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Stigmates #1 (feat. Baroque, Molecule, Nomenklatür, Automat, 99LETTERS, C16, Beaumanoir., Amorem, Andrew Claristidge, The Claydermans, Vezna, Gofrilab & Dyssomnia)
Minotaur in the Lost
Chaos EP
Fascinated By the Chaos
Mind Ep
Whispers In the Street
Gifts of Ages
nomenklatür Feb 18, 2019
Hi freaks , Bass Agenda will release an EP containing remixes of our last album ;) Franck Kartell , Commuter , Jauzas the Shining , David Carretta and Club Bizarre have worked on it and we are very happy of it ; more infos soon Spot on Andy Barton and Alexandre Sawicki ;)
nomenklatür Dec 24, 2018
We wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year See U soon
nomenklatür Dec 15, 2018
great mix and interview from the Micronauts ; thank you Christophe for having us on it ;)
nomenklatür Oct 27, 2018
Hi folks here is a track we 've made in 2012 with Dj Mini from Montreal ; it was somewhere on our hard disk and we decided to finish it cause we like the original ; it is a free track but you can of course support us with credits :)
nomenklatür Oct 07, 2018
Bye bye le Batofar :( que de bons souvenirs là bas ; on y a joué trois live et plusieurs dj sets en haut sur la terrasse , dans la cale ; les souvenirs du backstage , des orgas , un vrai lieu underground tourne une page
nomenklatür Sep 29, 2018
hi Folks , here is a new version of our track " she likes dark hair " ; enjoy ;)
nomenklatür Jul 29, 2018
merci à Adopte un disque pour cette chronique
nomenklatür Jul 26, 2018
Thanks to Ben Murphy for this review
nomenklatür Jul 08, 2018
Hi Friends , we wish you a very good summer 😉 if you want to listen to Atomised on the beach , here is the link See you soon
nomenklatür Jun 26, 2018
Hi freaks , here is the link where you can grab our release on Cd and digital as well , enjoy
nomenklatür Jun 17, 2018
Yo ! this is transcendance , enjoy ;) big thanks to Patrice Mercibp
nomenklatür Jun 12, 2018
nomenklatür Jun 09, 2018
Hi guys , happy to share previews of our upcoming album on Bass Agenda. Enjoy !!!
nomenklatür Jun 03, 2018
's cover photo
nomenklatür May 28, 2018
Hi guys , our album will be released on Bass Agenda ;) sound preview soon
nomenklatür Apr 12, 2018
the last mix of Molecule who played a track of us ; thanks Romain :)
nomenklatür Mar 09, 2018
Here is the Spotify playlist from Space factory dedicated to women :)
nomenklatür Feb 05, 2018
Hi dear friends , we are happy to announce that we will release our third album in a couple of months , more infos soon ;)
nomenklatür Apr 30, 2017
New ideas with modular
nomenklatür Dec 31, 2016
Ciao 2016 , happy new year 2017 !!
nomenklatür Oct 20, 2016
's cover photo
nomenklatür Jul 31, 2016
Superbe ambiance hier avec ce spot terrible La Station - Gare des Mines , merci à tous ; merci à toi Lili pour ton accueil et spéciale dédicace à notre poto parti trop vite ...
nomenklatür Jul 20, 2016
's cover photo
nomenklatür May 28, 2016
Après un an de travaux , nous y sommes enfin ;) voici une toute première ébauche
nomenklatür Feb 12, 2016