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Don’t You Mess with Cupid, 'cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid.
fabric 91: Nina Kraviz
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DJ-Kicks (Nina Kraviz) [Mixed Tracks]
Mr Jones
Nina Kraviz
I'm Week
Re-Textured Re-Textured 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (London, UK) Find tickets
Nina Kraviz at Walthamstow Assembly Hall (March 29, 2019)
Venue: Walthamstow Assembly Hall (Walthamstow, UK) Find tickets
We Are FSTVL We Are FSTVL 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Upminster, UK) Find tickets
Primavera Sound Festival Primavera Sound Festival 2019
Venue: Parc del Fòrum (Barcelona, Spain) Find tickets
Nina Kraviz Dec 12, 2018
Nina Kraviz @ Tour Eiffel for Cercle
Nina Kraviz Dec 10, 2018
see you Primavera Sound.
Nina Kraviz Dec 07, 2018
Vladimir <3
Nina Kraviz Dec 06, 2018
Nina Kraviz Dec 04, 2018
Photo by Peter Rigaud
Nina Kraviz Dec 04, 2018
Merci Polaris festival <3
Nina Kraviz Nov 29, 2018
So.. as the year 2k18 is about to end It’s time to think about all the good things that it brought and to dream about the next one. I am excited to announce 2 new releases on my beloved label @triprecordings. The first one- Trip 22 “cheerful pessimist” is fully dedicated to the youngest artist in the house ( he is only 20) -my Russian brother Vladimir Dubyshkin who this time is celebrating his first solo record on the label! Yahooo! The music is very physical and will revive any dancefloor with it’s dynamic power yet trippiness..the second release is dedicated to the “New”. trip 23 “happy new year. we wish you happiness” is a 8-track collection of everything I love in the techno music right now. Fast, breakneck, yet trippy, at times little bit silly, not overcompressed, groovy unforced electronic music from old friends -PTU, Vladimir Dubyshkin, a legend - The Mover, and totally new artists on the label -young lady Carlota and Moscow based virtuoso Buttechno who released a lot of great music elsewhere but I think this side of his is rather less exposed. The theme of the record -New Year-is symbolic. In Russia we love snow. Snowflakes are literally everywhere. Even on the cover of trip 23. Though this “industrial snowflake” is an actual Soviet architectural futuristic drawing of a school that was never build in the end. A good friend of mind shown me the drawings of his grand grand father-reputable architect- and -I said “that’s it! A snowflake has been found” It was an instant click. Same click happened with Modular master Dan Snazelle (the man behind My fav moduls Snazzy Fx). When I stopped by his studio in New York we played on his gear for a few hours. I cut the recording, edited it and added vocal samples. Well, I think it’s a wrap. I love you p. s. Both records will be distributed via Clone. You can listen to the snippets on trip soundcloud.
Nina Kraviz Nov 27, 2018
Nina Kraviz Nov 26, 2018
Nina Kraviz @ Dommune (2018-09)
Nina Kraviz Nov 25, 2018
London <3
Nina Kraviz Nov 24, 2018
for those missed it
Nina Kraviz Nov 22, 2018
I had a great visit to London last weekend for Printworks - so I'm delighted to be coming back in March for the very first Re-Textured Festival.
Nina Kraviz Nov 21, 2018
Nina Kraviz @ Funkhaus Berlin (Full Set HiRes) – ARTE Concert
Nina Kraviz Nov 19, 2018
Nina Kraviz - Colors
Nina Kraviz Nov 15, 2018
Nina Kraviz Nov 15, 2018
Because he is king.
Nina Kraviz Nov 14, 2018
Nina Kraviz Nov 13, 2018
Nina Kraviz @ Tour Eiffel for Cercle
Nina Kraviz Oct 30, 2018
“I’m single woman and I like to work. I have zero interest in everything that you can offer. Leave all-your-money. All your money. Leave in all my money. Leave alone all my money. I know people want, like to dance. 8 a.m. wake up in the morning. Don’t bother me with your stupid afterhours. I have much more to work on today. Leave alone all my money. Leave alone all my money. I know people want, like to dance. If you don’t like me I’ll buy you everything that you have ever dreamed of. You can own all my money. You can own all my money. I know people want/like to dance”
Nina Kraviz Oct 26, 2018
Nina Kraviz @ Tour Eiffel for Cercle
Nina Kraviz Oct 26, 2018
Eiffel tower set with Cercle is on YouTube now !
Nina Kraviz Oct 25, 2018
Marc Acardipane played at trip record store event. Thank you so much for stopping by>)
Nina Kraviz Oct 24, 2018
Catch it
Nina Kraviz Oct 21, 2018
I am still recovering from a very eventfull week that started in Torino, continued in Dusseldorf and Paris and finished in Amsterdam. I would like to thank you for being with me! All events were special but this one definitely stands out and there is no need to explain why. Still feels surreal to have played at Eiffel Tower. Just wow. It was absolutely mental! Both figuratively and literally. It was a bit challenging to play in front of so many cameras and as always playing vinyl brings a lot of challenge such as wind and shaking wooden floor where every record was skipping and I had to be creative to get away with it but I love to be challenged and absolutely greatful for this opportunity! I want you to feel the real human there doing all those mixes and being present by sharing everything that I have inside. Eiffel tower is a perfect match for electronic music and like electronic music as an avant-garde, modern form of art was not accepted by everyone right away. And now look at this space ship! Look at it and imagine as if it was a giant beautiful antenna collecting, multiplying and sending the right vibes out there:) it was a huge honour perfrom there. Gran Merci Cercle and everyone who was watching, dancing and sharing this experience with me ❤️ music in the video some secret weapon of mine and Blawan’s unreleased one #cercle #paris #eiffeltour #techno #ninakraviz #france
Nina Kraviz Oct 17, 2018
Au revoir Paris. Hallo Amsterdam. We have made 3 трип white labels especially for the трип in-store gathering at Clone pop up store this Friday. Come listen to some music with Mad Miran, Deniro, Marc Acardipane a.k.a. the Mover a.k.a. Pilldriver and myself. Start at 12 -12.30 till 16.00