Parasite of Kiss for it's 45th anniversary. Let us know what you think and share if you like ! Thanks very much for your support.
November-7 Mar 10, 2019
November-7 Mar 10, 2019
November-7 New Line Up 2015 and we hope forever ;) thanks to Stephane Berginz for the shooting
November-7 Feb 04, 2019
Enjoy our new Led Zep Cover, please share if you like :)
November-7 Jan 27, 2019
So this is the cover
November-7 Jan 26, 2019
Working on a new Cover, who will find the name of the band ? Clue... band from the 70s...
November-7 Jan 19, 2019
Best view from stage EVER!! New Pub - Crans-Montana November-7 live tonight!!!!! 🤟🏼❤️🤟🏼
November-7 Oct 29, 2018
Big thanks to Rock Rebel Magazine for sharing our last video Loose connection .
November-7 Oct 26, 2018
November-7 2018 Line-up, and we hope for a long long time :)
November-7 Oct 15, 2018
The new video of LOOSE CONNECTION is there!! -> Enjoy and SHARE as much as you can!! #looseconnection #November7newvideo #Overload
November-7 Oct 07, 2018
Finishing touches to the video LOOSE CONNECTION... out soon!! stay tuned!
November-7 Sep 28, 2018
We’re all set!!! Show time: 8pm
November-7 Sep 22, 2018
Thank you Dylan, Leïla, Fred, Roxane and Vanni!! You did a fantastic job!!! Merci aux acteurs officiels et talentueux de la vidéo Loose Connection... Merci au staff du Casino pour l’accueil chaleureux! LOOSE CONNECTION video out soon...
November-7 Sep 17, 2018
30 Stunden Festival is FRIDAY 28 SEPT in ZUG! 2 new band members will be on stage for the first time :-) Get your tickets!!
November-7 Sep 13, 2018
Quiz: how many days to the 30 Stunden Festival? only 15 !!! BE THERE!!
November-7 Sep 08, 2018
We are ON 😇
November-7 Jul 17, 2018
Looking forward to September to party at 30 Stunden Festival in Zug!! ❤️❤️❤️ Who will be there?? 🧐
November-7 Jul 15, 2018
He’s smart, he’s talented... he’s Dylan: the leading actor in our upcoming video LOOSE CONNECTION 🤩 #november7newalbum
November-7 Jun 17, 2018
Oyez oyez! Tu as entre 19 et 25 ans, tu habites la magnifique région de Neuchâtel et tu aimerais figurer dans notre prochain vidéo clip??? -->> Nous recherchons entre 3 et 5 personnes pour filmer dans les prochaines semaines... alors vite!! contactes nous par MP :-)
November-7 Jun 10, 2018
Some more pictures from the Corn'Rock Thanks Dylan
November-7 Jun 09, 2018
November-7 Jun 09, 2018
Posted a new song: "05-Dare"
November-7 Jun 09, 2018
Posted a new song: "04-Time to Go"
November-7 Jun 09, 2018
Posted a new song: "03-Loose Connection"