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Jost Nickel Feb 10, 2019
Here's a video that was filmed at the Drum Fest International Ralph Angelillo 2018. Great festival. Thanks for having me Ralph Angelillo. Thanks for supporting me SONOR DRUMS & Sonor Drums Canada (Scott Atkins) and also Vic Firth, Meinl Cymbals, Remo, GEWA Drums.
Jost Nickel Feb 02, 2019
Today's SONOR DRUMS SQ2 kit with Jan Delay & Disko No.1 Meinl Cymbals Vic Firth GEWA Drums
Jost Nickel Feb 01, 2019
Looking forward to playing with Jan Delay tomorrow. It's been a while since we played our last show... so we're all excited to get back together.
Jost Nickel Jan 31, 2019
On my way to Jazzclub Karlsruhe to play at Jubez with Stephanie Lottermoser and her great band.
Jost Nickel Jan 28, 2019
Here's a little bit of the solo I played at Drumeo recently. There's more to come :) SONOR DRUMS Sonor Drums Canada Meinl Percussion Remo GEWA Drums Vic Firth Meinl Cymbals Germany Meinl Cymbals
Jost Nickel Jan 23, 2019
Can't do without the Blushda :) Btw: There's a whole chapter about the Blushda in my Alfred Music #FillBook .... just saying' #notatnamm :) :)
Jost Nickel Jan 20, 2019
Going home 🇨🇳 -> 🇩🇪
Jost Nickel Jan 20, 2019
Here are 56 seconds of a drum solo that I played 3 days ago in Xiamen / China. I hope it's not too long for the usual internet attention span. I even played some double bass (drum) 🤗
Jost Nickel Jan 19, 2019
10 year challenge. So one photo is from 2008 and the other one is 10 years later. You'll never guess which one is older.
Jost Nickel Jan 18, 2019
On my way to the next stop in China. Xiamen has treated me well!
Jost Nickel Jan 17, 2019
Greetings from Xiamen / China. Big Picture by Gerhard Kühne 🇨🇳
Jost Nickel Jan 16, 2019
Today is Yong's 36th birthday. I'm happy to be in China to celebrate with him. He's been my manager in China since I started working here. To many more years, my friend.
Jost Nickel Jan 13, 2019
On my way to China.... if it only wasn't soooo far away....
Jost Nickel Jan 01, 2019
Happy new year!!!! These two songs are available as play-alongs in my shop for 24 more hours. Also included are full transcritptions of both songs. Interested? Check first comment for link :) Also: How do you like my video editing skills?
Jost Nickel Dec 24, 2018
Merry Christmas! Today's the last chance to vote in the Modern Drummer Magazine 's readers poll. It's also the last day that I will get on your nerves talking about it :)
Jost Nickel Dec 22, 2018
Loving this video from Anika Nilles is definitely not scared anymore ❤️ Vote for us in the Modern Drummer Magazine readers poll until December, 24th.
Jost Nickel Dec 16, 2018
Jost Nickel
Jost Nickel Dec 16, 2018
I'm looking forward to the The Regensburg Drumweekend 2019. Join Anika Nilles, Benny Greb, Gerwin Eisenhauer & me. This is going to be fun 😁
Jost Nickel Dec 15, 2018
Have you considered voting for me in the Modern Drummer Magazine readers poll? Making Fills Great Again 😁🤩
Jost Nickel Dec 02, 2018
Oh yeah! What an honor. I've been nominated by Modern Drummer Magazine. Please vote for me and my Alfred Music #FillBook.
Jost Nickel Dec 01, 2018
Solo bits 😊
Jost Nickel Dec 01, 2018
Today (Dec, 1st) I play in Friedrichshafen at Bahnhof Fischbach. We start at 8pm and we'll be playing the London Palladium Marvin Gaye Show. Cosmo Klein voc Dirk Berger git Thomas Stieger bass Till Sahm keys Peter E. Weniger sax Florian Menzel trumpet Gleb Zagrebin sound
Jost Nickel Nov 28, 2018
I already sent the transcription of that performance to everybody who gave me their email. So check you spam folders. It comes from mail(at) In case you haven't sent me your email but you want the transcription just 1) Leave a comment. 2) Share this video. 3) PM me your email. 😊
Jost Nickel Nov 25, 2018
Looking forward to playing with these guys at Staatsschauspiel Dresden this sunday. Please check out the high profile video editing skills :) Cosmo Klein Thomas Stieger Peter E. Weniger Florian Menzel Dirk Berger Till Sahm
Jost Nickel Nov 17, 2018
Exactly four weeks ago I played in Canada at the amazing Drum Fest International Ralph Angelillo 2018... It seems my Zoom Deutschland Q2n couldn't handle the lights :) SONOR DRUMS Meinl Cymbals Vic Firth Remo Meinl Percussion GEWA Drums