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Orbit Dance
myGRAIN (official) Jun 20, 2019
MyGrain has landed! Be early on the gig tomorrow - you may receive some treats.
myGRAIN (official) Jun 09, 2019
A very nice live report from last week's show at The Circus! 🔥 Article only in Finnish.
myGRAIN (official) May 17, 2019
Howdy all! We decided to put some new stuff in the cooking and whoopsie, we're in the studio now with mr. Juho Räihä at Soundspiral Audio! Make sure you stay tuned, because we're gonna have some serious heavy hitters comin' on your way! 🔥 Have a nice weekend folks!
myGRAIN (official) Apr 13, 2019
Eve and Tommy's interview (in Finnish) with Inferno Magazine is now available also online.
myGRAIN (official) Jan 28, 2019
Tommy's and Eve's video interview by Dark Art Conspiracy. Some thoughts about the reunion and what-not.
myGRAIN (official) Jan 22, 2019
Reading this made us emotional, too. Thank you for an uplifting gig review, Tuonela Magazine!
myGRAIN (official) Jan 21, 2019
JKL Metal Festival 2019. Pic by Samuli Paananen.
myGRAIN (official) Jan 20, 2019
What a weekend! The gigs exceeded all expectations and it feels so good to be back. Thank you people and @nemagency! Hats off also for @medeiaband, @everwaveband and @callidiceband for the great company. As said, touring is fun when the collaboration with the other bands goes smoothly. And man, how much we laughed! Our next gig will be in @nummirock in the summer. See you there! (Pic by @amatoorikuvaajafi) #metalcranefestival #jklmetalfestival #comeback #happiness
myGRAIN (official) Jan 19, 2019
Motherfucking Lutakko!!! Such a warm welcome! Feels so good and humble to be back. This is today's schedule, be sure to be there.
myGRAIN (official) Jan 18, 2019
Ladies, gentlemen and non-binaries! Greetings from the van. Here is the schedule for tonight. We even found a couple of t-shirts from the past so we suggest you should arrive early. See you tonight!
myGRAIN (official) Jan 17, 2019
All six of us after four years! #lastrehearsals #jklmetalfestival #metalcranefestival
myGRAIN (official) Jan 17, 2019
Awwww, poor guys! It's snow chaos in Helsinki today but hopefully everyone gets to the rehearsals, unlike yesterday. Tomorrow it's on! First gig after almost 4 years of hiatus! #mygrain #rehearsals #training
myGRAIN (official) Jan 15, 2019
Yo peeps! Check out the awesome music video from our brothas and sista from Medeia! Also, we're gonna rock the sh*t out of Lutakko and Nosturi together this oncoming weekend!! Who's coming to see this spectacle??
myGRAIN (official) Jan 06, 2019
Started rehearsals early this time. Less than two weeks to the shows! Who's got the tickets already for JKL Metalfest or Metal Crane festival?
myGRAIN (official) Dec 19, 2018
Over 50 000 listeners during the past month - thank you people! Deliverance is clearly the most listened song from the new ep. Which one is your favourite?
myGRAIN (official) Dec 10, 2018
Ho ho ho! We are returning to Nummirock after 8 years. Good times ahead! Be there.
myGRAIN (official) Nov 29, 2018
Our new ep "III" is out!! How many of you have listened to the new tunes already? And how do you like them? 🔥 If you haven't checked out the songs yet, then here's the link to the ep "III" on Spotify -> The ep can also be found on most of the other digital platforms like Deezer, Amazon, Tidal, iTunes, Apple Music, AOL, X-BOX Music & Google Play! Stay metal! 🤘
myGRAIN (official) Nov 25, 2018
A&p-REACTS watched and listened "Lightless" lyric video. Cheers again, guys! We also wanna thank every single one of you that has contacted us and given uplifting feedback concerning our new ep. It has been a true joy to read all of your comments. Makes the comeback worthwhile. You rock! <3
myGRAIN (official) Nov 23, 2018
Our new ep "III" is released! Available on most digital platforms, like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Radio, AOL, X-BOX Music, Google Play. Go check it out and tell us how it was. Have a great weekend y'all!
myGRAIN (official) Nov 07, 2018
Our new ep "III" will be out on all most common digital platforms on 23rd of November! Cover artwork by
myGRAIN (official) Oct 30, 2018
Our friends Medeia have released a brand new single - go check it out! We are also playing two gigs together in January.
myGRAIN (official) Oct 26, 2018
Peeps! This is the day you have been waiting for! Here is the first new release from us in a few years, a lyric video of our song "Lightless". The song will be featured on our three-song EP that is to be released digitally in November 2018. A huge thank you for mr. Joonas Takalo that made this possible. Watch, listen and share the hell out of it. Hope you enjoy this!
myGRAIN (official) Oct 15, 2018
We just noticed A&P-Reacts did a reaction/review on Trapped in an Hourglass a couple of months ago! Thank you!
myGRAIN (official) Oct 04, 2018
While awaiting the new songs... remember this? Can't believe it's been almost eight years since the video was released! Which one is your favourite of the music video songs?
myGRAIN (official) Sep 29, 2018
A couple of words for Inferno Magazine concerning the upcoming gigs and the new songs. In Finnish only, sorry!