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Who Built the Moon?
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Chasing Yesterday
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
An Interview With Oasis' Noel Gallagher
The Dreams We Have As Children (Live)
U2 and Noel Gallagher at Mt Smart Stadium (November 8, 2019)
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Noel Gallagher Aug 19, 2019
The brand new official video for 'This Is The Place' is released today! Watch it now over on YouTube!
Noel Gallagher Aug 17, 2019
The official video for 'This Is The Place' drops soon! Check back here early next week... In the meantime you can stream the track or pre-order the EP here ▶︎
Noel Gallagher Aug 15, 2019
Some of your great #NGHFBTour pics in Europe from over the summer and the first few US dates with The Smashing Pumpkins! Check out full upcoming US dates here: 📸's: @Poldicia3, @Talktonight27 (Twitter) & @Greenfieldsings, @Blue.verona, @Llmonade (Instagram).
Noel Gallagher Aug 13, 2019
Last week Noel appeared for a chat on US show Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk about new EP 'This Is The Place' and life on the road. Watch the full interview below. 🎧 to new single 'This Is The Place' here:
Noel Gallagher Aug 13, 2019
Fans aus Deutschland: ‚This Is the Place’, der erste Song aus der gleichnamigen, kommenden neuen EP ist jetzt erhältlich! Hört den Track in der 'Headliners' Playliste bei Apple Music:
Noel Gallagher Aug 11, 2019
"My life is a series of instances that should have been edited out!" (NG) Missed Noel on Radio X chatting with Gordon Smart and Matt Morgan? You can watch the interview in its full glory below!
Noel Gallagher Aug 09, 2019
"Everyone's gone mad for it. It's a complete accident. I always say, journalists aren't the f**king world. They don't decide - the people decide". (NG on 'Dead In The Water'). Check out Noel's setlist secrets in the current issue of US RollingStone Magazine.
Noel Gallagher Aug 07, 2019
‘This Is The Place’ vinyl bundles, including a ltd edition 12" picture disc exclusive to NGHFB store, are available to pre-order now: ▶︎ The EP is released September 27th. Tracklisting: 1. This Is The Place 2. A Dream Is All I Need To Get By 3. Evil Flower 4. This Is The Place (Dense & Pika Remix) 5. Evil Flower (The Reflex Revision)
Noel Gallagher Aug 05, 2019
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have just announced brand new EP ‘This Is The Place’! Have a listen to the title track and pre-order your copy, including limited edition vinyl here: ▶︎ The full EP is released September 27th, 2019 and includes three brand new songs as well as two remixes: 1. This Is The Place 2. A Dream Is All I Need To Get By 3. Evil Flower 4. This Is The Place (Dense & Pika Remix) 5. Evil Flower (The Reflex Revision)
Noel Gallagher Aug 03, 2019
Tune into BBC Radio 5 live this Sunday at 10.30am (BST) to catch Noel chatting to Eddie Hearn on 'No Passion No Point'.
Noel Gallagher Aug 02, 2019
New music on the horizon! Check back here Monday morning from 8.15am (BST)...
Noel Gallagher Jul 28, 2019
"I'm talking about the rise and the fall Of a pretty balloon Unlike a dream that you've ever had In a world out of tune" 🎧 to the full 'Black Star Dancing' EP ▶︎
Noel Gallagher Jul 25, 2019
"And I said...'Here, keeper of the flame, taketh thy Les Paul, and lay down some heavy licks, that the masses may fall at thy feet and you will become King Noel...' And then we drank the blood of a groupie.... Which isn't actually what happened!" #ThrowbackThursday
Noel Gallagher Jul 23, 2019
"I happened to be listening to 'Fashion' by David Bowie in the shower and this came from that bassline really... I mean I love it. I f***ng love it. It's one of my favourite things I've ever done" (NG). Watch Noel, the band and video crew discuss the inspiration behind 'Black Star Dancing' and its official video at the shoot earlier this year.
Noel Gallagher Jul 21, 2019
Apple Music have updated their official 'Noel Gallagher Essentials' playlist to include tracks from the 'Black Star Dancing' EP. Have a listen and follow the playlist here ▶︎
Noel Gallagher Jul 18, 2019
"If I had a gun I'd shoot a hole into the sun And love would burn this city down for you" #Throwback to Noel's live, acoustic performance of 'If I Had A Gun' on Virgin Radio back in 2011. #ThrowbackThursday
Noel Gallagher Jul 15, 2019
Noel performing 'Dead In The Water' on June 30th, 2019 for Sunday Sessions @ Exeter's Powderham Castle. 🎥 TalkTonight27
Noel Gallagher Jul 12, 2019
NGHFB @ Mad Cool Festival Madrid, Spain, 11th July 2019 📸's Sharon Latham
Noel Gallagher Jul 11, 2019
Those of you on Spotify... make sure to follow NGHFB's 'Discography Playlist', where you can listen to the new 'Black Star Dancing' EP, the band's first three UK number 1 albums and where we'll add new music as soon as it arrives. 🎧▶︎
Noel Gallagher Jul 10, 2019
NGHFBs @ Mantova Arte E Musica, Italy, 9th July 2019. 📸's Sharon Latham
Noel Gallagher Jul 09, 2019
NGHFB @ Pistoia Blues Festival, Pistoia Italy, July 8th 2019. 📸's Sharon Latham
Noel Gallagher Jul 08, 2019
Coming soon, exclusively to NGHFB's Messenger and mailing list subscribers... A competition to win this signed setlist from NGHFB's 2018 Manchester Arena gig! Want to be involved? Sign up here by Weds 10th July (9am GMT). Messenger: 👉 Mailing List 👉
Noel Gallagher Jul 07, 2019
NGHFB at Roskilde Festival, Denmark, July 6th 2019. 📸's Sharon Latham
Noel Gallagher Jul 04, 2019
"All the best songs just fall out the sky... I think those songs always exist somewhere and this is why I play the guitar and noodle around every chance I get, because they're there". Watch back to highlights from Noel's recent chat with Chris Evans on Virgin Radio UK
Noel Gallagher Jul 01, 2019
Last week saw Noel join Dermot O'Leary on BBC Two 's 'Reel Stories', where the pair looked back over his TV appearances from the past 25 years. If you missed it or would like to to watch again, you can catch the program for the next three weeks here: