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Wrong Era
Natali Felicia Aug 15, 2019
Hoppas vi ses 1a September i Vadstena!! ❤️🙏🏽
Natali Felicia May 27, 2019
26.05.19. CA
Natali Felicia May 19, 2019
mot drömmarnas stad xxx 🌹📸 @wherearetheunicorns
Natali Felicia May 17, 2019
Natali Felicia May 05, 2019
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Natali Felicia Apr 22, 2019
Natali Felicia Mar 30, 2019
Can’t believe one year has passed since the release of ‘Wrong Era’ already... give it some love today 🌹 music is in the making. xx /nat
Natali Felicia Mar 11, 2019
11/3/2018 photo: @tygermylk 🌹
Natali Felicia Jan 28, 2019
Natali Felicia Dec 26, 2018
Xmas swim 🇬🇧❄️ xx
Natali Felicia Dec 24, 2018
goood juuul!! xx
Natali Felicia Dec 12, 2018
My dear friend and magical artist Nadia Nair has today released this beautiful piece of art. Seee it! ✨ xxx
Natali Felicia Dec 11, 2018
Natali Felicia Dec 10, 2018
Natali Felicia Dec 09, 2018
suit up. x
Natali Felicia Nov 26, 2018
It’s been quite around my music since a while back now. But I’m always writing. I recently created this poetry page over at Pindify where I’ll be sharing some of my poetry and lyrics. You can follow it on the link below. See you there. xxx /nat Natali Felicia Poetry
Natali Felicia Nov 22, 2018
☔️Brighton. xx
Natali Felicia Nov 19, 2018
Natali Felicia Nov 09, 2018
DON’T. MISS. #War #bbc #clique #series #season2
Natali Felicia Nov 03, 2018
mamma ❥
Natali Felicia Oct 24, 2018
Timeline Photos
Natali Felicia Oct 23, 2018
cheers scorpios! #scorpioseason♏️
Natali Felicia Oct 04, 2018
Natali Felicia Oct 01, 2018
🇫🇷 xx
Natali Felicia Sep 30, 2018
Today it’s been 6 months since the release of my debut album ‘Wrong Era’. Go give it some love my friends, it needs some. It deserves it. You know where to find it! I’ve had to take some time away from everything. I kinda lost myself and my love for the music somewhere a long the journey of releasing this album unfortunately, due to circumstances. But sometimes you have to loose something to realise how much you love it;need it. Got a lot of love and music to share still. I’m working on it in peace and quiet for now. Loads of love ♥️ xx /nat #WrongEra #NewEra