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In Your Hands (Single Version)
Wake Up Now
First Mind
Nick Mulvey Feb 08, 2019
Moment Of Surrender. I got to know this song a while back when Brian Eno put me on to it. We were talking about songs that use “familiar chords for unfamiliar durations” - and how useful this trick can be for songwriting- and he pointed me towards this U2 track as a good example. As soon as I heard it I felt an affinity with the lyrics and music and I’ve loved playing it ever since. I recorded this with Chris Bond (Ben Howard, Hollow Coves) last August at his studio in Devon and I’m crazy about the menacing synth that comes in at the second verse 😈 Listen via this link :
Nick Mulvey Feb 07, 2019
EartH Hackney last September. Photograph by Aaron Parsons Photography
Nick Mulvey Feb 07, 2019
New music dropping in a few hours 😱⚡⚡⚡⚡
Nick Mulvey Feb 01, 2019
Last chance to see me play an intimate London at Wilton's Music Hall on 13 February as part of War Child BRITs Week together with O2 music. Tickets have sold out but there's a few left - available by entering this ballot and donating £5 to War Child UK. Ballot closes on Monday, so be quick! Go to and you could be there. #O2forWarChild #BRITsWeek
Nick Mulvey Jan 15, 2019
‪Really happy to tell you that I’m doing a special show for the charity War Child UK #BRITsWeek at the very special Wilton's Music Hall on 13th Feb.‬ ‪Prize draw to win 2 tickets is NOW open --> <-- tickets on sale this Friday @9am via link.‬
Nick Mulvey Dec 20, 2018
Having toured Wake Up Now for the last year and a half, living with and performing the songs as I have, I now know some things about the material that I perhaps didn't know when it was fresh and so, as a little end-of-year offering, coz 2018 has been so generous with me, here's presenting... Wake Up Now, 'Directors Cut' . Ta dahhh! This is a playlist on Spotify where we can have fun with some new elements that streaming music offers. I can make alterations to track ordering, sub out studio versions of tracks for live versions, even adding in new songs altogether, the releases can keep evolving. (Its like the painter being able to sneak into the gallery at night and add a few cheeky new brushstrokes to the picture on the wall). First up is a new track ordering of the songs from Wake Up Now. It's a different flow to the songs (I think I prefer this new flow. Do you agree? Let me know!) So, ENJOY. Let me know what you think and let me know what you'd like more of. Love, N x
Nick Mulvey Oct 17, 2018
Today the #frackfreefour boys had their sentences quashed and will be released from prison tomorrow. I’m overjoyed for them. I spoke about these guys from the stage each night of this recent UK tour because they are, and never were, criminals. They are men who are standing up for local communities and the environment. When I see their picture I see myself and I have been deeply moved by this story. I wrote my song We Are Never Apart back 2016 in a moment of sorrow and rage as the government straight ignored the political process and went ahead with fracking plans in Lancashire (which actually started this week) despite a county referendum that was a near-unanimous ‘NO’, and wide-scale knowledge that fracking is a highly polluting and toxic process. Fracking in this age of climate crisis is indefensible.
Nick Mulvey Oct 10, 2018
Happy hump day 🐪 #inyourhandstour
Nick Mulvey Oct 08, 2018
Bristol you were BEAUtiful on Friday night. I really want to say thank you for everyone who came along, shared the moment with us AND gave my Dad dancing the benefit of the doubt... I have been a little quiet on my FB page, but I'm gonna be sharing with you some of the best moments we're having on the road. Big love - I'm always honoured to play for you.
Nick Mulvey Sep 26, 2018
Cambridge Folk Festival ⭐️💥🙌🏼
Nick Mulvey Sep 17, 2018
3 days to go... #InYourHandsTour <> let me know... I can’t wait to play these intimate shows! ⚡️
Nick Mulvey Sep 11, 2018
💥 She’s 1 year old 😄🎉
Nick Mulvey Sep 04, 2018
Tickets for my autumn acoustic shows are selling out! thank you…. 🙏🏻 We’ve added a few more dates and you can get tickets for those as well as the others now:
Nick Mulvey Aug 03, 2018
I’m excited to share with you all an early recording of the track “When The Body Is Gone” in its original form. The Sa Ta Na Ma demo is available now at
Nick Mulvey Jul 26, 2018
DUBLIN! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 second night added due to demand. CANT WAIT ⭐💥 🎟️
Nick Mulvey Jul 21, 2018
Last summer I got to hang with the guys at The Wild Honey Pie in Brooklyn. I’m happy to finally get to share these live videos with you from my session with them!
Nick Mulvey Jul 20, 2018
‘Punta Cometa’ is the last track on my recently released Dancing For The Answers EP and this is little film is the final part of an EP commentary series. In it, I chat in depth about the track and how it was made.
Nick Mulvey Jul 20, 2018
Announcing a <> at London’s Hackney Arts Centre this September.. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 tickets on sale from today!
Nick Mulvey Jul 19, 2018
'The Doing Is Done' from my latest EP 'Dancing For The Answers'... Watch this video commentary to hear me chat in depth about the track and it’s meaning.
Nick Mulvey Jul 18, 2018
Here is the 2nd in the Dancing For The Answers EP commentary series... 💥 ‘Give It To Kali’ 💥 Hear me talk in-depth in this video about the track, how it was made it, my hero Ram Dass and the Goddess of destruction Kali
Nick Mulvey Jul 17, 2018
A little something for my Deep Listeners: an in-depth track-by-track commentary of my latest EP release ‘Dancing For The Answers’ where I break down how the songs were written and recorded and what the lyrics mean. I will be releasing one a day for the next 4 days.
Nick Mulvey Jul 13, 2018
Tickets on general sale now ✌🏼
Nick Mulvey Jul 10, 2018
<< sign up b4 midnight for access to pre-sale tickets. Link below >>
Nick Mulvey Jul 09, 2018
NEW SOLO TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT: my dudes, beloved listeners- I’m so happy to announce more live dates around the UK and also Ireland this autumn 🍂 The shows are gonna be intimate and special and stripped back- just me, you and my guitar- and tickets go on general sale this Friday 23rd 💥💥💥 I’ll be reaching England, Wales, Scotland, N Ireland and Ireland, playing towns and cities off the beaten track, not just the major centres. I’ve been listening to what you tell me and this is what I hear you asking for - stripped back shows, bringing the music and the songs to you in their essence. Thank you for the love and see you at the gigs if not before! Sign-up for priority tickets:
Nick Mulvey May 31, 2018
So, so excited to be returning to the US & Canada in August. @edmfolkfest announced yesterday 💥 and in case you missed em, here are the rest of the tour dates.