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MxPx Apr 24, 2019
Have you heard? Close friends are gearing up for a new album!!! Tony once sang for MxPx for a few days when Mike lost his voice on tour- helped us big time, now lets return the favor!!
MxPx Apr 18, 2019
MxPx Apr 16, 2019
Went deep on all things MxPx on this one. Behind the curtain? How many basses does Mike Herrera have? What job would Mike do if MxPx was a hotel chain? How do you actually pronounce Tom Wisniewski's last name? Plus special guest Lucas from TX singing his own rendition of Friday Tonight! Search Mike Herrera Podcast on any podcast app.
MxPx Apr 14, 2019
This guy had a birthday recently! I still say Aces Up is one of the best songs in the MxPx catalog. What say you? If you haven’t heard, it’s new to you!
MxPx Mar 30, 2019
Loved every minute of tonight Chicago! See you tomorrow for round two!!! Photos: Jered Scott
MxPx Mar 29, 2019
We're ready for a wild weekend in Chicago!!! To those who couldn't make the trip or couldn't get tickets before they sold out, we decided to give you a present across the internet for the world to share. For those that are coming, consider this a preview! Available everywhere you stream music. Look for this art!
MxPx Mar 26, 2019
Woaaaaaah. Old school. 1999! Throwback memories.
MxPx Mar 20, 2019
Don't lose hope yet. You know dates are coming. ; )
MxPx Mar 19, 2019
All of It --from the album MxPx (2018) -directed and edited by Thomas Dutton Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Youtube, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, and more!
MxPx Mar 14, 2019
The meaning of this one still rings true 20 years later. Let that sink in. --available everywhere you stream music.
MxPx Mar 04, 2019
It's true!!! Take a listen!
MxPx Feb 22, 2019
I'm feeling Friday!!!
MxPx Jan 31, 2019
Thank you Chicago! We’re gonna announce more around the US and the rest of the world, stay tuned.
MxPx Jan 25, 2019
CHICAGO -- Don't forget, we're playing two nights at Bottom Lounge w/ Five Iron Frenzy on March 29th & 30th! BUT, we have some news for you...Saturday is already 100% SOLD OUT. Still some left for Friday, but not many -- so grab them ASAP. Thank you so much to everyone -- we're going to make sure this weekend is extra special!! Can't wait!!
MxPx Jan 20, 2019
When we did this song, I didn't realize that the "crashing a hotel room" line was ORIGINALLY written about the time he spent on tour with MxPx. He told me right after! The things you learn! This is available just about everywhere you stream music: Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, Deezer, and many many more. Worldwide! Thanks for listening
MxPx Jan 18, 2019
WHAT'S UP CHICAGO!! We'll see you on March 29th & 30th at Bottom Lounge w/ Five Iron Frenzy!! Tix up RIGHT NOW!!
MxPx Jan 18, 2019
CHICAGO!! -- Just a heads up, tickets for our two nights at Bottom Lounge go on sale TODAY (Friday) at 10am CST!! Get them at the links below!! Friday, March 29th: Saturday, March 30th:
MxPx Jan 15, 2019
Welcome to 2019 -- it's time for some shows! CHICAGO, you're up first! Stoked to announce we'll be doing TWO nights at Bottom Lounge -- March 29th & 30th. Friday will be 17+ / Saturday will be all ages. Joining us for both shows is the always amazing Five Iron Frenzy! Tix up Friday (1/18) at 10am CST! Can't wait -- see you there!
MxPx Jan 13, 2019
PROUDLY with Ernie Ball! Nothing beats it.
MxPx Jan 08, 2019
Pre Sneeze Tom Wisniewski
MxPx Dec 24, 2018
Take a moment to appreciate all you have around you. Happy Holidays from MxPx! See you in 2019!
MxPx Dec 10, 2018
Our new single "December" is streaming NOW on all of your favorite streaming services! We brought in some help from some friends on this one -- we think you're going to love how it came out! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays -- Cheers!
MxPx Dec 04, 2018
Have you heard our new holiday single "December" yet? You may have noticed we called in a friend or two to help us out with it. Check it out NOW for the first time -- or again and again -- on all of your favorite streaming services!
MxPx Nov 30, 2018
The holidays just keep gettting better! Introducing our new single "December"! Listen NOW on all of your favorite streaming services! We definitely had a lot of fun with this one -- hope you enjoy it!
MxPx Nov 30, 2018
We’re dropping a new holiday song TONIGHT. Cheers!