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Feed the Machine
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The Best of Nickelback, Vol. 1
Here and Now
Here and Now
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All the Right Reasons
All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)
The Long Road
Silver Side Up
The State
Nickelback at MacDonald Island (July 6, 2019)
Venue: MacDonald Island (Fort Mcmurray, AB, Canada) Find tickets
Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS 2019
Venue: Le Parc Beausejour (Rimouski, QC, Canada) Find tickets
Nickelback at Mississippi Valley Fair (August 3, 2019)
Venue: Mississippi Valley Fair (Davenport, IA, US) Find tickets
Nickelback Feb 17, 2019
Melbourne. What a way to close out our time in Australia. Thank you for an amazing evening! 🤘#NBAustralia
Nickelback Feb 13, 2019
Meanwhile in Brisbane... Chad’s first Shoey. 👞 #NBAustralia
Nickelback Feb 12, 2019
Sending big thanks to Planet Rock and Wyatt Wendels for including us in #TheRocks2019 awards. You can vote us for Best Live Band and Best International Band here:
Nickelback Feb 12, 2019
Want to know when we release new music? Just tell Alexa, “Follow Nickelback on Amazon Music,” and she'll let you know when it's on the way. Follow us today.
Nickelback Feb 11, 2019
Fun Fact: this video was filmed @ Malibu State Park (in CA.) and that particular hill where we shot the video was famous as the opening credits for the movie and MASH TV Show (that showed the medical helicopters flying in to the 4077th.) Look again & you might recognize it.
Nickelback Feb 10, 2019
Thank you Japan for a making every time we visit your beautiful country more amazing than the time before. We are so thankful for each and every one of you and we can’t wait to see you all again soon! #NBJapan #Osaka #Nagoya #Tokyo 🇯🇵
Nickelback Feb 09, 2019
Tokyo - playing for you, at Budokan, was always the dream. You’ve made it happen again and it never gets old. Thank you for another incredible night and another dream come true. #NBJapan
Nickelback Feb 07, 2019
Nagoya - it took us a long time to get here, but it won’t take us as long to get back. You were incredible from beginning to end. Thank you so much! #NBJapan
Nickelback Feb 06, 2019
#NBJapan Night 1. Osaka, thank you for being so incredible and so loud!
Nickelback Feb 06, 2019
Arrived at the gig in OSAKA to kick off this run of shows and spotted this on the building next door. Amazing start and hopefully we see lots of you in NAGOYA & TOKYO too. #NBJapan
Nickelback Feb 06, 2019
Set list prep! What do you want to hear? #NBJapan
Nickelback Feb 05, 2019
Back at it tonight! #NBJapan
Nickelback Feb 05, 2019
Osaka! We’re here. 🤘 #NBJapan
Nickelback Feb 03, 2019
Nickelback Jan 29, 2019
Japan! Are you ready? Tickets at
Nickelback Jan 24, 2019
Well done, Charlotte Cardin! 👏
Nickelback Dec 28, 2018
Singapore. Go ahead and drop 20 February, 2019 in your calendar... because we just did! Tickets are on sale now:
Nickelback Dec 12, 2018
Hey Davenport, Iowa... do you have plans August 3, 2019? Now you do! Looking forward to spending a Saturday night at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds with you. Cheers! #MVFair100 Fun Cards and Pepsi WLLR passes are available NOW:
Nickelback Dec 11, 2018
It’s true....#FortMcMurray, we’re headed your way on July 6, 2019. We can’t wait to see you there. Our “To Do List” is already started. Let’s do this! #ymm #rmwb #ShellPlace #NBFortMcMurray #SummerSoundsFM
Nickelback Dec 10, 2018
It’s not like Ryan Reynolds to say sorry, we’ve been waiting on a different Deadpool Movie story....... #MaximumEffort
Nickelback Dec 10, 2018
Well, that’s one way to start your day...
Nickelback Nov 27, 2018
It's #GivingTuesday and the Obakki Foundation needs your help in order to give children and families access to clean water. Donate below!
Nickelback Nov 26, 2018
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Nickelback Nov 24, 2018
Japan! Tickets are on sale now. We can't wait to see you in February! Japanese customers : International customers :
Nickelback Nov 23, 2018
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