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Analog Future (Live)
Northlane Feb 13, 2019
In light of finishing our 5th album after months of writing and recording I listened to Mesmer for some perspective and I have to say, it’s weak in comparison. Heavy frankenstein shit coming 📷 @nealwalters_
Northlane Feb 11, 2019
You may have seen via our instagram/twitter teasers we've been posting in the studio that we've finished recording our 5th album. You all seem pretty stoked on what you heard too. Now it's time to hand over to Adam "Nolly" Getgood for mixing. You may know Nolly from his work in Periphery and on the latest ARCHITECTS record. photo: Tanja Dagenbach
Northlane Feb 11, 2019
We don't often weigh in on politics, but we stand with Peking Duk, Bluesfest Byron Bay and everyone else who has weighed in on this topic against the stance of the NSW Liberal Party. Their knee-jerk response to drug related festival deaths has defied logic. Not only are young people still dying, Gladys Berejiklian and co. are now dismantling an entire industry. Live music has a positive affect on the mental health of patrons, it creates tourism, employs thousands and generates a staggering amount of wealth for our economy despite very little governmental support. If this issue is important to you, take it to the polls in march and vote them out
Northlane Feb 09, 2019
Northlane Feb 08, 2019
We have made Mesmer Deluxe available on all digital services. It includes all 11 songs in previously unheard instrumental format. Enjoy every nuance and layer behind the voice.
Northlane Feb 07, 2019
Almost finished recording our darkest and most honest record to date 📷@nealwalters_
Northlane Feb 01, 2019
A few days ago we were finalizing all of our vocal parts for Album 5, now we are on the home stretch of tracking. Pic: Tanja Dagenbach
Northlane Jan 31, 2019
Due to popular demand we have restocked our Discoveries heritage tee over at 24Hundred
Northlane Jan 29, 2019
Album 5 update: guitars and bass done, not long to go now! Pic: Tanja Dagenbach
Northlane Jan 24, 2019
Last remaining copies on UNFD's US Store, shipping globally: Due to popular demand we’ve decided to release a deluxe edition of Mesmer. Limited to only 450 copies worldwide + includes the instrumental version of the record.
Northlane Jan 24, 2019
Due to popular demand we’ve decided to release a deluxe edition of Mesmer. This double LP, limited to only 450 copies worldwide includes the sought-after instrumental version of the record. Presented in an iridescent gatefold jacket, we’re excited for you to hear every nuance and detail of the album with the gorgeous clarity only vinyl can offer. Available at
Northlane Jan 23, 2019
MESMER DELUXE -- ON SALE THIS FRIDAY @ 7AM AEDT → Double LP featuring instrumental album. → Limited to 450 worldwide → Only available at
Northlane Jan 16, 2019
Album 5 drums: Finished! Photo: Tanja Dagenbach
Northlane Jan 15, 2019
We are making awesome progress on album 5. This one is sounding BIG!
Northlane Jan 10, 2019
Drum tracking 📷Tanja Dagenbach
Northlane Jan 08, 2019
Album 5 recording day 2. We played a new song called "Talking Heads" on our last two tours. It will be on our forthcoming record.
Northlane Jan 07, 2019
Today we commenced recording our 5th studio album. Photos by Tanja Dagenbach
Northlane Dec 30, 2018
We're almost done writing... photo: Tanja Dagenbach
Northlane Dec 18, 2018
Some of you only like to rep our old records. Some of you only like Node because prog and some of you only listen to Mesmer. We still love you all as Northlane fans despite your strong preferences and opinions. When we ran off some new merch for Christmas we kept this in mind and printed off a Heritage range with a t-shirt for every album. Put your Mum's credit card where your keyboard warrior mouth is and get your favourite stuffed into your stocking this year! Available at 24Hundred >>
Northlane Dec 11, 2018
Australia!! We had the best time at first ever Good Things Festival! What an amazing way to cap off a great year. photos by Neal Walters.
Northlane Dec 09, 2018
“The most earth-shattering performance of the day” - thanks Hysteria Mag!! Last show Good Things Festival today in Brisbane, see you at 1.45 stage 1
Northlane Dec 07, 2018
Thanks for braving the heat with us Melbourne! Sick show 📷nealwalters
Northlane Nov 27, 2018
Good Things Festival is less than 2 weeks away! We are SO stoked to bring our show back to home soil. There will be surprises. pic: JAR
Northlane Nov 23, 2018
Mesmer is part of @amazon’s huge vinyl sale happening now through Cyber Monday. You can buy an LP and get ours for 25% off:
Northlane Nov 22, 2018
We’ve got a Black Friday sale happening at 24Hundred, 30% off storewide -