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NERO Dec 05, 2018
Our new single 'Lullaby'. Links:
NERO Dec 04, 2018
Nero - Lullaby Our new single came out today on Astralwerks. Listen Here:
NERO Dec 03, 2018
NERO Nov 30, 2018
NERO Sep 28, 2018
fabriclondon Tonight . . . Tickets:
NERO Aug 24, 2018
Dan and Alana are pleased to announce.... The Night - SET ME FREE Listen to the new single:
NERO Mar 21, 2018
Dan caught up with UKF about the new project, The Night, and NERO
NERO Mar 16, 2018
Dan and Alana are very excited to release the debut from their new side project The Night
NERO Mar 12, 2018
Shedding some light on The Night via our friends at Billboard. Pre-save below and be the first to hear it.
NERO Mar 08, 2018
NERO Jan 13, 2018
Thanks Mixmag - Joseph Ray
NERO Oct 25, 2017
10.26.17 Beta Nightclub - Denver Tickets:
NERO Sep 06, 2017
Interview with Fabric ahead of our show at the club this Friday
NERO Aug 28, 2017
2 8 . 0 8 C L I C K H E R E - - > #NERO2808
NERO Aug 24, 2017
NERO x Zhu 👀
NERO Jul 20, 2017
NERO Jul 16, 2017
Nero @electriccastle Photo by @tomallex
NERO Jul 16, 2017
Nero @echostagedc Photo by @preet_aliographics
NERO Jun 21, 2017
We're pleased to announce that Alana will soon be having a baby. This means that she'll be taking some time out from performing live for the rest of the year. She's continuing to work in the studio and will be back on tour in 2018.
NERO Apr 03, 2017
Screens 📺 @exchangela Photo by @rickyftw
NERO Apr 03, 2017
Last night @exchangela Photo by @rudeboyy
NERO Apr 02, 2017
Nero @exchangela Thank you @insomniacevents Photo by @troyacevedo
NERO Apr 01, 2017
Last night @yosttheater in Santa Ana Photo by @welcometothesanitarium
NERO Apr 01, 2017
Santa Ana. Thank you. @yosttheater
NERO Apr 01, 2017
Another one from last night #SanDiego @bassmntnightclub See you tonight in Santa Ana @yosttheater Photo by @smgsandiego