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Mausoleum (Live)
Myrkur Aug 15, 2019
Bloody excited to announce I will perform at Brutal Assault 2020! Last year there was a power break-down in the entire city during our concert. This year I had to cancel due to pregnancy. 2020 will be the year! Here is an interview from last year
Myrkur Aug 02, 2019
I am part of Tim Tronckoe photography 's new book project “Portraits” together with a lot of cool metal musicians. Head over to his website and have a look at the exhibition + book
Myrkur Jul 31, 2019
After 5 weeks (FIVE) in the hospital on strict bed rest, I’ve now been released and can rest at home instead. Everything is okay and I am just happy to feel the fresh air on my skin again. It is still not easy and I wouldn’t have gotten through this without my husband, family and friends. This is why I all of a sudden had to cancel all my concerts over the summer. Many of you have written me and I wanted to let you know what has been going on. Pregnancy can be very unpredictable I’ve learned! You never really know how extreme this process is till you go through it yourself. I would like to send a very warm thought to the incredible midwives and doctors at the hospital, they take such good care of us 🌿
Myrkur Jun 17, 2019
Myrkur Jun 16, 2019
Today I joined Smashing Pumpkins for a Black Sabbath cover at Download Fest UK ⚡️Thank you @williampcorgan for inviting me, it was such a pleasure to join you and to honor Sabbath
Myrkur Jun 10, 2019
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Myrkur Jun 04, 2019
This sweet wise old goat blessed my belly today. She kept bending her head down and rested on it. I truly felt like she knew
Myrkur Jun 01, 2019
Thank you Fortarock ⚡️ Bloody great festival ⚡️ Photo by @timvermoens
Myrkur May 27, 2019
We will return to the stage soon for Primavera Sound May 30th and FortaRock June 1st ⚡️ Photo by
Myrkur May 10, 2019
Thank you Istanbul. It was my first time visiting your country, you were so good to us 🌿 My next concert is Primavera Sound May 30th and FortaRock June 1st. Both will be the full metal show \m/ ᛗ
Myrkur May 07, 2019
Myrkur's cover photo
Myrkur May 04, 2019
Our little Viking is growing nicely Photo by Rasmus Malmstrøm
Myrkur May 01, 2019
Pagans celebrate and live accordingly with every different season of the year. Rituals, sacrifices, celebrations and of course music. When you live in Europe (or any place with all 4 seasons) you must learn to adapt and live in harmony with all the different kinds of weather. Many folk-songs have been written about spring and here is a song welcoming the month of May. The lyrics translated of these 2 verses: Welcome our month of May May, be welcome bless this gentle summer For the linden tree bears green leaves in the spring Now we carry May out in our village May, be welcome and praise it with songs new For the linden tree bears green leaves in the spring Filmed by Rasmus Malmstrøm
Myrkur Apr 17, 2019
ISTANBUL ! I cannot wait to take my full Folkesange line-up to your city. We will play May 9th at Turkcell Platinum Sahnesi. Get your ticket now here: Photo by Ester Segarra
Myrkur Apr 15, 2019
Metal Hammer
Myrkur Apr 09, 2019
Holland I will see you tomorrow for 2 days of concerts! April 10th my choir girls and I play an intimate concert in the church Noorderkerk in Sneek. April 11th I am bringing my full Folkesange line-up to Roadburn 🌿
Myrkur Mar 14, 2019
I am excited to tell you my new merch store has launched!🌲 Get your hands on classic + brand new designs here. FOR USA: FOR EUROPE: FOR UK: Kings Road Merch Europe Kings Road Merch
Myrkur Mar 08, 2019
FINALLY I am launching a new merch store! Some of the classics + brand new designs. It’s going live March 13th, I will share the link here 🌿
Myrkur Mar 06, 2019
Russia! Finally I am coming back to you. It’s no secret that playing there was one of the highlights of last year for me. This time I am taking my Folkesange setup so I hope you are ready for some dark Scandinavian folk-songs. 29/04 - Moscow, Arbat Hall 30/04 - St. Petersburg, Opera Concert Hall Iamthemorning will open the shows
Myrkur Feb 24, 2019
I was gifted this wonderful tagelharpa, made of ash wood and cedar wood, built by @viking_bending_barbells. He also builds lyres. If you are looking to buy a traditional instrument, get in contact with him here
Myrkur Feb 23, 2019
Myrkur's cover photo
Myrkur Feb 23, 2019
Our concert in York the other night. Thank you to everyone who came and to Descended from Odin. Please notice my lovely choir girls who wore their bunad for the occasion
Myrkur Feb 16, 2019
I am headlining the pagan festival The Jorvik Takeover with a full set of Scandinavian folk songs + my own songs as well. With me I am bringing a lineup of incredible musicians and choir girls. Feb 21st at the York Barbican. Get your ticket:
Myrkur Feb 15, 2019
by Daria Endresen