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Het Gevoel Van (Language Pack)
Chapter One
10 Years
All Night Long (Collected Studio Material 2013-2015)
Qlimax 2014 the Source Code of Creation
All Around
E=Nc² (The Science Of Hardstyle)
Faster 'n Further
Surge of Power EP Part 1
Surge of Power EP Part 2
Hard Bass Hard Bass 2019
Venue: GelreDome (Arnhem, Netherlands) Find tickets
Noisecontrollers Dec 16, 2018
5 million streams on See The Light, thank you! 🙌🔥 More NCBM tracks in 2019? 😉
Noisecontrollers Dec 07, 2018
The word is out! Made an official remix for Scooter 🙌 This is one of the Scooter tracks I really liked back in the days. Release date T.B.A.
Noisecontrollers Dec 06, 2018
Move Your Ass!! 🙌🔥
Noisecontrollers Nov 27, 2018
Coming soon! 🙌
Noisecontrollers Nov 23, 2018
Check out the full Euphoria line-up including all the specials! Really looking forward to this one! 🔥⬇️ Noisecontrollers presents: Attack Again Audiotricz: Next Chapter ALLSTVRS (Audiotricz vs. Atmozfears) Bass Modulators (Limitless Showcase) NCBM Live Noisecontrollers vs. Atmozfears Spirit Of Hardcore Hosted by: Tellem Guest appearances: Devin Wild Adrenalize Demi Kanon Tickets still available here:
Noisecontrollers Nov 22, 2018
Throwback to Qlimax 2014. Really loved creating that years Anthem! Wish everybody who’s going a lot of fun! 🙌🔥
Noisecontrollers Nov 09, 2018
My buddy Atmozfears presents the new episode of our podcast which is all about Euphoria presents: Spirit Of Hardstyle! 🙌🔥 Listen to SOH episode 13 | Euphoria Special here 🔗
Noisecontrollers Nov 05, 2018
Audiotricz are up to something big! 🙌 Première at Euphoria. Wait until you see this!
Noisecontrollers Oct 31, 2018
'Vampire' with Radical Redemption is here!! Happy Halloween 🦇🎃🔥
Noisecontrollers Oct 29, 2018
2 Days! 🦇
Noisecontrollers Oct 26, 2018
Bass Modulators and I are excited for NCBM at Euphoria presents: Spirit Of Hardstyle! The only NCBM performance we'll do this year. Make sure to be there! 🙌 Get your ticket now ➡️
Noisecontrollers Oct 24, 2018
Release next Wednesday!!! 🦇 Who's ready for this one? Radical Redemption
Noisecontrollers Oct 17, 2018
Coming October 31st! 🔥
Noisecontrollers Oct 10, 2018
New music incoming! 🔥
Noisecontrollers Oct 06, 2018
Great new track by Bass Modulators and great memories as well! 🙏 Check out 'Chemical' here:
Noisecontrollers Oct 05, 2018
I’ll take you on a journey back to the revolution! Enjoy episode 12 of our podcast which is all about the classics I love and used to play back in the days. Listen full episode here 🔊🔥 PS. Besides my sets as Noisecontrollers & NCBM at Euphoria presents: Spirit Of Hardstyle, I’ll do a classic set as well. You can grab your tickets via
Noisecontrollers Sep 27, 2018
Bass Modulators & I are ready to get you rocked up at Euphoria! Excited for this one! 🔥🔥 Be there and claim your ticket ➡
Noisecontrollers Sep 24, 2018
A Journey Back To The Revolution 🔥 Thanks again Genesis!
Noisecontrollers Sep 19, 2018
Very excited for this special night together with the rest of Team Spirit! Bringing my music with me to Euphoria presents Spirit Of Hardstyle 🔥🔥 You can get your tickets via:
Noisecontrollers Sep 12, 2018
Tickets for Euphoria presents Spirit Of Hardstyle are available now! 🙌 Claim yours now via
Noisecontrollers Sep 11, 2018
I felt it before I heard it. The heartbeat of a place I knew I belonged. The Spirit of Hardstyle 🙌🎵 The word is out! Team Spirit is hosting this years Euphoria. This night will be all about Spirit of Hardstyle and that what Hardstyle is all about. Enjoying the best musical genre there is together. Ticketsales start Wednesday September 12 at 20.00 CEST.
Noisecontrollers Aug 13, 2018
Check out the interview I did for Genesis 2018 [official b2s event]! Talking about the classics together with Psyko Punkz 🙌🔊
Noisecontrollers Aug 03, 2018
Start your weekend with a brand-new episode of the Spirit Of Hardstyle podcast🔥 • Subscribe to YouTube: • Subscribe to iTunes: • Subscribe to Mixcloud: #spiritofhardstyle
Noisecontrollers Jul 31, 2018
NEW RELEASE! Dropping my latest track The Night at Tomorrowland🔥 Now available for streaming and don’t forget to check the videoclip on YouTube😉 #spiritofhardstyle Q-dance
Noisecontrollers Jul 27, 2018
My latest track 'The Night' is here! Premiered this one at Defqon.1 2018. Check it out on Spotify and with full videoclip on YouTube. Through the night, strange music went. We could not fathom what our spirits meant... 🔊