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Nick Jaina Jan 15, 2019
If, as a writer, you feel the pain of banging your head against the wall with only a thin leather helmet while men in suits watch you and laugh, then you are not alone. Writing is full of a lot of THAT. It's embarrassing and humbling and overwhelming. I spent every morning of the last two years psyching myself up just to face the page for the day, to show up for the characters of my novel and tell their story. I'm offering another iteration of my online writing workshop for those of you who are banging your head against the wall. I'd like to offer some structure, some accountability, some positivity. We have a video conference Sunday nights and I give assignments through the week and check in on you to see how you're doing. It's not so scary! It's actually life-changing when you realize that you can command words on a page to tell stories and honor the whims of characters.
Nick Jaina Aug 31, 2018
Do you want to be writing, but can't create the space in your day, can't quiet the inner critic, can't produce anything that rises above mundane journal entries? Do you need some accountability, inspiration, and structure? An 8-week online class might be the thing for you. I give you a theme for each week, based off a "mode" of writing that I have developed in my own research and experience. The goal is to allow the different parts of your psyche room to come out and not stifle it or think of yourself as crazy. You are not crazy. You have a unique perspective on the world. Writing is valuable to your own development, and the spread of new ideas is how we can improve the world. Join me Sundays or Mondays in October and November for the Modes of Writing online workshop.
Nick Jaina Jul 09, 2018
The Modes of Writing: An 8 Week Online Workshop with Nick Jaina Focusing on the rather large gap in writing instruction that lies between inspiration and mechanics... How do we write consistently when we often find ourselves in different moods from hour to hour, when our focus shifts, when the words we write seem brilliant one moment and trite the next? Using guides from symbology like the Tarot, I've been working with an eight step process that rewards us for containing multitudes, than honors the craziness we all feel at times. Registering now for the August/ September session. Written correspondence with the group throughout the week. A video discussion Monday evenings that is recorded for those who can't make it. I aim to be an ally in your writing process.
Nick Jaina Jul 09, 2018
I teach writing because it is important work. It literally saves lives. When people read stories they identify with, they feel less crazy, less alone. When writers empathize with people and creatures different from them, they learn to be kinder to the world. If you want to feel less crazy, kinder, more grounded, please join me in a weekly writing workshop. It costs about the same as a yoga membership. I'd love to have you.
Nick Jaina Jul 09, 2018
Untitled Album
Nick Jaina Jul 09, 2018
Nick Jaina
Nick Jaina Mar 26, 2018
If you are trying to start a writing project, or you are in the midst of one, or you are trying to get your arms around a bunch of writing to pull it together, I want to help. I am offering special monthly subscriptions for one-on-one writing coaching and editing. Weekly check-in sessions by phone to give you direction, inspiration, and accountability. I am here at your service.
Nick Jaina Feb 24, 2018
Hello, I'd like to invite you to join my new writing club. It's a free email every week discussing the strange details of the writing process. How to harness the wilderness and ride it like a dragon.
Nick Jaina Jun 12, 2017
I'm teaching a workshop in Portland on June 24th with the brilliant mythologist and healer Olivia Pepper. We will talk about producing transformative writing in these crazy times. We have decided to make this class open to everyone of any economic means, which means if you want to come, name your price and come. Olivia will unspool some important, rare, and un-Googleable knowledge, so I strongly recommend you join us.
Nick Jaina Apr 11, 2017
I am looking for six brave people in Portland who want to get their writing project off the ground. I will be there for you, to connect the dots, inspire you, prompt you, make you snacks, soundtrack your writing sessions.
Nick Jaina Feb 24, 2017
I'm leading a writing workshop in Wichita, Kansas from March 4th to March 19th.
Nick Jaina Jan 24, 2017
I'm hosting a 4-hour writing workshop this Saturday in Portland. Everyone is welcome to join, whether they studied writing in college or have always been unsure how to start. The focus is on getting over fears so that we can just write, and building structure and good habits so we can keep writing.
Nick Jaina Dec 12, 2016
My live appearances this week...
Nick Jaina Nov 28, 2016
I'm playing West Coast shows in December with Max Barcelow on drums. Featuring projected images of hearts and brains. Lectures! Songs! Storyjokes! Strutting!
Nick Jaina Sep 16, 2016
My new album Brutal Lives is now available on Spotify, iTunes and everywhere digital albums are sold. A strange intimate experiment. Recommended if you like Broken Social Scene, James Blake.
Nick Jaina Sep 16, 2016
's cover photo
Nick Jaina Sep 16, 2016
Nick Jaina
Nick Jaina Jun 13, 2016
Here I come...
Nick Jaina May 23, 2016
Don't underestimate my desire to make colorful flyers for each state I go to.
Nick Jaina May 18, 2016
I'm playing four Utah shows this week. Utah dates for your Utah mates.
Nick Jaina May 11, 2016
Consider listening to the Nick Jaina Time podcast. It's for lovers of music and storytelling. "It's like Radiohead meets Radiolab." On Stitcher, Downcast, or subscribe on iTunes:
Nick Jaina May 11, 2016
I'm heading out to make something of myself in the great wide-open West. Tell a friend. But really convince them.
Nick Jaina May 09, 2016
This show. This G-D show. Come to it!
Nick Jaina May 03, 2016
I'm playing an intimate show in San Francisco on May 12 that will sell out, so you should get tickets for it now:
Nick Jaina Mar 23, 2016
Nick Jaina