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Jost Nickel Dec 02, 2018
Oh yeah! What an honor. I've been nominated by Modern Drummer Magazine. Please vote for me and my Alfred Music #FillBook.
Jost Nickel Dec 01, 2018
Solo bits 😊
Jost Nickel Dec 01, 2018
Today (Dec, 1st) I play in Friedrichshafen at Bahnhof Fischbach. We start at 8pm and we'll be playing the London Palladium Marvin Gaye Show. Cosmo Klein voc Dirk Berger git Thomas Stieger bass Till Sahm keys Peter E. Weniger sax Florian Menzel trumpet Gleb Zagrebin sound
Jost Nickel Nov 28, 2018
I already sent the transcription of that performance to everybody who gave me their email. So check you spam folders. It comes from mail(at) In case you haven't sent me your email but you want the transcription just 1) Leave a comment. 2) Share this video. 3) PM me your email. 😊
Jost Nickel Nov 25, 2018
Looking forward to playing with these guys at Staatsschauspiel Dresden this sunday. Please check out the high profile video editing skills :) Cosmo Klein Thomas Stieger Peter E. Weniger Florian Menzel Dirk Berger Till Sahm
Jost Nickel Nov 17, 2018
Exactly four weeks ago I played in Canada at the amazing Drum Fest International Ralph Angelillo 2018... It seems my Zoom Deutschland Q2n couldn't handle the lights :) SONOR DRUMS Meinl Cymbals Vic Firth Remo Meinl Percussion GEWA Drums
Jost Nickel Nov 04, 2018
One of the best drum festivals I know is the Tam Tam Percusion festival in Seville / Spain which happens today. Here's a Jan Delay song I played there in 2016. You can get a full transcription (including my solo) if you do the following: 1) Leave a comment. 2) Share this video. 3) PM me your email. That's all 😊 Meinl Cymbals Vic Firth SONOR DRUMS Ahead Armor Cases
Jost Nickel Nov 02, 2018
I know: Short attention span and so on. So you only get to hear 15 seconds of each song, 16 bars of drum solo as well as 16 bars of Hanno Busch's amazing guitar solo. Next dates with the The London Palladium Marvin Gaye Show: 03.11.18 DE-Aalen – Jazzfest (Das goldene Lamm) 25.11.18 DE-Dresden – Staatsschauspiel Dresden 01.12.18 DE-Friedrichshafen – Bahnhof Fischbach Everything has been recorded with my Zoom Deutschland Q2n.
Jost Nickel Oct 31, 2018
I know I talked about my Modern Drummer Magazine interview yesterday & I promise I won't be the old grandpa who tells the same story over again :) But I wanted to thank a few of the companies I work with for showing their love in that issue of MD. Thank you Remo, Ahead Armor Cases & Overtone Labs!
Jost Nickel Oct 30, 2018
Call me old school but I do like paper! This is the first time I got my hands on an actual copy of Modern Drummer Magazine with my interview. Thanks to Ken Micallef who I really enjoyed talking to.
Jost Nickel Oct 26, 2018
Looking forward to playing a few gigs with Cosmo Klein & the London Palladium Marvin Gaye Show. You can find us here: 26.10. DE-Twist – Heimathaus Twist 27.10. DE-Rostock – Nikolaikirche 03.11. DE-Aalen – Jazzfest (Das goldene Lamm) 25.11. DE-Dresden – Staatsschauspiel Dresden 01.12. DE-Friedrichshafen – Bahnhof Fischbach btw: Musicians in the video are: Cosmo Lito voc Claus Fischer bass Simon Oslender keys Dirk Berger git Peter E. Weniger sax Florian Menzel trp Recorded with the Zoom Deutschland Q2n.
Jost Nickel Oct 23, 2018
On my way home... just three more flights πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ
Jost Nickel Oct 22, 2018
Good times at the Drum Fest International Ralph Angelillo in Quebec / Canada yesterday. Now on my way to Belleville near St. Louis to play a clinic at Melodic Rhythms Music Institution this Monday. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ ➑️ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Jost Nickel Oct 20, 2018
Two hours later 😊 Drum Fest International Ralph Angelillo is on this weekend in Quebec / Canada.
Jost Nickel Oct 18, 2018
On my way to Quebec City, Canada. Looking forward to performing at the Drum Fest International Ralph Angelillo this Saturday πŸ₯πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Jost Nickel Oct 18, 2018
Today's office in Langley (British Columbia) / Canada. Clinic starts in 1 hour... that's 7:30 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Thank you to: Sonor Drums Canada & Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
Jost Nickel Oct 17, 2018
I spent my day at Drumeo and we filmed lots of things 😊 I'm gonna play the same SONOR DRUMS SQ1 at my Canadian clinic tomorrow, October 17, in Langley BC at Chief Seapass Theatre. . Clinic starts at 7:30pm. Tickets are available at #LMLangley and at the door for $5. . Call +1604-530-8704 for more info. . Long & McQuade Musical Instruments Long & McQuade (Langley) #longandmcquade #jostnickel #clinic #drumclinic
Jost Nickel Oct 14, 2018
Hello Canada! my SONOR DRUMS are set up for the master class at Westshore Music Academy this Sunday from 11 to 6. Or your can catch me in Langley BC this Wednesday, Oct 17th 2018 at 7:30 PM Chief Sepass Theatre 9096 Trattle St, Langley, BC Tickets $5 available at Long & McQuade (Langley) 604 530 8704 A big thank you to Scott Atkins from Sonor Drums Canada!
Jost Nickel Oct 12, 2018
Looking forward to Canada. First stop is the Westshore Music Academy this Sunday. There's still room for two drummers in my master class, so don't hesitate...this is going to be 6 hours of fun and information 😊 Thank you to Ydna Murd for having me ❀️
Jost Nickel Oct 11, 2018
It is indeed an honor to be featured in Modern Drummer Magazine, the magazine that I started reading as a 15-year-old. It took weeks to send the magazine from the US to Germany and it wasn't cheap, but more than worth it πŸ‡±πŸ‡·..... weeks later - - > πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ A big thank you to my sponsors: SONOR DRUMS, Meinl Cymbals, Vic Firth, Remo Ahead Armor Cases, beyerdynamic, GEWA Drums, Zoom, and also my editor Alfred Music. Finally thanks to Marco Hammer & Gerhard KΓΌhne for taking the best pictures.
Jost Nickel Sep 19, 2018
This Thursday (tomorrow) I fly to the Netherlands to play my first drum clinic at Terpstra Muziek Drumland. I will also play that don't miss it :) SONOR DRUMS
Jost Nickel Sep 18, 2018
My first drum clinic in the Netherlands is this Thursday (20.09.18) at Terpstra Muziek Drumland in corparation with SONOR DRUMS. I hope to see you there!!
Jost Nickel Sep 13, 2018
Very pleasant session at Clouds Hill studio this morning. I used a nice mix of different SONOR DRUMS as you can see πŸ€ͺ #greensoundsgreat
Jost Nickel Sep 12, 2018
Throwback to 2008 when I played at the Dresdner Drumfestival. 10 years later I'll be playing there again. Saturday, September, 15th. Also come to my clinic the week after at Terpstra Muziek Drumland September, 20th πŸ‘ SONOR DRUMS Meinl Cymbals Remo Vic Firth beyerdynamic GEWA Drums Ahead Armor Cases Musik Wein
Jost Nickel Sep 08, 2018
Today's the last gig with Jan Delay & Disko No.1 for this year. We love doing mashups... so here a few that we played a while back. Which songs do you recognize?