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The Journey of Plato the Orphan
Stupid Thing
Jost Nickel Apr 21, 2019
Looking forward to this Meinl Cymbals Germany Meinl Cymbals
Jost Nickel Apr 17, 2019
Drum Cam! It was so much fun to play with Marco Mendoza at musikmesse two weeks ago. This is one of those "Give-The-Drummer-Some-Moments". Meet the band: Hanno Busch, Till Sahm, Peter E. Weniger, Florian Menzel Recorded with my Zoom Deutschland Q2n (in case anyone wonders)
Jost Nickel Apr 16, 2019
Love this ❤️ (c) Gerhard Kühne
Jost Nickel Apr 13, 2019
Cosmo Klein has released his new single yesterday and I recorded drums in my studio in Hamburg - not yesterday :) It's always a great pleasure to work with bands as brilliant as this one. Simon Oslender & Nicolas Börger on keys. The fantastic Cory Wong from Vulfpeck on guitar & Cosmo did all the rest: Sing, play bass, mix, composition.
Jost Nickel Apr 10, 2019
A little bit of playing from last week's musikmesse. The song is called "Voices In My Head" and a Play-Along version is available in my store :)
Jost Nickel Apr 09, 2019
Looking forward to playing a gig with two heroes of mine: Jeff Lorber trio with Jimmy Haslip on bass at Live Proberaum in Zülpich on May, 5th.
Jost Nickel Apr 07, 2019
Yesterday's gig at erlebe wigner! was just perfect. #marvingayeshow
Jost Nickel Apr 05, 2019
Drum Cam video from musikmesse where I had the pleasure to put together the Ultimate Jam. If you live near Nuremberg you can catch us tomorrow (April, 6th) at erlebe wigner!: Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 66 90513 Zirndorf #marvingayeshow Recorded with my Zoom Deutschland Q2n.
Jost Nickel Apr 04, 2019
Soundcheck's done here at musikmesse. I'll be playing at 3pm today at circle stage in hall 3.0.
Jost Nickel Apr 03, 2019
Here's a little clip from yesterday's gig at musikmesse featuring Marco Mendoza. You can't see most of us (including me) but please meet the band: Hanno Busch git Till Sahm keys Peter Weniger sax Florian Menzel trp Also on the gig Ida Nielsen, Anika Nilles, Cosmo Klein, Claus Fischer, John Bundrick
Jost Nickel Apr 02, 2019
Check us out tonight at musikmesse.
Jost Nickel Apr 01, 2019
Looking forward to musikmesse tomorrow. "As part of Musikmesse and the Musikmesse Festival, the ‘Ultimate Jam’ on 2 April 2019 presents an all-star band revolving around drummer and musical director Jost Nickel (Jan Delay, etc.). Music of the highest standard is guaranteed by star guests ex Prince bassist Ida Kristine Nielsen, Dead Daisies bass player Marco Mendoza, former The Who keyboarder John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick & Anika Nilles." Musikmesse Ultimate Jam feat. Ida Nielsen, Jost Nickel, uvm
Jost Nickel Mar 23, 2019
Serious fanboy moment 📷
Jost Nickel Mar 21, 2019
Oh what a night in Hamburg this week. So much fun to play with this band ✌️❤️
Jost Nickel Mar 14, 2019
Hamburgers! Come and check us out playing some Marvin Gaye next Monday at Schmidt Theater & Schmidts Tivoli (March, 18th). Cosmo Klein voc Claus Fischer bass Hanno Busch git Till Sahm keys Peter E. Weniger sax Florian Menzel trp Gleb Zagrebin foh
Jost Nickel Mar 11, 2019
Greetings from Norway 🇳🇴
Jost Nickel Mar 05, 2019
I have no stamp collection but I can show you my backstage pass collection :)
Jost Nickel Mar 01, 2019
Drumeo has just released my lesson "A fun & easy approach to drum fills". Here's one minute of the solo I played at the end of that lesson. Full lesson: #FillBook Thank you Sonor Drums Canada & SONOR DRUMS for that beautiful SQ1 and Meinl Cymbals for great cymbals.
Jost Nickel Feb 19, 2019
Here's a little solo I played last weekend when we played with the London Palladium Marvin Gaye Show. What can I say? It's fun :)
Jost Nickel Feb 19, 2019
Good times with these guys last weekend. I'll be posting video proof later today :)
Jost Nickel Feb 16, 2019
On my way to Herford. I'll be playing at Musik Kontor tonight (Saturday).
Jost Nickel Feb 10, 2019
Here's a video that was filmed at the Drum Fest International Ralph Angelillo 2018. Great festival. Thanks for having me Ralph Angelillo. Thanks for supporting me SONOR DRUMS & Sonor Drums Canada (Scott Atkins) and also Vic Firth, Meinl Cymbals, Remo, GEWA Drums.
Jost Nickel Feb 02, 2019
Today's SONOR DRUMS SQ2 kit with Jan Delay & Disko No.1 Meinl Cymbals Vic Firth GEWA Drums
Jost Nickel Feb 01, 2019
Looking forward to playing with Jan Delay tomorrow. It's been a while since we played our last show... so we're all excited to get back together.