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Sirens (deluxe edition)
Space Is Only Noise
Nicolas Jaar Feb 21, 2019
Nicolas Jaar Jun 06, 2018
Nicolas Jaar Live in Ramallah on September 28th 2017.
Nicolas Jaar Oct 23, 2017
tomorrow in NY - two seated shows at the kitchen - a noise set and an ambient live set of new music. book launch during the early shift.
Nicolas Jaar Oct 23, 2017
we have added a show in paris this thursday night at the trabendo
Nicolas Jaar Oct 22, 2017
For 159 weeks (2013-2016) Other People reacted to the world with new sounds and new images. africanus okokon made a majority of these images which tied the dream world of sound to the physical world of crisis. for this book, maziyar pahvelan took a selection of these images and added after-thoughts, recollections, poems - memories of memories- book is taped shut and comes with flexi disc feat sound works by both artists. designed by maziyar pahvelan. Published by Other People
Nicolas Jaar Oct 17, 2017
NY -we have left 50 tickets at the door each day just in case. thank you for selling out all four nights this week! 😲😲😲
Nicolas Jaar Oct 17, 2017
‪Some info 4 tomorrow in NY - amnesia scanner will play at 9pm and i'll play at 10pm. these days i'm playing between 1:30h and 2hs ❤️‬
Nicolas Jaar Oct 12, 2017
hello new york, we have added one last show on friday night ! 🎉 tix:
Nicolas Jaar Oct 09, 2017
chicago, toronto, montreal, miami and ny next with yves tumor, amnesia scanner and actress!
Nicolas Jaar Oct 04, 2017
thessaloniki tonight
Nicolas Jaar Oct 03, 2017
Grenoble le 2 de novembre
Nicolas Jaar Sep 30, 2017
A year ago today, this little Libra monster came out. Deluxe version coming out soon with 2 new songs recorded at the time + 'wildflowers' 😊
Nicolas Jaar Sep 19, 2017
Playing in Amman on the 29th
Nicolas Jaar Sep 18, 2017
Ambient live set in a small theatre in Tbilisi - all new music :) Tickets here:
Nicolas Jaar Sep 16, 2017
Playing in Ramallah at the end of this month
Nicolas Jaar Sep 13, 2017
hi NY the two shows sold out so we are adding a third (with Actress ! ) . here's a link for tickets -
Nicolas Jaar Sep 12, 2017
We added a show in Thessaloniki
Nicolas Jaar Sep 08, 2017
Chicago Oct 10
Nicolas Jaar Sep 08, 2017
Toronto Oct 11
Nicolas Jaar Sep 08, 2017
NY, I'm playing a couple of shows at Brooklyn Steel. It will be the last time in a while so no more messing around 10/17 - 10/18 -
Nicolas Jaar Sep 08, 2017
playing in the Montreal soon, u can get tickets here ->>>>
Nicolas Jaar Aug 24, 2017
Frankfurt tonight
Nicolas Jaar Aug 22, 2017
Leipzig tonight
Nicolas Jaar Aug 09, 2017