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Atomised Remixed
Stigmates #1 (feat. Baroque, Molecule, Nomenklatür, Automat, 99LETTERS, C16, Beaumanoir., Amorem, Andrew Claristidge, The Claydermans, Vezna, Gofrilab & Dyssomnia)
Minotaur in the Lost
Chaos EP
Fascinated By the Chaos
Mind Ep
Whispers In the Street
Gifts of Ages
nomenklatür Jun 28, 2019
3 months ago , Christophe Monnier aka the Micronauts gave us something like 50 entire tracks made with his friends , Mike Theis and Mohini Geisweiller. The song Dirt is really amazing when you see the work and hear the mix and the arrangement. We’ve edited several versions with different directions and finally decided to keep the core and the spirit of the song . Really happy to share it today ! Enjoy the listening
nomenklatür Jun 27, 2019
Our last remix on Melodic deep Premiere
nomenklatür Jun 24, 2019
Today is our remix for the Micronauts played on Datatransmission ! Happy !!!
nomenklatür Jun 06, 2019
Next release !!
nomenklatür May 15, 2019
Thanks to the partae for interviewing us 😀
nomenklatür May 11, 2019
Out now on Bass Agenda ; super happy of this EP ;) included Commuter , Jauzas the Shining , Franck Kartell, David Carretta , Club Bizarre and Combination remixes
nomenklatür Apr 29, 2019
Next Ep on Bass Agenda
nomenklatür Feb 18, 2019
Hi freaks , Bass Agenda will release an EP containing remixes of our last album ;) Franck Kartell , Commuter , Jauzas the Shining , David Carretta and Club Bizarre have worked on it and we are very happy of it ; more infos soon Spot on Andy Barton and Alexandre Sawicki ;)
nomenklatür Dec 24, 2018
We wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year See U soon
nomenklatür Dec 15, 2018
great mix and interview from the Micronauts ; thank you Christophe for having us on it ;)
nomenklatür Oct 27, 2018
Hi folks here is a track we 've made in 2012 with Dj Mini from Montreal ; it was somewhere on our hard disk and we decided to finish it cause we like the original ; it is a free track but you can of course support us with credits :)
nomenklatür Oct 07, 2018
Bye bye le Batofar :( que de bons souvenirs là bas ; on y a joué trois live et plusieurs dj sets en haut sur la terrasse , dans la cale ; les souvenirs du backstage , des orgas , un vrai lieu underground tourne une page
nomenklatür Sep 29, 2018
hi Folks , here is a new version of our track " she likes dark hair " ; enjoy ;)
nomenklatür Jul 29, 2018
merci à Adopte un disque pour cette chronique
nomenklatür Jul 26, 2018
Thanks to Ben Murphy for this review
nomenklatür Jul 08, 2018
Hi Friends , we wish you a very good summer 😉 if you want to listen to Atomised on the beach , here is the link See you soon
nomenklatür Jun 26, 2018
Hi freaks , here is the link where you can grab our release on Cd and digital as well , enjoy
nomenklatür Jun 17, 2018
Yo ! this is transcendance , enjoy ;) big thanks to Patrice Mercibp
nomenklatür Jun 12, 2018
nomenklatür Jun 09, 2018
Hi guys , happy to share previews of our upcoming album on Bass Agenda. Enjoy !!!
nomenklatür Jun 03, 2018
nomenklatür's cover photo
nomenklatür May 28, 2018
Hi guys , our album will be released on Bass Agenda ;) sound preview soon
nomenklatür Apr 12, 2018
the last mix of Molecule who played a track of us ; thanks Romain :)
nomenklatür Mar 09, 2018
Here is the Spotify playlist from Space factory dedicated to women :)
nomenklatür Feb 05, 2018
Hi dear friends , we are happy to announce that we will release our third album in a couple of months , more infos soon ;)