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My Fairy Tales
Soul Is Heavy
Concrete Jungle
No Longer At Ease
Victim of Truth
Uprising Festival Uprising Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Bratislava, Slovakia) Find tickets
Nneka Mar 14, 2019
Nneka Jan 20, 2018
HELLO THERE PLEASE check out this 100 seconds interview with SRF,done a while ago though but worth sharing
Nneka Jan 16, 2018
New Song and Video NO TOUCH AM features me with Blinky Bill Music. Video directed by Andrew Mageto and @Osborne Macharia
Nneka Dec 22, 2017
Thought I should share this.for those who never knew about #fairytales enjoy the journey.thanks for your onward support .n
Nneka Dec 17, 2017
Nneka is part of a feature, that will be broadcasted on DW Deutsche Welle at various times today, Monday Dec 18th and Tuesday Dec 19th. Check for exact times underneath the trailer.
Nneka Oct 02, 2017
Nneka Dec 30, 2016
.my new video wishing u the #fourimmeasurables.#presence #now #nothing #consciousness. [email protected] n
Nneka Nov 16, 2016
Hello all.i am hereby announcing that due to a medical condition I cannot make it to the concert in Poland one love festival.Please my dear friends I am so sorry to disappoint you all but I need to now take care of myself.i hope you understand.i hope that I can also make it up to you guys and hope this is not too much of an inconvenience... I pray that we all stay healthy and strong.
Nneka Oct 31, 2016
Roger Waters talks about Nneka in an interview on Marc Marons WTF podcast
Nneka Oct 11, 2016
Nneka will play at Felabration in Lagos Mainland!
Nneka Aug 23, 2016
Nneka will play at Uprising Reggae Festival this Friday!
Nneka Aug 16, 2016
you need to check out FUCHY. out on KabulFire Records
Nneka Aug 11, 2016
interesting pictures taken from my tour movement this memory is full. need to delete. njoy
Nneka Aug 08, 2016
Nneka Aug 07, 2016
We are working on a New project on human trafficking with the young nigerian and austrian designers Joadre Fashion & Lifestyle .These bags are designed by nneka made in Nigeria handmade by young tailors who are trained by Joadre.this wonderful project is used to also help young tailors improve their skills and learn how to establish their own businesses back home.keep u guys posted on more.the rope foundation.
Nneka Jul 31, 2016
les amazones today at womad festival UK.kandia Kouyate. Mamani keita. Nneka Mariam Doumba and more.No. to female genital mutilation .domestic violence and sexual abuse.injustice towards women.come and be inspired.
Nneka Jul 24, 2016
les amazones de l'Afrique still on thé road With Nneka.with Mamani keita. Mariam. Rokia Toure.Pamela Bagodo, Ina moja and more.more tour dates to more about the project and concerts on les amazones Facebook. NO to génital mutilation. YES to education and freedom of speech. no boundaries we can own our own businesses and be .entrepreneurs.breadwinners and politically involved.We are beautiful beings a necessity to the creation of this entire existence. NO to sexual abuse and domestic violence. YES to ourselves .yes to self love and respect.
Nneka Jul 06, 2016
Nneka will play tomorrow at Öland Roots 2016!
Nneka Jul 04, 2016
Hier könnt ihr euch das neue Video zu "I Play the Kora" von Les Amazones d'Afrique in zusammenarbeit mit Nneka anschauen: #lesamazonesdafrique #nnekaworld #amadouetmariam #mamanikeita
Nneka Jul 03, 2016
I'm performing at Belgium festival Coleur cafe today. I want to use this opportunity to raise awareness on what is going on in the DRC, in congo.The activists Fred Bauma and Yves Makwambala have been labeled "terrorists" and accused of planning to violently overthrow the government. Their "crime"? Organizing an event that encouraged young people to hold the regime to account. There is no viable evidence against them, and their charges are politically motivated. They are Prisoners of Conscience, and if convicted, could face the death penalty.they are in prison as at us scream.injustice and selfishness is not the way to govern people and not the way to peace.#freefred #freeyves. or help in anyway you can as long as it is peaceful.there are many more issues in the world at present.the only way out is peaceful intelligent evolution.we make the choice.#nnekaworld.#Godislove.
Nneka Jun 25, 2016
dedicating this gig to Mr Bernie Worrell on behalf of Garry Gman sullivan and family.God bless u Bernie.only just learned about you.but you were truly a mentor.peace be still.
Nneka Jun 21, 2016
I am working together with these amazing women mothers , and touring female musicians mainly from mali bamako.our project is called les amazones d'Afrique we decided to put our heads together concerning the issue of domestic and sexual abuse towards women.we also agree that female circumcision is yet part of certain African traditions but an atrocious and violent act towards the body and mental state of women. till today genital mutilation is still practiced in certain countries or villages including Nigeria. The voice of many women is unheard also due to the perception and belief of these societies especially in Africa. We have always been the spinal cord.The bringers of light and life.God made us to be what we are. come.see us in concert on the dates on my Web page and Facebook mali. Portugal. Paris. womad London. Stockholm etc ...I know it seems a hard and heavy task but you must begin to love yourself. (trust it's hard for me a times too I'm not perfect) but only so can u truly love God and the people who you want to give love to.God bless some pics #lesamazonesdafrique #nnekaworld #amadouetmariam #mamanikeita
Nneka Jun 20, 2016
Nneka will play with Les Amazones d'Afrique! Junes 22 - Sines (PT) June 23 - Lisbon (PT) June 29 - St. Denis (FR) July 29 - Stockholm (SE) July 31 - Malmesbury (UK)
Nneka Jun 18, 2016
June 23 Nneka will play with Les Amazones d'Afrique in Lisbon!
Nneka Jun 06, 2016
Impressions from Nneka's first ever exhibition at the opening of Paris Hip Hop