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White Flag
Inguz - Gold Edition
Helsingborg Rock Fest Helsingborg Rock Fest 2019
Venue: Sundspärlan (Helsingborg, Sweden) Find tickets
Normandie with The Blanko (FIN) and Cyan Kicks at Jack the Rooster (September 6, 2019)
Venue: Jack the Rooster (Tampere, Finland) Find tickets
NORMANDIE Aug 23, 2019
On this day one year ago we released the song 'White Flag'. Who discovered our band because of this song? We would love to hear how and when you heard it for the first time! 🏳️
NORMANDIE Aug 12, 2019
UK we're coming for ya this fall w/ DREAM STATE! Don't forget to secure you ticket, we want you there 🇬🇧
NORMANDIE Aug 08, 2019
Follow our Spotify playlist 🕺
NORMANDIE Aug 04, 2019
Upcoming shows: 24 Aug - Helsingborg, Sweden 06 Sep - Tampere, Finland 07 Sep - Helsinki, Finland 27 Oct - Glasgow, UK 28 Oct - Manchester, UK 29 Oct - Birmingham, UK 30 Oct - Bournemouth, UK 01 Nov - Swansea, UK 02 Nov - London, UK Tickets:
NORMANDIE Jul 26, 2019
UK we can't get enough of you! 🇬🇧 We're stoked to announce that we'll be sharing stages with the fantastic DREAM STATE this autumn! Tickets out now!
NORMANDIE Jul 24, 2019
"So I'm breaking up my heart in two Getting rid of every part of you We are standing in a burning field of clover" Listen to our reimagined version of White Flag 🏳️
NORMANDIE Jul 23, 2019
Next up: Sweden! Jäklar vad kul vi ska ha Helsingborg! Ses snart!
NORMANDIE Jul 13, 2019
We LOVE Zara Larsson! Here's our version of 'All The Time'
NORMANDIE Jul 11, 2019
Thank you Norwich that was fun! Bournemouth tonight with Hands Like Houses. A feeew tickets left!
NORMANDIE Jul 09, 2019
Back in Germany in a few days! Who's got their tickets ready? If not, pick them up now:
NORMANDIE Jul 08, 2019
See you tonight Gravesend! 🇬🇧
NORMANDIE Jul 05, 2019
We're back in Germany for some headline shows next week, joined by Skywalker! Which show are you coming to? 🏳️🇩🇪 Get your tickets now:
NORMANDIE Jul 01, 2019
Finland, we're coming back! Tickets on sale this Wednesday 🏳️
NORMANDIE Jun 25, 2019
🇩🇪 + 🏳️ = ❤️ Germany we can't wait to be back!
NORMANDIE Jun 20, 2019
This is the summer that I need you the most
NORMANDIE Jun 15, 2019
NORMANDIE Jun 12, 2019
Have you been shaking those hips today? No? Here you go!
NORMANDIE Jun 04, 2019
If our love is like a wildfire, words are gasoline.
NORMANDIE May 28, 2019
Tickets out now!
NORMANDIE May 27, 2019
The final vlog from the White Flag Tour out now!
NORMANDIE May 26, 2019
What song is your favourite after 7 months of White Flag? 🏳
NORMANDIE May 23, 2019
Three new shows added to the White Flag summer run! 🏳️ 14 July - Oberhausen, DE 15 July - Frankfurt, DE 16 July - Oldenburg, DE Support by Skywalker. Tickets out NOW!
NORMANDIE May 21, 2019
We're stoked to be the final piece of Rock for People! See you this summer Czech Republic. Can't wait to be back!
NORMANDIE May 20, 2019
New vlog from the White Flag Tour! 🏳️
NORMANDIE May 16, 2019
The vlog is back! Join us on the first part of the White Flag Tour!