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Night Train
Society Falls
Freak Revolution
Smoke and Colors
Be Your Own God
Diane Collection (Including a capella & Intrumental versions)
The Full Story of Diane
Free Fall
Verity, Denial & Remorse
A Dream for the Weaker
By the Edge of God
Nomy Dec 09, 2018
Thank you everyone! You made this year my best ever. Thanks for all the support and kind words.
Nomy Dec 08, 2018 New t-shirt and CD available, just in time for christmas! 15% off right now :)
Nomy Dec 05, 2018
Xmas time on !!! New CD and Tshirt! 15% off! see you there!
Nomy Dec 05, 2018
New video out: Last forever
Nomy Nov 30, 2018
Music doesnt have to be serious all the time.. This is one of those moments... That will destroy a music career.. =)
Nomy Nov 25, 2018
Todays workout -1°C 14km
Nomy Nov 20, 2018
Released... check it out.. share it.. subscribe on my youtube channel
Nomy Nov 20, 2018
Premiere in 50 min... a simple but releaxing music video with a coverof a song from 1963. Enjoy!
Nomy Nov 19, 2018
Just edited a new video. Release 5th of December. Song "Last forever" Subscribe on YouTube: "Nomy official" #nomy
Nomy Nov 18, 2018
Nomy - House of the rising sun
Nomy Nov 16, 2018
Listen & share!
Nomy Nov 13, 2018
Nomy - House of the rising sun
Nomy Nov 09, 2018
Yeah... it's too early for her :):)
Nomy Nov 09, 2018
This is my friend.. =)
Nomy Nov 09, 2018
Just finished editing another music video.. New song: the end of the world.. release on YouTube 20th Nov. On Spotify the following midnight. #nomy #bobothedragonslayer #göran
Nomy Nov 08, 2018
House of the rising sun... If you like it (and you will) share it =)
Nomy Nov 07, 2018
Subscribe on youtube.. share my music.. and visit my website
Nomy Nov 07, 2018
New music video and song on youtube! Subscribe on my youtube channel and stay updated! /Nomy
Nomy Nov 07, 2018
new song in 30 minutes =)
Nomy Nov 04, 2018
's cover photo
Nomy Nov 02, 2018
New song and video next Wednesday! #Nomy #houseoftherisingsun
Nomy Nov 01, 2018
Marquardt Family. My wife already posted most of these pictures but here you have a bunch of them anyway.. swipe for more. @ Jönköping, Sweden
Nomy Oct 30, 2018
One of the two girls that changed my life 🌞🧚‍♀️ #nomy
Nomy Oct 28, 2018
Listen, like and share =)
Nomy Oct 26, 2018
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