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Allow Yourself (Binaural Mix)
Allow Yourself
Scintilla (Deluxe)
Teide 2390 (Live)
Afterthoughts (Remastered)
Introducing Nosound
Lightdark (2013 Remastered Edition)
The World Is Outside
The Northern Religion of Things
A Sense Of Loss
A Sense of Loss (Remastered)
Sol29 (Remastered)
Crosslands Festival Crosslands Festival 2018
Venue: Dru Cultuurfabriek (Ulft, Netherlands) Find tickets
Prognosis Prognosis 2019
Venue: Effenaar Grote Zaal (Eindhoven, Netherlands) Find tickets
Nosound Dec 12, 2018
check out the Kscope sale on Burning Shed for some good music for the festive days ;)
Nosound Dec 06, 2018
Half million times thank you! This was our most successful year on Spotify, 60k fans and almost half million streams for a total of 40k hours played makes us very proud, and make you the best fans ever! We're working on the next live shows (first at Crosslands Festival 2018 in December) and on some new music we'll release soon. There are big plans already for next year including a live appearance at Prognosis Festival, a solo album and more new band studio material. Thanks for your support, allowing us to do the music we want without compromises, and to Kscope and AMF Music Publishing for their work and support!
Nosound Nov 28, 2018
On Friday the remastered vinyl version of Sol29 was also released on Spotify. For this one we started from the original 2005 masters, giving it back the original organic and detailed sound.
Nosound Nov 21, 2018
Next month we will play at the Crosslands Festival 2018 in Ulft! Who will join us?
Nosound Nov 15, 2018
Burning Shed
Nosound Nov 09, 2018
Here is a Spotify Playlist for Prognosis Festival, including some Nosound songs, check it out! Kscope / AMF Music Publishing
Nosound Nov 06, 2018
check out the latest Podcast from Kscope with a feature on their 10th anniversary celebration at Union Chapel and some live clips of the event, including Nosound!
Nosound Nov 06, 2018
For our German speaking fans... Ein langes Interview mit Giancarlo Erra gibt es im eclipsed-Rock-Magazin zu lesen! "Der Unterschied in „Allow Yourself“ ist einfach, dass ich mir die Freiheit genommen habe, mich um keine Erwartungshaltungen mehr zu kümmern und meine Komfortzone zu verlassen. Das war ein schwieriger Prozess aber auch so eine gewaltige Erfahrung, dass ich „Allow Yourself“ als das bislang authentischste Nosound-Album betrachte."
Nosound Nov 02, 2018
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lightdark, we're running a sale on the final copies of the deluxe digibook cd/dvd-a edition of the album (the last one with dvd-a), and the short & long sleeve Lightdark t-shirts! Burning Shed Kscope AMF Music Publishing
Nosound Oct 31, 2018
Photos by Caroline Traitler Photography
Nosound Oct 31, 2018
A few days after the fact, and it's time to start working on all the material from our gig in Rome. It was an intense promo week filled with studio rehearsing and radio/promo activity, all ended up with Friday's headline gig. It was by far one of our most intense, energetic and emotional gigs, as we 'allowed ourselves' to own and transform this music more than ever. We stretched the huge dynamics we like to use live, making the loud louder and the soft softer, and most of all we really enjoyed ourselves. It was a very important first time for us in this new phase of our career and the new album Allow Yourself, and the amazing response from the audience confirmed that we are heading in the right direction :-) Our thanks go to Dark Veil Productions for the incredible work organising this event, to Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema for joining us with his fantastic DJ set and on stage, to Alessandro Pagliaccia and Binario2 Recording Studio for the amazing sound and sound recording, to Caroline Traitler Photography for the usual fantastic pics, to all the stuff of Wishlist Club, and last but not least to everyone who attended and supported made this a very special night. And now...getting ready to do it again in Netherlands at Crosslands Festival in December! Kscope AMF Music Publishing
Nosound Oct 29, 2018
Caroline Traitler Photography
Nosound Oct 28, 2018
Airport waiting time is better when checking the multitrack recording of Friday's gig.. 😎
Nosound Oct 27, 2018
Nosound and Vincent
Nosound Oct 27, 2018
Nosound Oct 27, 2018
Celebration of Life with Vincent 😀
Nosound Oct 26, 2018
Soundcheck at Wishlist Club
Nosound Oct 26, 2018
Getting ready at Wishlist Club 🙂 Come and join us tonight! Dark Veil Productions
Nosound Oct 22, 2018
The fourth video from new album Allow Yourself, Saviour, is out now! Watch it below or on our Youtube channel: Another different take on this album, this time with one of the most intense, mysterious and yet uplifting ballads in our discography. Produced by Giancarlo Erra & Caroline Traitler Photography, and filmed at the beautiful falling cliffs of Happisburgh in Norfolk, the footage keeps the minimalist approach of the track and explores the many possible ambigous meanings behind the lyrics. The video was premiered at PopMatters who said "The video for Saviour on Nosound's Allow Yourself does an ingeniously subtle job of ornamenting the song's lusciously haunting power", and you can visit their page for a deeper explanation behind its meanings: As usual let us know what you think about it, we'll try to read and reply to all your comments! Kscope AMF Music Publishing Burning Shed LYRICS: If I fall down When I fall down You come through If I go down When I go down You come through And you save me And you heal me Will you help me? Will you love me?
Nosound Oct 20, 2018
iO Pages
Nosound Oct 19, 2018
PopMatters is premiering our new video for Saviour today, from the new album Allow Yourself. This has always been one of our favourites from the album, probably our most emotional and uplifting song ever, and it quickly became also popular among reviews and listeners... Don't miss out the cryptic video clicking on the link below! Kscope AMF Music Publishing
Nosound Oct 19, 2018
PopMatters is premiering our new video for Saviour today, from the new album Allow Yourself. This has always been one of our favourites from the album, probably our most emotional and uplifting song ever, and it quickly became also popular among reviews and listeners... Don't miss out the cryptic video! Kscope Burning Shed AMF Music Publishing
Nosound Oct 18, 2018
The limited edition clear vinyl of new album Allow Yourself is now officially SOLD OUT at Kscope warehouse! :-) You can still find some copies still circulating in shops, once they're gone they're gone. Thanks a lot for your support, they were all gone basically at pre-order stage, our best result so far! But hey...we have now another run on black vinyl that will be ready soon, if you grab your copy from our official shop Burning Shed you get as usual the download, signed postcard and wristband till stocks last! Be ready tomorrow for more great news about Allow Yourself...
Nosound Oct 17, 2018
It's nice to see how new album Allow Yourself is reaching a lot of new audiences out's one of the rare interviews for our Japanese fans! (both in Japanese and English) Kscope AMF Music Publishing
Nosound Oct 14, 2018
Perla the puppy joyously approving the weekend "great music guys see you soon!" It was one of the most intense and full immersion two days rehearsing session we ever had..we prepared new album tracks and we fundamentally change and evolve our live show upping the game quite a lot. Surprisingly old tracks and new tracks smoothly mix with each other showing variety and cohesion at same time. Guitars, electronics, massive dynamics and a thunderous (post)-rock rhythm section make this last one of the most engaging Nosound versions we've ever been. Really looking forward to 26th October Allow Yourself release party and gig in gonna be a VERY special night, we can promise you that! Kscope AMF Music Publishing A Buzz Supreme Binario2 Recording Studio