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Makes Me Sick Again
Makes Me Sick
Resurrection: Ascension
Kill It Live
New Found Glory (10th Anniversary Edition)
Nothing Gold Can Stay
Not Without a Fight (Bonus Track Version)
New Found Glory: Hits
From the Screen to Your Stereo, Part II
Coming Home
Head On Collision
Sticks and Stones
New Found Glory
From the Screen to Your Stereo
Slam Dunk Festival Slam Dunk Festival 2019
Venue: Temple Newsam Park (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
New Found Glory at Temple Newsam Park (May 25, 2019)
Venue: Temple Newsam Park (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
Slam Dunk Festival South Slam Dunk Festival South 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Hatfield, UK) Find tickets
New Found Glory Dec 11, 2018
Everything must go!!!
New Found Glory Dec 10, 2018
Thank you turkeys! 2019 is gonna be even crazier! Can’t believe we get to still shred songs around the world. You make that possible!
New Found Glory Dec 10, 2018
They said our idea was too crazy. They said it was too early. They said you would still be asleep. Well what they said was just a bunch of biscuits. You made our first year such a big success that we are back with more! We are so excited to announce the second annual BreakFest! The punk rock/alternative music and breakfast food festival will take place again in Franklin, TN on Sun., June 2 at Liberty Hall inside the Factory! This year joining New Found Glory will be Real Friends Hawthorne Heights Mae The Early November Microwave Jetty Bones Hard Love You Later and Doll Skin! We also have some of our favorite vendors joining us again like Frothy Monkey, High Brow Coffee & Tea, Triple Crown Bakery, Honest Coffee Roasters, and Five Daughters Bakery as well as some new ones like Mojos Tacos, Muletown Coffee, Tiny Little Donuts, and Juice Bar! Door time will remain the same at 8 am so get there early! We can’t wait to celebrate Music, Community and Breakfast with all of you again in 2019! Get your tickets and VIP packages NOW at!
New Found Glory Dec 05, 2018
A Christmas Story inspired hoodie available now at
New Found Glory Dec 04, 2018
Our 20 Years of Pop Punk sweater and sweatpants are back and available now at
New Found Glory Nov 30, 2018
Even MORE merch is on sale at! Don't miss out!
New Found Glory Nov 28, 2018
We've extended our Black Friday Sale! Shop for new and old items now at!!
New Found Glory Nov 23, 2018
We have BRAND NEW Holiday Merch (including baby clothes) AVAILABLE NOW along with a HUGE Black Friday sale on old stuff! And if you haven't already, you can also sign up for the #nfgpinheads! Go to!
New Found Glory Nov 20, 2018
Head over to and become an official member of the #NFGpinheads! IMPORTANT: please remember to take a photo of your purchase confirmation and DM it to the nfgpinheads IG account so you can gain access to the member Instagram private page!!! For more info, head here:
New Found Glory Nov 20, 2018
New Found Glory
New Found Glory Nov 17, 2018
Introducing New Found Glory Pinheads! A fan and band interactive collecting experience! New Found Glory Pinheads is inspired by the beloved Disney World Pin Traders fad and will allow fans to interact with other NFG fans all over the country (and the world)! We are collectors and fans of pop culture so we thought why not start our own fun way to collect all things NFG! What do you get? Once signed up, you will receive the official membership pin along with a special “mystery pin”. You will also receive a New Found Glory lanyard to display your collection. In addition, every month you will have the option to purchase exclusive pins inspired by all things New Found Glory. Certain pins will be available in 3 mystery color ways so you won’t know what color until you get it! This is meant to encourage trades at shows with other Pinhead members! And that’s not all! Every NFG Tour, we will make a limited amount of exclusive pins available only to pinhead members. All you need to do is bring your membership pin and lanyard to the show and present it at the merch booth to get exclusive behind the merch table pins! We will also have a private NFG Pinhead Instagram page to give you previews of upcoming pin designs and all other fun photos! We will be launching New Found Glory Pinheads this Tuesday, Nov. 20! And because it’s Black Friday week, we will be offering a 10% discount through Cyber Monday! Instructions for how to sign up will be posted on Tuesday morning! We can’t wait to get collecting and trading with everyone out there!
New Found Glory Nov 12, 2018
All the #fromthescreentoyourstereo3 cover songs have been announced! HOWEVER some of you very observant fans noticed that there was an 8th spot on our albums recording progress chart! We would like to tell ya about our brand new song PUZZLES! It won’t be officially on the cover EP but we will be telling you all about it and where to hear it when it’s release time gets closer! It riiiiipppppsssss!
New Found Glory Nov 06, 2018
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know. Well, now they know. LET IT GO. #fromthescreentoyourstereo3 #frozen #letitgo ❄️
New Found Glory Nov 04, 2018
Who’s she gonna choose? A Thousand Years from Breaking Dawn!!!!#fromthescreentoyourstereo3 🧛🏻‍♀️🐺
New Found Glory Nov 03, 2018
Just gonna leave this right here.
New Found Glory Nov 02, 2018
How ya doing dude? #fromthescreentoyourstereo3
New Found Glory Nov 01, 2018
Studio Update! #fromthescreentoyourstereo3
New Found Glory Oct 31, 2018
Studio progress chart! This Friday is the last tracking day! Soon you’ll know all the songs we’re covering!!!! 3 more videos to film this weekend! #fromthescreentoyourstereo3
New Found Glory Oct 28, 2018
Check out the living legend bad A$$ Jordan. One phone ain’t even enough for this guy. Recording more vocals on #fromthescreentoyourstereo3! I know some people have mentioned and asked about how many covers we are doing. We chose to do 7 covers. The idea was to try to mirror the very first one we did. It had 7 songs as well. Kind of like Jamie Lee Curtis coming back to the new Halloween for all the nostalgia feels.
New Found Glory Oct 26, 2018
Another day shredding in the studio for #fromthescreentoyourstereo3! This photo is not of the studio but this is a photo of what we love to do the most! Can’t wait to rip these new covers live! Photo: Paris Visone Photography
New Found Glory Oct 24, 2018
We are back in the studio! Jordan is throwing down more vocals for #fromthescreentoyourstereo3. Hope you have a great week everybody!
New Found Glory Oct 22, 2018
Accidentally In Love! From Shrek 2! #fromthescreentoyourstereo3 That’s our 4th song announcement. 3 more to go but now ya gotta wait a little bit! Every video shoot is our favorite video shoot!
New Found Glory Oct 21, 2018
If you saw us on the #sicktour then you got a sneak peak! But our 3rd official song announcement for #fromthescreentoyourstereo is Eye of the Tiger originally featured in Rocky 3.
New Found Glory Oct 20, 2018
First full week of tracking down! We are having so much fun making this record! Two more song announcements over the weekend! One tomorrow and one Sunday! Stay tuned for more video madness as well.
New Found Glory Oct 19, 2018
#fromthescreentoyourstereo3 #backtothefuture #thepoweroflove #hueylewis