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Het Gevoel Van (Language Pack)
Chapter One
All Night Long (Collected Studio Material 2013-2015)
10 Years
Qlimax 2014 the Source Code of Creation
All Around
E=Nc² (The Science Of Hardstyle)
Faster 'n Further
Surge of Power EP Part 1
Surge of Power EP Part 2
Beyond Wonderland, Jerry David Decicca, Above & Beyond, Alesso, and 18 more… at Parque Fundidora (April 6, 2019)
Venue: Parque Fundidora (Monterrey, Mexico) Find tickets
Noisecontrollers Feb 15, 2019
Told you I would wear my hat at Hard Bass 🎩
Noisecontrollers Feb 14, 2019
Goosebumps every time! Was such a great night 😍🔥
Noisecontrollers Feb 11, 2019
Team 💚 Did you like our set? And what about the collab we did? 😉
Noisecontrollers Feb 04, 2019
My Remix for Scooter is going strong on Spotify and YouTube 🔥🙌 Make sure to check it out if you haven’t yet. Download/stream:
Noisecontrollers Feb 01, 2019
Loved to do a remix of a track I used to have on repeat back in the days! 🔥 Guess what.. It’s out now on Kontor Records 🕺 Enjoy!!
Noisecontrollers Jan 30, 2019
“Kicking it, kicking it, kicking it Yeahh!” 🎙 My remix for Scooter is out this Friday on Kontor Records 🙌🔥
Noisecontrollers Jan 28, 2019
No One Can Stop Us Now hit 4M Spotify streams! 🔥🙌 Thank you guys!
Noisecontrollers Jan 25, 2019
Coming next Friday! What is your favourite Scooter track? Mine definitely is Move Your 🍑
Noisecontrollers Jan 13, 2019
There is a sh*tload of new music coming this year! 🔥🙌 #SpiritofHardstyle
Noisecontrollers Jan 09, 2019
It's here! Proud to present you the final Hard Bass Anthem 🔥🔥 See you at Hard Bass next month!
Noisecontrollers Jan 07, 2019
Can’t wait to play the Anthem for you guys in a packed Gelredome February 9th 🙌🔥 Full interview ▶
Noisecontrollers Jan 04, 2019
Another new track finished which I’m really excited about 🙌 Got to finish those other projects!
Noisecontrollers Jan 02, 2019
Guess what! New music coming next week 😉🔥
Noisecontrollers Dec 29, 2018
2018 is almost over. Thank you for a great year! Traveled the world and met a lot of amazing people again. Can’t wait for 2019, full focus on new music for you guys 💪
Noisecontrollers Dec 24, 2018
Merry X-Mas from the Noisecontrollers studio! 😁
Noisecontrollers Dec 24, 2018
7M Spotify streams on Bad Habits! 🙌🔥 What a way to close of the year!
Noisecontrollers Dec 22, 2018
Proud of these guys! Their new stuff sounds great 🙌 Full support! Audiotricz 💪 Check out the #NextChapter mini-docu on their YouTube.
Noisecontrollers Dec 21, 2018
This one was still on my bucket list! Proud to tell you that I had the honour to create the last Hard Bass Anthem ever 🙏 See you at The Last Formation!
Noisecontrollers Dec 16, 2018
5 million streams on See The Light, thank you! 🙌🔥 More NCBM tracks in 2019? 😉
Noisecontrollers Dec 07, 2018
The word is out! Made an official remix for Scooter 🙌 This is one of the Scooter tracks I really liked back in the days. Release date T.B.A.
Noisecontrollers Dec 06, 2018
Move Your Ass!! 🙌🔥
Noisecontrollers Nov 27, 2018
Coming soon! 🙌
Noisecontrollers Nov 23, 2018
Check out the full Euphoria line-up including all the specials! Really looking forward to this one! 🔥⬇️ Noisecontrollers presents: Attack Again Audiotricz: Next Chapter ALLSTVRS (Audiotricz vs. Atmozfears) Bass Modulators (Limitless Showcase) NCBM Live Noisecontrollers vs. Atmozfears Spirit Of Hardcore Hosted by: Tellem Guest appearances: Devin Wild Adrenalize Demi Kanon Tickets still available here:
Noisecontrollers Nov 22, 2018
Throwback to Qlimax 2014. Really loved creating that years Anthem! Wish everybody who’s going a lot of fun! 🙌🔥
Noisecontrollers Nov 09, 2018
My buddy Atmozfears presents the new episode of our podcast which is all about Euphoria presents: Spirit Of Hardstyle! 🙌🔥 Listen to SOH episode 13 | Euphoria Special here 🔗