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Neon Trees Feb 09, 2018
We had a great experience playing and talking about our music at the Audience studio. Tune in and see us tonight! Friday, February 9 at 9:00 PM ET/PT.
Neon Trees Jan 25, 2018
#TBT Tokyo Pajama Party
Neon Trees Jan 03, 2018
Neon Trees Dec 28, 2017
Neon Trees Dec 21, 2017
#TBT "Feel Good" music video
Neon Trees Dec 19, 2017
Neon Trees Dec 15, 2017
the family that face masks together stays together
Neon Trees Dec 05, 2017
Neon Trees
Neon Trees Nov 30, 2017
#Tbt Brooklyn 2010. Waiting between takes while shooting the video for Animal.
Neon Trees Nov 17, 2017
Hey podcast fans! Check out United States of Music, a new show from Spotify and, and hosted by Sasheer Zamata. They came all the way to Utah to talk to us, and tell the story of Velour Live Music Gallery.
Neon Trees Oct 20, 2017
"Feel Good" Remix by Avedon - OUT NOW. Listen here:
Neon Trees Oct 13, 2017
Happy Friday! We're very excited to share the acoustic release of our song “Feel Good”. Listen on your preferred music outlet:
Neon Trees Oct 04, 2017
We’re excited to share that we'll be in Beijing to perform at Tango Club on October 26th! Tickets are on sale now. Get them here:
Neon Trees Oct 03, 2017
We are performing Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday, October 9th! NY area fans, see our official Twitter on how to enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to this event! Head to
Neon Trees Sep 13, 2017
Elaine will be joining the 8G band as a special guest drummer on Late Night with Seth Meyers all this week! Be sure to tune in!
Neon Trees Aug 31, 2017
LA + NYC TICKETS ON SALE TOMORROW (9/1) Don't miss out!
Neon Trees Aug 25, 2017
We're better together. Watch the behind the scenes of "Feel Good" now.
Neon Trees Aug 24, 2017
the four of us have been through a lot together. a friend asked what was the significance of everyone in their separate balconies in the Feel Good video. I look at it as if walls (emotional, literal) are what keep us divided. bottling up your feelings inside. letting our differences keep us separate. We're ultimately confined to a box of our own making. Feel Good represents a lot of things. But something Im grateful for is it marks the 4 of us putting aside our differences and returning to what we do. I love my band. -t
Neon Trees Aug 24, 2017
Neon Trees Aug 18, 2017
Neon Trees Aug 17, 2017
Neon Trees Aug 11, 2017
Don't miss us at MIX 94.1's Bite of Las Vegas 2017 on September 9th. $5 off your GA ticket now by entering promo code NEON! PLUS you’ll be in the running to meet us before we hit the stage that day! Get your tickets now at!
Neon Trees Aug 09, 2017
"Feel Good" is featured on Spotify's "It's ALT Good" playlist streaaaaaaaaaam
Neon Trees Aug 04, 2017
Our new song FEEL GOOD Is now Available. Thank you all for your love and please please... FEEL GOOD again. -NT choose your preference and jam: iTunes: Apple Music: Amazon: Google Play: Spotify: Tidal:
Neon Trees Aug 04, 2017