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Before Everything & After
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Parkjam Music Festival - Alternative Night Parkjam Music Festival - Alternative Night 2019
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MxPx Aug 09, 2019
ANAHEIM -- TIX UP RIGHT NOW!! Join us Saturday November 23rd at House of Blues, along with our friends THE ATARIS and REHASHER!! You're always so good to us SoCal, always looking forward to coming back!! Much love!!
MxPx Aug 09, 2019
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA -- Just a little reminder, public on-sale for this one is TODAY (8/9) at 10am PDT. You'll be able to grab your tix here:
MxPx Aug 06, 2019
SoCal -- You knew we wouldn't leave you out this year. Tix up Friday 8/9 at 10am PDT.
MxPx Aug 04, 2019
MxPx Aug 04, 2019
There’s no giving up, no going home!
MxPx Jul 24, 2019
Happy birthday to this one. Still proud. Thanks for listening and thanks for being on this journey with us
MxPx Jul 22, 2019
‪Never a dull moment! ‬ ‪Shout out to Chris Dos and Anti Flag ‪We love you guys and it’s always a pleasure to see you out at the shows. ‬ ‬ ‪📸 @jeredscott ‬
MxPx Jul 17, 2019
It’s been awhile since we’ve been to Ontario. Gonna charge that Sept 7th! Tix up Saturday. Can’t wait!!!
MxPx Jul 13, 2019
Beautiful day in Portland!! It was great seeing so many familiar faces and meeting some new ones. Life's an adventure. Thank you!!!
MxPx Jul 09, 2019
Taking a little trip down to Portland, OR this Friday to play with some old friends!
MxPx Jul 02, 2019
Skinny Mike and the boys decided to think about the universe.... in song form with a little help from our friends: Casey Bates on the sonics, Taj Motel Trio on the horns, and the magnificant Dez on the art! Listen now in all those places that do the streaming thing.
MxPx Jul 01, 2019
Tonight... we talk about the universe!
MxPx Jun 29, 2019
So much to say. It's been 1 year since this song hit the internet. It's been great to us!! Millions of listens around the world. Put us back on the radio. And has become a staple in the live set, sometimes taking the place of Responsbility as a closer. Can't thank you all enough. To be 27 years in (26 when we released) and to get that bump... we can't thank you enough! Here's to the future, for this song, and more! ; )
MxPx Jun 27, 2019
Mike's got skills!
MxPx Jun 27, 2019
Updated the store with a few things! Few limited items from recent trips-- as well as some new designs!
MxPx Jun 16, 2019
Love New York City! Today was a wild day and we will likely tell stories of it for the rest of our years. We made the show! And it was worth every second and every penny we had to spend to get there. This crowd was awesome. Thank you!!!
MxPx Jun 15, 2019
Had a lovely time in Quebec tonight. Thank you Montebello Rock!
MxPx Jun 10, 2019
NEW YORK CITY -- We'll see you this Saturday!!!
MxPx Jun 03, 2019
Happy Birthday Yuri!!! -- We're playing Punk in Drublic in Portland, OR on July 12th at Portland Meadows!! Let's party!!
MxPx May 30, 2019
The rumors are true- we're playing Punk in Drublic in Portland, OR July 12th!
MxPx May 15, 2019
Thought it would be fun to cover this one by Unwritten Law since we've got a weekend of shows together coming up next month!! June 14th - Montebello, QC, CAN @ Montebello Rock June 15th - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
MxPx May 06, 2019
Happy to be back at it! This time, New York City in June, and we're bringing friends!
MxPx May 03, 2019
NYC!! -- You know what to do!! Tix up right NOW for our June 15th show at Irving Plaza w/ Unwritten Law & Rehasher!! See ya at the show!!
MxPx May 03, 2019
NEW YORK CITY -- Tix up TODAY (Friday) at 10am EST! Grab them here:
MxPx Apr 30, 2019
NEW YORK CITY -- YOU'RE UP!! We're playing Irving Plaza on Saturday June 15th, and we're bringing along our friends Unwritten Law and Rehasher!! Tix up this Friday (5/3) at 10am EST! Summer is almost here -- are you ready???