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The Obsidian Conspiracy
The Year of the Voyager
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The Politics of Ecstasy
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This Godless Endeavor
Dead Heart in a Dead World
Dreaming Neon Black
The Politics of Ecstasy
Nevermore May 01, 2018
R.I.P. Tim Calvert November 7, 1965 - April 30, 2018
Nevermore Mar 05, 2018
Century Media Records Announces Nevermore Vinyl Reissues for "Enemies of Reality (Remixed & Remastered" and "This Godless Endeavor (Reissue 2018)" NEVERMORE 12-disc CD Box Set, “The Complete Collection” Available Via Century Media Europe, Reveal Unboxing Video & Details FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MARCH 5, 2018 On March 9, 2018, CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS will release “The Complete Collection” by NEVERMORE, an impressive 12-disc CD box set including all studio releases, the “Year Of The Voyager” live album as well as a disc of rarities, throughout Europe. Limited to 2.000 copies, it also includes a numbered collector’s certificate, an 80-page booklet (with lyrics, photos, liner notes) plus a poster flag depicting the band’s line-up on 2005’s masterpiece “This Godless Endeavor”. Guitarist Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams have been involved in this project since early October 2017, with Williams also creating the artwork for this set. Originally, “The Complete Collection” was supposed to be an attractive format celebrating one of CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS’ finest bands on time with the label’s 30th anniversary in 2018. Unfortunately, it now marks the first release coming out after vocalist Warrel Dane passed away on December 13, 2017, which was not only a shock to his family, fans, friends, and fellow musicians, but also to the many current and former employees at CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS who had been working with him since the early 90’s. At this time, however, all parts of the box set were already being manufactured, except for the booklet, which was completed in early 2018. Featuring quotes from historical interviews with main songwriters Jeff Loomis and Warrel Dane, “The Complete Collection” offers a detailed journey through one of metal’s most consistent and inspired discographies, but it was never meant to be a tribute. An unboxing video of “The Complete Collection” can be viewed here: You can order your copy exclusive to EU here: CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS have also announced two exclusive NEVERMORE vinyl releases in 2018 worldwide, as showcased above. “Enemies Of Reality (Remixed & Remastered)” will be released on May 11, 2018 and will be available on Black and limited-edition colored LP+CD including a poster. This will mark the first-ever vinyl edition of the Andy Sneap remix/remaster created in 2005. “This Godless Endeavor (Reissue 2018)” will be released on June 15, 2018 and will be available on black and limited-edition colored Gatefold 2LP+CD including a poster. This album has never been repressed since its original release in 2005. CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS fully understands that some people might be upset by seeing releases related to Warrel Dane and his past bands coming out, but we consider it mandatory to treat his artistic works with utmost respect and in cooperation with his former band members will keep his body of work available. “He is a tremendous loss. His lyrics changed the way I view the world. He was one of a kind and his bigger than life character will always be with us ...all we have to do is listen!” Jim Sheppard NEVERMORE “The Complete Collection” Track Listing Disc 1: Nevermore (1995) 1. What Tomorrow Knows 2. C.B.F. 3. The Sanity Assassin 4. Garden Of Gray 5. Sea Of Possibilities 6. The Hurting Words 7. Timothy Leary 8. Godmoney - Bonus tracks - 9. The System’s Failing 10. The Dreaming Mind (Demo 1992) 11. World Unborn (Demo 1992) 12. Chances Three (Demo 1992) 13. Utopia (Demo 1992) Disc 2: In Memory (1996) 1. Optimist Or Pessimist 2. Matricide 3. In Memory 4. Silent Hedges/Double Dare (Bauhaus cover) 5. The Sorrowed Man - Bonus tracks - 6. The Tiananmen Man (Demo 1996) 7. The Seven Tongues of God (Demo 1996) 8. Passenger (Demo 1996) 9. This Sacrament (Demo 1996) 10. 42147 (Instrumental Demo 1996) Disc 3: The Politics Of Ecstasy (1996) 1. The Seven Tongues Of God 2. This Sacrament 3. Next In Line 4. Passenger 5. The Politics Of Ecstasy 6. Lost 7. The Tiananmen Man 8. Precognition 9. 42147 10. The Learning Disc 4: Dreaming Neon Black (1999) 1. Ophidian 2. Beyond Within 3. The Death of Passion 4. I Am the Dog 5. Dreaming Neon Black 6. Deconstruction 7. The Fault of the Flesh 8. The Lotus Eaters 9. Poison Godmachine 10. All Play Dead 11. Cenotaph 12. No More Will 13. Forever Disc 5: Dead Heart In A Dead World (2000) 1. Narcosynthesis 2. We Disintegrate 3. Inside Four Walls 4. Evolution 169 5. The River Dragon Has Come 6. The Heart Collector 7. Engines Of Hate 8. The Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover) 9. Insignificant 10. Believe In Nothing 11. Dead Heart In A Dead World Disc 6: Enemies Of Reality – Original Mix (2003) 1. Enemies Of Reality 2. Ambivalent 3. Never Purify 4. Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday 5. I, Voyager 6. Create The Infinite 7. Who Decides 8. Noumenon 9. Seed Awakening Disc 7: Enemies Of Reality - Remix & Remastered (2005) 1. Enemies Of Reality 2. Ambivalent 3. Never Purify 4. Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday 5. I, Voyager 6. Create The Infinite 7. Who Decides 8. Noumenon 9. Seed Awakening Disc 8: This Godless Endeavor (2005) 1. Born 2. Final Product 3. My Acid Words 4. Bittersweet Feast 5. Sentient 6 6. Medicated Nation 7. The Holocaust Of Thought 8. Sell My Heart For Stones 9. The Psalm Of Lydia 10. A Future Uncertain 11. This Godless Endeavor Disc 9: The Year Of The Voyager (2008) live album – CD1 1. Final Product 2. My Acid Words 3. What Tomorrow Knows/Garden Of Gray 4. Next In Line 5. Enemies Of Reality 6. I, Voyager 7. The Politics Of Ecstasy 8. The River Dragon Has Come 9. I Am The Dog 10. Dreaming Neon Black Disc 10: The Year Of The Voyager (2008) live album – CD2 1. Matricide 2. Dead Heart In A Dead World 3. Inside Four Walls 4. The Learning 5. Sentient 6 6. Narcosynthesis 7. The Heart Collector 8. Born 9. This Godless Endeavor Disc 11: The Obsidian Conspiracy (2010) 1. The Termination Proclamation 2. Your Poison Throne 3. Moonrise (Through Mirrors of Death) 4. And The Maiden Spoke 5. Emptiness Unobstructed 6. The Blue Marble and the New Soul 7. Without Morals 8. The Day You Built the Wall 9. She Comes in Colors 10. The Obsidian Conspiracy Disc 12: Rarities & Demos 1. Temptation (The Tea Party cover) 2. The Purist's Drug 3. Crystal Ship (The Doors cover) Recorded during the “The Obsidian Conspiracy” sessions 4. All The Cowards Hide Recorded during the “Dreaming Neon Black” sessions 5. Chances Three Recorded during the “Dead Heart In A Dead World” sessions 6. Love Bites (Judas Priest cover) Recorded during the “The Politics Of Ecstasy” sessions 7. Termination Proclamation (Live in London 2010) – previously unreleased 8. Your Poison Throne (Live in London 2010) - previously unreleased 9. Emptiness Unobstructed (Live in London 2010) - previously unreleased 10. The Obsidian Conspiracy (Live in London 2010) – previously unreleased Recorded on May 18th, 2010 at the O2 Academy in London, UK 11. Dead Heart In A Dead World (Demo 2000) – previously unreleased 12. We Disintegrate (Demo 2000) – previously unreleased 13. Insignificant (Demo 2000) – previously unreleased 14. Engines Of Hate (Instrumental Demo 2000) – previously unreleased 15. Acoustic Instrumental (Demo 2000) – previously unreleased
Nevermore Feb 06, 2018
To our friends, family and the fan base that completes our family, thanks to your generosity and graciousness Warrel is home. I am sorry for the delayed announcement. I would like to thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers and donations in making this a reality. There was nothing more that we wanted than to ensure Wally made it back home. Your love and support has been instrumental in our healing process---there are not enough words in the world to let you all know how much we thank you and love each and every one of you that shared a bond with Warrel (be it personally or through his lyrics). The outpouring of love is absolutely amazing, as are all of you! Sleep sweet Warrel, you will always be in our hearts, you are one of a kind, and that is what hurts the most! <3 - Kendra, Lenny and Jim
Nevermore Dec 19, 2017
Please support the Warrel Dane Memorial Fund:
Nevermore Nov 29, 2017
Message from @chris_broderick: Only 5 days left to get this guitar I played at Bloodstock Festival in 2014. Ebay link: All proceeds go to Dore Williams (wife of Van Williams from Nevermore) cancer treatment fund. If the guitar is not what you are looking for but you still want to help Van and Dore out you can head to Dore’s Gofundme page here, and donate: As well as Vans crafts that he builds and his band Ghostship Octavius: One last thing that would really help out is by sharing this post with your friends!!! We can’t thank you enough. Chris, Van and Dore. #chrisbroderick #actofdefiance #afflictionclothing #metalbladerecords #jacksonguitarsofficial #vanwilliams #nevermore #ghostshipoctavius #fuckcancer #megadethguitar #megadeth
Nevermore Nov 27, 2017
A message from Chris Broderick : Hey Everyone, I am auctioning off one of my six string CB6 Jackson Guitars - Official! soloists for my good friends Van and Dore Williams to help them with their fight against cancer this holiday season. Dore is a fighter but still has to continue to fight this ugly disease called cancer after being diagnosed 2 years ago! If any of my friends can help out to ease the financial burden I would really appreciate it!!! You can check out the auction here: If the guitar is not what you are looking for but you still want to help Van and Dore out you can head to Dore’s Gofundme page here, and donate: As well as Van Williams (Official)'s crafts that he builds and his band Ghost Ship Octavius: One last thing that would really help out is by sharing this post with your friends!!! We can’t thank you enough. - Chris, Van and Dore.
Nevermore Nov 03, 2017
Ghost Ship Octavius 2nd Album in the works! You can pre-order via Kickstarter! Please support our friends:
Nevermore Sep 21, 2017
Latest Warrel Dane News: WARREL DANE announces new album “Shadow Work”! WARREL DANE, the legendary vocalist of Sanctuary and Nevermore will return with his second solo album, currently created under the guidance of renowned producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Helloween, Sebastian Bach) in 2018! “Shadow Work” is the follow up to the acclaimed "Praises to the War Machine" (2008) and stylistically strays away from its predecessor, which leaned towards a goth-tinged, less metallic rock sound. Firstrough mixes already reveal that “Shadow Work” will offer darker, heavier, more complex songs, occasionally flirting with extreme metal by incorporating such elements as blast beats and combining this with WARREL DANE’s unique, dramatic trademark vocals. As with the previous WARREL DANE solo tours, including the 15th anniversary tour celebrating Nevermore’s classic, “Dead Heart in a Dead World”, the line-up for the record will consist of Johnny Moraes (guitars), Thiago Oliveira (guitars), Fabio Carito - Bass Player (bass) and Marcus Dotta (drums), who all have been playing with the Dane since 2014. “Shadow Work” will be recorded during autumn 2017 and is expected to be released in the first half of 2018 via Century Media Records worldwide.
Nevermore Jan 25, 2017
OUT NOW: Attila Vörös' NEW album "Strength Of Will - Blink of an Existence", his very first independent solo album! Get the album: iTunes: Spotify: Deezer: Google Play: Physical albums and merch directly at: Song list: 0:03 - Electrify 4:31 - My October 8:23 - H.O.C. (feat Ektomorf) 12:32 - Pharao (feat Mayhem/SunnO))) 18:16 - Endless Horizon (feat Jeff Loomis) 23:11 - Bon Voyage (feat Apey) 27:24 - Menny és Pokol Között 31:55 - The Blindfold (feat Jozzy) 37:20 - Insolence (feat Hatesphere) 42:53 - Blink of an Existence 53:59 - Scar VII (feat Chris Amott) Album produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Attila Vörös Drums recorded by Laszló Szabó at
Nevermore Oct 07, 2016
Attila Vörös "Scar VII" instrumental featuring Chris Amott (Armageddon / ex Arch Enemy) & Marton Veress (Armageddon)! His new album "Strength Of Will" coming in December 2016. Featuring artists from the following bands: Arch Enemy, Ektomorf, Ghost Ship Octavius, HateSphere, Mayhem, Nevermore and more...
Nevermore Sep 05, 2016
Updated flyer: This week, Europe!
Nevermore Apr 15, 2016
In celebration of the 20 year anniversary release of the Nevermore classic 'The Politics of Ecstasy', a deluxe re-issue of the vinyl will be available for Record Store Day tomorrow! This special double LP reissue will also feature the 'In Memory' EP as well as demo versions of some of the main album tracks. Its limited to 2000 copies and is the first time the vinyl has been released in the US! For participating store, please check the official Record Store Day website: #recordstoreday2016 #nevermore #vinyljunkie
Nevermore May 08, 2015
These special auctions for Dore Williams (Van Williams' wife) end this SUNDAY, May 10th! If you're a hardcore @NevermoreBand Fan, you don't want to miss out! Original hand-written lyrics by Warrel Dane for the first Nevermore album:
Nevermore Apr 30, 2015
Special auction for Dore Williams (Van Williams' wife) - Original hand-written lyrics by Warrel Dane for the first Nevermore album:
Nevermore Apr 30, 2015
Please help the Williams family in this time of need!
Nevermore Mar 05, 2015
Another video of Attila Vörös' Pantera tribute band, 'Vulgar Display Of Cover' with his 14 year old brother Beni!
Nevermore Mar 05, 2015
Check out these awesome live videos of Attila Vörös' Pantera tribute band, 'Vulgar Display Of Cover' performing at the Hungarian Ride for Dime!
Nevermore Oct 06, 2014
Warrel Dane to play a special show in Israel The voice of Nevermore and Sanctuary Warrel Dane will return to Tel Aviv 6 years after playing there with Nevermore, this time, for the first time ever – the show will be focused on playing the whole "Dead Heart In a Dead World" album, and at the second part of the show some classic tunes from his career and albums during the years. Stated Promoter Yishai Sweartz: "Warrel's art during the years was always unique, different, and top class, I call it Art simply because for me, as a listener there are bands doing music, and bands doing art, Warrel is from the second team, he is an artist, lyrically and musically, and it is the first time ever that he's gonna play the whole "Dead Heart" album on stage, the show is one of the most exciting shows for me, and one not to be missed by fans, it's a must seen night to remember." February 5th, 2015 Ticket sales goes online at
Nevermore Sep 04, 2014
Nevermore "The Year Of The Voyager" DVD:
Nevermore May 01, 2014
Just reached 30,000 Trackers! - Track Nevermore
Nevermore Apr 09, 2014
Kicks off on April 10th in Rio: Spend "An Evening With Warrel Dane". April 2014 10 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Teatro Odisséia 11 – Pouso Alegre, Brazil – Disco Hippe 12 – Varzea Paulista, Brazil – Spazio Bacco 13 – Curitiba, Brazil – Blood Rock Bar 19 – Limeira, Brazil – Bar Montanha 20 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Hangar 110
Nevermore Mar 26, 2014
Warrel Dane is coming to Brazil in April 2014! 10/04 – Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Teatro Odisséia 11/04 – Pouso Alegre /MG – Disco Hippe 12/04 – Várzea Paulista/SP – Spazio Bacco 13/04 – Curitiba/PR – Blood Rock Bar 19/04 – Limeira/SP – Bar Montanha 20/04 – São Paulo/SP – Hangar 110
Nevermore Mar 26, 2014
Per Nilsson and Jeff Loomis will be making guest solo appearances on Ghost Ship Octavius' debut album. Here's a message from Van Williams: "Hey Guys! Van Williams here, Thanks for checking us out up to this point! If you haven’t seen already, here’s an Animated Lyric Video of a new Ghost Ship Octavius Song for you. Please pledge if you guys like it and help us make this a reality! Thanks for checking it out!!!" GSO @ Kickstarter:
Nevermore Mar 14, 2014
Hey Everyone, Van Williams here! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with you all and I wanted to share my new project called 'Ghost Ship Octavius'. It’s in a similar vein as Nevermore so it may appeal to many of you! We are working with Neil Kernon who produced the first few Nevermore records and we are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the debut album. You can Pre-Order the album and check out song samples right here!
Nevermore Mar 11, 2014
Van Williams' new band Ghost Ship Octavius with Matt Wicklund Fan Page (God Forbid) and Adōn Fanion have launched a Kickstarter Campaign for their Debut Album! Pre-Order the album and other cool Merchandise here and have a hand in the album's creation! #kickstartgso