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The Concrete Flower
Not Quite an E.P.
The Consequence of Dreams
Because You Believe In Something Beyond Them...
No Bragging Rights Apr 08, 2019
Honestly one of the sweetest guys we had she privilege of meeting. Rest In Peace Bryan. Sending our love to our SLC friends.
No Bragging Rights Dec 13, 2018
Good times.
No Bragging Rights Nov 23, 2018
Pure Noise Records is doing 25% their webstore right now. It's a great deal for anyone looking for new music & merch for gifts or themselves.
No Bragging Rights Oct 07, 2018
Our Daniel is officially off the market. Sorry ladies...and fellas. Send Daniel and his beautiful new wife Chelsea some love!!! Love you buddy.
No Bragging Rights Aug 05, 2018
Today marks the last day of the final cross country Vans Warped Tour . Without this tour, it is highly unlikely that NBR would have existed as it did. Huge thank you to all the fans, staff, and bands for allowing us to be a part of such an epic endeavor over the years. Much Love NBR circa 2013
No Bragging Rights Aug 04, 2018
My friends and family Are my LEGACY
No Bragging Rights Aug 02, 2018
New Merch Store coming Fall 2018 Very limited items! Comment what you would like to see!
No Bragging Rights Aug 02, 2018
I challenge you to live the life I threw away
No Bragging Rights Jul 13, 2018
"Cycles" and "The Concrete Flower" 12" test presses are up for grabs in a LIMITED 7 day auction to benefit families and children torn by the chaos at the Mexican/US border. 100% of the proceeds will go to RAICES LEAF project to continue representation for unaccompanied children separated from their families at the Texas border. Check it out:
No Bragging Rights May 26, 2018
Does anyone remember 2012?
No Bragging Rights May 13, 2018
We’ve had the pleasure of touring with so many great bands, which then became great friends. I (Martin) started a new project with some of those people ( Slowtrip ) and we released a new song yesterday. Feel free to check it out! Thank you 🤙🏼
No Bragging Rights Feb 11, 2018
Yes, we have been M.I.A. for a while now. Sometimes, you gotta take a step back and chill for a while. One thing we did NOT want with this band, was for it to feel like a “job”. It was honestly starting to feel that way. We stopped worrying about our own sanity in order to make everyone else happy. Having to take tours to pay band debt, etc. Our accident really put things into perspective for us. We were/are so fortunate to be able to accomplish what we have as a band. However, we put off accomplishing personal goals for ourselves in the process. We don’t know if touring full time will ever be in our cards again, but creating definitely is. We’re done when we say we’re done. 🖕🏼
No Bragging Rights Dec 28, 2017
No Bragging Rights Dec 23, 2017
"Be the muscle in a positive movement"
No Bragging Rights Sep 04, 2017
No Bragging Rights Apr 21, 2017
Remember that one time we made the cut? If we put out another album, would you pick up a copy? Which is your favorite NBR record?
No Bragging Rights Feb 16, 2017
Merch in our webstore is up to 70% off
No Bragging Rights Feb 09, 2017
"Even Life at its worst It doesn't even come close to the Strength that you've shown" Big ups to Davey from Vanna for helping us out with "Hope Theory"
No Bragging Rights Feb 02, 2017
Full set of Martin's new band BLOOM @ Chain w/ Set Your Goals
No Bragging Rights Dec 23, 2016 Shout out to our friends Far'n'Hate from Spain! Check out their new video and pre-order the new album
No Bragging Rights Dec 02, 2016
Anyone vote for Trump in the year 2000? lol see minute 1:04 -
No Bragging Rights Dec 02, 2016
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No Bragging Rights Nov 30, 2016
Support sustainable lifestyles and technologies!
No Bragging Rights Nov 30, 2016
Found this old flier with some band stuff. Any guesses as to what year this was?
No Bragging Rights Nov 14, 2016
Our friends in Sienna Skies are releasing a new record soon! Check out this single Off of the album "A Darker Shade Of Truth" out December 2, 2016