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Orbit Dance
Planetary Breathing
Signs of Existence
Signs of Existence
Orbit Dance
Orbit Dance
Metal Crane Festival Metal Crane Festival 2019
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myGRAIN (official) Dec 10, 2018
Ho ho ho! We are returning to Nummirock after 8 years. Good times ahead! Be there.
myGRAIN (official) Nov 25, 2018
A&p-REACTS watched and listened "Lightless" lyric video. Cheers again, guys! We also wanna thank every single one of you that has contacted us and given uplifting feedback concerning our new ep. It has been a true joy to read all of your comments. Makes the comeback worthwhile. You rock! <3
myGRAIN (official) Nov 23, 2018
Our new ep "III" is released! Available on most digital platforms, like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Radio, AOL, X-BOX Music, Google Play. Go check it out and tell us how it was. Have a great weekend y'all!
myGRAIN (official) Nov 07, 2018
Our new ep "III" will be out on all most common digital platforms on 23rd of November! Cover artwork by
myGRAIN (official) Oct 30, 2018
Our friends Medeia have released a brand new single - go check it out! We are also playing two gigs together in January.
myGRAIN (official) Oct 26, 2018
Peeps! This is the day you have been waiting for! Here is the first new release from us in a few years, a lyric video of our song "Lightless". The song will be featured on our three-song EP that is to be released digitally in November 2018. A huge thank you for mr. Joonas Takalo that made this possible. Watch, listen and share the hell out of it. Hope you enjoy this!
myGRAIN (official) Oct 15, 2018
We just noticed A&P-Reacts did a reaction/review on Trapped in an Hourglass a couple of months ago! Thank you!
myGRAIN (official) Oct 04, 2018
While awaiting the new songs... remember this? Can't believe it's been almost eight years since the video was released! Which one is your favourite of the music video songs?
myGRAIN (official) Sep 29, 2018
A couple of words for Inferno Magazine concerning the upcoming gigs and the new songs. In Finnish only, sorry!
myGRAIN (official) Sep 25, 2018
A little update for you dear people! We are just about to finish mixing the three new songs and the mastering process will take place today. Sounds pretty juicy already, we tell you! On Friday we also have some news for you, so stay tuned y'all...
myGRAIN (official) Sep 15, 2018
The end is drawing to a close! It's been a great pleasure working with Mr. Räihä. The keyboardist's and vocalist's performances have also reached at least the level of 7/10.
myGRAIN (official) Sep 14, 2018
Tommy's and Eve's turn today! New tunes are slowly taking shape.
myGRAIN (official) Sep 05, 2018
Hi all! Some of you might have heard the sad news concerning Tommy's decrease of hearing that forced him to leave his most active band, Oceanhoarse. Health obviously comes first and now it seems that it's not good for Tommy to spend almost every day at a loud rehearsal place and head towards intense touring. However, let's make it clear now: Tommy is NOT half deaf as some of the craziest rumours have it and he is NOT forced to cease his career in making music completely. Most importantly for MyGrain fans: we will keep our promise and continue working with the new songs! Next week Tommy and Eve will enter the studio and during the fall we'll release these new songs for you all to hear. We still have no clear plans for the future but we will most definitely continue making music - Tommy playing one of the most distinctive and important roles in the band, as always. MyGrain 2.0 is about friendship. No stress or tight schedules and that's the way we're gonna keep it. That is all for now - we'll keep you updated!
myGRAIN (official) Aug 24, 2018
#shitjustgotreal part II Hello you all Maniacs out there! Now it's finally time to track down some six-string magic. Our guitar heroes are ready for some serious action with fearsome, crunching guitars, cinematic melodies and wicked solos! Right on 👊
myGRAIN (official) Jul 08, 2018
Drum tracks: done! Now a little summer break.
myGRAIN (official) Jul 07, 2018
#shitjustgotreal Well hello there! It’s been about three years since we decided to put MyGrain to rest. Against at least our own expectations, it now seems that it’s time for MyGrain to rise from the deep sleep again! Three years ago we were in a situation where we were facing numerous changes and the future seemed vague for MyGrain. In the same time we realized we had lost the burning for making new songs that we already had started preparing for the fifth album. At the time we didn’t really see the continuation of the band possible, since the passion for the music has always been the thing that kept us going despite all the obstacles. The only option then was to face the facts and call it quits. The break has been worthwhile. All of us have been making new music in different bands and projects and also concentrated on other areas of our lives that have been on the background for years. It also seems that sometimes you have to step back and take a few breaths to value the precious things you’ve been given in the past. MyGrain has given us a lot during the years – the most important things naturally being music and friendship. Those two have always been the core of MyGrain and those two drove us active again. At the moment Janne and Teemu are in the studio recording drums for new MyGrain tunes with awesome Juho Räihä (Swallow the Sun, Gloria Morti etc.). The plan is to release three songs for your entertainment, hopefully by the end of the year. We have loose schedules, zero stress and basically no plans whatsoever for the future. We haven’t planned touring or album release dates – we’re doing this solely for the love of music and the joy of each other’s company. The only sure thing is that we’re super excited and that you’re gonna hear from us soon. We are touched and delighted for all the enthusiastic and encouraging messages you guys have sent us the past few months. Love you all! - Eve, Janne, Jonas, Joni, Teemu & Tommy Ps. You can follow the progress of the recordings also on Instagram: @mygrainowls
myGRAIN (official) Jul 06, 2018
myGRAIN (official) Jul 01, 2018
myGRAIN (official) Jun 02, 2018
myGRAIN (official) May 20, 2018
Still trying to figure it out what could this mean... 🤔 #kurapersesaatana
myGRAIN (official) May 05, 2018
What could this mean... 🤔
myGRAIN (official) Jan 19, 2018
Hell'O there you lovely MyGrain lovers! It's been a while...and I thought this would do as a great opportunity to present something intriquing for you, who might also be interested in my recent endeavours... So, may I present my new band Oceanhoarse, with the first single/video as well, titled as "The Oceanhoarse"! Hope you dig it! Have a rocking weekend ya'll & cheers!! -Tommy
myGRAIN (official) Nov 28, 2015
Hey folks! Here is Janne's and Joni's new band called Periferian Halo. Check out the latest music video below! :)
myGRAIN (official) Jun 08, 2015
One more review with pics from the last show. Thank you Amy and Lene from Music Photocalypse!
myGRAIN (official) May 18, 2015
And yet again a live review with a couple of photos too! It's such a nice thing to see that so many of you seemed to really enjoy the show! Cheers!