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Take Back the Power
The End of the World
Smoke and Colors
Freak Revolution
Be Your Own God
Diane Collection (Including a capella & Intrumental versions)
The Full Story of Diane
Free Fall
Verity, Denial & Remorse
A Dream for the Weaker
By the Edge of God
Nomy May 26, 2019
Lyrics video available on Youtube. #nomy #theinterrupters #takebackthepower @interrupstagram @aimeeinterrupter
Nomy May 26, 2019
Lyrics video available =)
Nomy May 15, 2019
Thank you so much!! 🎙🖤🎸Next goal reached!! Over 400 000 unique listeners (people) / month! Every day around 40-50 000 people are listening on Spotify. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! #spotify #nomy #music #whoneedrecordlabels #dyi #independent @recordunionofficial @spotifysweden @spotify @spotifyforartists
Nomy May 15, 2019
Also on Spotify =) Listen and share!
Nomy May 12, 2019
New streaming record! This one are streaming just as much as "Cocaine"... glad you like it! =)
Nomy May 11, 2019
YEEEEEESSS!!!!!! @🍾🍾🍾🎤🤪 I finally reached my goal.. to exceed 100 000 streams / day. Today I reached 105 200 streams / day. Thanks Everyone for listening and supporting me! I'm glad you like the new release! 🔊"Take back the power" A big special thanks goes to my Production assistant - Simon G Guitarist on my last songs - @deannmarkus
Nomy May 11, 2019
I released a New song yesterday. It went well. I'm happy today :) #nomy
Nomy May 10, 2019
Released on Spotify and YouTube! Take back the power! 🤪🎤🎶🔊🎸 Let me know what you think!🤔 Guest guitarist - Markus Deann @interrupstagram #nomy #theinterrupters #takebackthepower #cover #rockcover #punk
Nomy May 10, 2019
On Youtube:) New awesome release... if you ask me:)
Nomy May 10, 2019
And the song/video "Take back the power" is released and live on Youtube and Spotify (And everywhere else). Go check it out! Thanks to Markus from Age of Dystopia - guest guitarist Simon - Production assistan - Production assistan 4Sound Sverige - For gear and support!
Nomy May 08, 2019
's cover photo
Nomy May 01, 2019
I New playlist! My hardest songs in one place :) check it out on spotify ☆☆☆☆☆
Nomy Apr 29, 2019
Perfect evening for a walk. #vättern #jönköping
Nomy Apr 27, 2019
new release 8th of may.. and a lot of new products.
Nomy Apr 27, 2019
8th of may a new release is coming.. "Take back the power" /Nomy
Nomy Apr 26, 2019
A lot of new products through
Nomy Apr 25, 2019
Out taking my evening power walk 15km. Over and out.
Nomy Apr 23, 2019
Nomy Apr 23, 2019
8th of May! "Take back the power" Meanwhile, visit and order signed stuff and check out my new bad religion covers on Spotify and Youtube. Thats what Im doing... thats why I have so many streams. Love yourself. :)
Nomy Apr 22, 2019
21st Century (Digital Boy)
Nomy Apr 19, 2019
My new release "21st Century" is climbing playlists on Spotify.. and Alicia is doing the happy dance. #nomy #badreligion "21stcentury" @badreligionband
Nomy Apr 16, 2019
Då gästar man en POD. "Genier spekulerar" Som vanligt seriös, mogen, snygg på kort och älskad av alla. Eller? Genier spekulerar
Nomy Apr 14, 2019
Spotify placed my new release "21st Century [digital boy]" on TWO big playlists. Thanks! Spotify Listen here:
Nomy Apr 12, 2019
My latest song '21st Century [digital boii] is about to break my release record. Put it on repeat on Spotify! ♡
Nomy Apr 12, 2019
Handing over my signed guitar that I record with 7 (!) Albums.. grateful to give it to people that appriciate the music! We're at in Jönköping. Sweet! @4soundjonkoping @4soundsverige