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The Nearly Deads Jul 24, 2019
Photograph by THEE @dlhphotos
The Nearly Deads Jul 19, 2019
#WATCHYOURBACK Our new single is available everywhere! Watch the lyric video now and let us know what you think! Thank you, Zombies!
The Nearly Deads Jul 19, 2019
The Nearly Deads's cover photo
The Nearly Deads Jul 19, 2019
The Nearly Deads
The Nearly Deads Jul 18, 2019
Hey Zombies! Join me tomorrow, 7/19 at 1pm EST on Facebook Live for a release party for our new single “Watch Your Back”! Can’t wait to chat! -TJ #thenearlydeads #WATCHYOURBACK #newmusic
The Nearly Deads Jul 18, 2019
Have fun at Rockfest Jason Boberg!
The Nearly Deads Jul 16, 2019
Throwback Tuesday? One of our first merch designs brought to you by @creativeallies after winning a contest that also landed us a spot on @vanswarpedtour. The year? 2012! What a magical time. Can’t wait for you all to hear our new song this Friday! Get ready to share the hell out of it!
The Nearly Deads Jul 13, 2019
New Single. Coming 7/19/19 #WATCHYOURBACK
The Nearly Deads Jul 08, 2019
Summertime #delslemonade
The Nearly Deads Jul 01, 2019
Thanks for listening to us on @spotify #spotify
The Nearly Deads Jun 24, 2019
5 years ago...what’s your favorite song off “Invisible Tonight”?
The Nearly Deads Jun 22, 2019
Congratulations Deni and Bryce! Thanks to Jason Boberg for being part of the Zombie Nation!
The Nearly Deads Jun 05, 2019
Lots of love to you and yours Craig Borucki!
The Nearly Deads May 25, 2019
Great interview! Check it out and let us know what you think!
The Nearly Deads May 23, 2019
Zombies VS Aliens- who wins??
The Nearly Deads May 12, 2019
If you had to listen to one album on repeat the rest of your life- what would it be??
The Nearly Deads May 11, 2019
Happy Graduation @jasmine.keadle and all our other graduating Zombies out there! Thanks John Keadle for being in the Zombie Nation!
The Nearly Deads May 10, 2019
Hey Zombies, TJ here! I’m on Patreon! My official page just launched! Many of you may not know that in addition to being the lead vocalist and keyboardist for TND I am also a classically trained singer with a degree in music composition! You’ll have the chance to get one on one coaching from me and access to a community of other aspiring musicians. Join today and get a personal thank you video from me! ❤️ #patreon #leadsinger #theresajeane #patreonmusic #bombshell
The Nearly Deads May 09, 2019
Ok apparently these Skull Logs are available on Amazon....epic or nah? We think they look pretty awesome!
The Nearly Deads May 07, 2019
What was the first concert you ever went to?
The Nearly Deads May 04, 2019
Lando says “May the 4th be with you”! Happy Star Wars day Zombies! Tell us your favorite SW movie in the comments 🤓 . . . #thenearlydeads #starwars #maythe4thbewithyou
The Nearly Deads May 03, 2019
Where have you seen this place before? Let us know in the comments. HINT: “cause I can do this by myself” PS. ignore my “confused by technology” face 🤪 . . . #thenearlydeads #musicvideo #donutcounty #partyonwayne #coffeeshop #quiz #throwback
The Nearly Deads May 01, 2019
Who’s still jamming our new single “Freak Show”?
The Nearly Deads Apr 29, 2019
Thank you and shoutout to our VIZs! Jason Boberg, Jason G, @soyfishdocsteve, Roberta Homan, Lauri H, Bill Ford, Carmen Borelli, Craig Borucki, Kelsey Blye, John Keadle, Bruce Spencer, Adam Potter, Tim Lovegrove, John Civello, Jenna McCarty, Mickey and Melissa Johncox, DJ Bolling and Travis Jespen! THANK YOU! #patreon @patreon #patreonmusic #femalefronted #leadsinger #bands #bestfansever #shoutout #gratitude #thankful VIZs: please comment with your Instagram handle so we can tag u!
The Nearly Deads Apr 27, 2019
WHO’S GOING WITH US!? #starwars