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National Skyline Apr 03, 2018
Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been hard at work on Marvel's The Runaways, E!'s The Royals, and lots of other TV-related music. No new National Skyline music on the horizon unfortunately, but I do have some music news. My first "real" band Castor reunited last month for a show with our old friends HUM. Castor broke up 20 years ago, and we played a show to honor the occasion. While we all live far away from each other, we aim to record some new music this summer, and keep playing random shows from time to time. Head over to our Castor the band page and give us a like. Also check out some cool new merch at our Bandcamp. Cheers!
National Skyline Nov 28, 2016
Sorry no updates for the past few months. Been busy composing a show I can announce in a few days. Composing full time has definitely kept me away from making a new Skyline album this year, but looks like some free time coming soon...maybe. In the meantime, my buddy Tommy Walter and I make movie trailers/TV ads together, and we just made this one. Enjoy!
National Skyline Nov 18, 2015
Gettin trippy
National Skyline Nov 03, 2015
I don't know why I recorded this back in 2008, but I did (and never played it for anyone). I found it on an old hard-drive this morning. It's kind of a spot on impression of the Smiths Instrumentation. I suppose it proves that Moz is an incredible singer, and I'm merely, and indie rock singer. Kinda cool though.
National Skyline Sep 19, 2015
Love Kicks demo. 2016
National Skyline Aug 21, 2015
New album late 2015/or 2016. Gettin' back to the good stuff.
National Skyline Dec 19, 2014
Whoa. We made a best-of list!
National Skyline Dec 11, 2014
I did an interview with SLOUCHER.ORG Here it is:
National Skyline Oct 28, 2014
Hey look, a new album! This one was fun to make. It's all over the map stylistically & sonically. Always moving forward...never looking back. Enjoy!
National Skyline Sep 15, 2014
Good morning! Check out the new single:
National Skyline Jul 01, 2011
Promo Shots
National Skyline Jul 13, 2010
New National Skyline Music out today. See iTunes, Amazon, etc.
National Skyline Feb 03, 2009
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