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Mutiny Within 2 - Synchronicity
Mutiny Within
Mutiny Within (Special Edition)
Mutiny Within Jul 09, 2019
(Dan) Hey all. Been a hot minute since I last posted on here. Those who follow me know we do have some new MW in the works and I have a bunch of new musical toys to play with 🤓. We've spent the past couple months bouncing a few ideas around the globe and its finally on me to start writing leads, tracking guitars and recording keyboards and FX! I wonder how much choir I'll slip in this time? 🤔 We all have very busy personal lives so while we would love to focus all our time on music, we simply have to squeeze it in whenever we can. So, there we go. Watch this space and as always, thanks for your continued support, particularly with our previous release Origins. You're all part of the music and you keep us inspired to do more. You rule \m/
Mutiny Within Apr 18, 2019
Dan here. Proud to say our man Chris is KILLING it in the mixing world with the best producers in the business! Well well deserved!
Mutiny Within Oct 29, 2018
Hey strangers! Internal Dissension guitar playthrough video in the works. Finally relearned it all. Nasty one. Hardest MW song I've faced from start to finish yet! Watch this space and feel free to add me for more behind the scenes progress! Have a great week everyone! - Daniel Bage
Mutiny Within Sep 27, 2018
Hey guys Bill here again for some shameless cross promotion, Please do me a kindness and check out the second installment in my drum playthrough series of Angel Vivaldi material. This particular track comes off the latest release, Synapse. Enjoy, Adenosine; and please share! As always, much thanks and appreciation. -Bill
Mutiny Within Sep 18, 2018
Hey guys, Bill here. So while MW oils our baseball gloves and stretches out our hamstrings, I would deeply appreciate if you'd all take a moment to check out and share my new drum play through video for A Martian Winter from my other project with Angel Vivaldi. Thank you all in advance, you guys are the greatest. -Bill
Mutiny Within Jun 04, 2018
Anyone else get flagged for copyright when they try to record videos of their own musical material? Here's a tip... Try a different instrument ;) - Dan
Mutiny Within Apr 21, 2018
I posted this on my own page a few days ago and people found it pretty entertaining: Being in a band you have to grow some thick skin pretty quickly. I don't remember this review from when we release the album but I found it the other day and it's hilarious. -Chris
Mutiny Within Mar 12, 2018
We'd love to say that time travel existed and we've gone back to 1989 and we're going to be featured on Tetris on the Game boy... YESSSSS!!!! but we don't like to lie to you all..... "CAN'T WATCH IT ALL......BUUUUUUURRRRN" Have a great week everyone! - Dan
Mutiny Within Mar 04, 2018
Guitar for sale people. Ibanez RG3520ZE with Dimarzio Crunch Lab and Liquifier pickups. Mint condition. Used live 8 years ago, and on the last 2 records in the studio. Some would say I've had it for Hours....... 😉 reach out to Dan directly if interested. Dans profile in the comments below
Mutiny Within Feb 06, 2018
Check out this awesome tattoo on our good friend Bobby Alter Bridge Young Words fail me, to know people love our music this much is indescribable
Mutiny Within Dec 20, 2017
Thanks for a great year and for continuing to listen to the music we love creating! Cannot believe these Spotify figures
Mutiny Within Sep 27, 2017
Dan here - Want to give a big shoutout and thankyou to the awesome people over at Choptones. I've recently switched to Line 6 Helix for my tone needs, and I've been working with Choptones on some video demo's of my favorite tones of theirs. There's a couple now featured on their page for their Metal Pack Vol 2. Go check it out - Scroll to the bottom ;) Hopefully I'll get some custom Mutiny Within Presets from them soon if I get them some original DI files... ON IT!!!!
Mutiny Within Sep 23, 2017
Tabbing has begun! We are not tabbing the entire album, but we are throwing some guitar tab together, for free. They will be guitar pro files but for now, here's a screenshot of the Justify, verse rhythm guitar. Enjoy! - Dan
Mutiny Within Sep 23, 2017
Wow! This popped up on YouTube. I can't believe how many views this has racked up! Thanks everyone!
Mutiny Within Sep 22, 2017
We played a show with Sonata Arctica in 2010 (seems like an age ago now!) There was a band who opened up the show called Tetrarch who were awesome. Long story short, they posted this single the other day and I happened to see it come up on facebook. It's awesome. Go give them a like! The commitment these guys have had to their music is unrivalled and this album sounds like it's going to be killer. -Chris Clancy
Mutiny Within Sep 22, 2017
Up late playing guitar like usual. Practicing ;) Recently switched over to Line 6's Helix. Blown away. I also am taming their newest Shuriken Variax. Videos soon! All us guitar nerds either hate amp modelers all together, or are very passionate about the one we own. Very happy with the Helix. This is a preset from Choptones Metal Pack Vol 2. They make presets for all sorts of modelers. If you're lazy like me and just want a good sound off the bat, go check out their demo's!
Mutiny Within Sep 18, 2017
Throw Back Monday (because who has the patience to wait for Thursday these days) Check out our video series while we were in the studio(s) recording our debut album! Crazy looking back at this all these years on. How fortunate we were to work with such great producers in amazing studios.
Mutiny Within Sep 15, 2017
Check out the new track by our good friends in Threat Signal. Always loved touring with them!
Mutiny Within Aug 31, 2017
LAST CHANCE to own Origins on CD. We're down to a handful of CD's left in the store. Any left at the end of Friday night will get put away for competitions so if you want one, get one before Friday night (assuming they don't sell out before then). All CDs and clothing are shipped by us from the USA. Postage is calculated with live postage prices so they are accurate worldwide. We make zero money on postage.
Mutiny Within Aug 23, 2017
Limited stock of CD's and Merch in our store right now! We've been holding onto some excess stock making sure that everybody who supported us received their orders. This is your LAST CHANCE to buy an Origins CD before they're are all completely gone. There will be no more made so if you want one, get one now. Stock is very, very limited so first come, first served. Head on over to our web store if you want a CD or any of the remaining shirts. Exact stock we have: CD's 60 Origins T-shirts: 1 Medium 4 Large 1 XL 1 XXL Silent Weapons T-shirt: 2 Large 1 XL Baseball T - Origins 2 Large Hoodie Origins: 1 Large Womens Origins T-Shirt: 1 Large 1 XL
Mutiny Within Aug 21, 2017
We're just doing a count on the remaining stock we have left over and then we're going to be selling off everything we have. This includes the very last CD's that we have for Origins. If you want one then hit the "following" button at the top of this page and select "see first". At least for the next week. We have very, very limited stock and there will be no more made so if you want one, get one as soon as they go online. The only reason we have excess stock is because of minimum order quantities so when they're gone, they're gone.
Mutiny Within Aug 21, 2017
Check out a really in depth and entertaining review by Metal Robot His only real negative is that he felt the album should have been longer. That's not a bad thing in our book!
Mutiny Within Aug 18, 2017
So my friend Matt Doherty found this shot glass. I don't even remember these being made but apparently we had a run of these and when they arrived we opened them up to find "Mutiny Weithin" in the web address. This didn't surprise us as we've been reviewed and had articles printed as: "Munity Within" "Immunity Within" "Muntiny Within" "Mutinity WIthin" "Mutiney Within" The frustration was real. -Chris
Mutiny Within Aug 16, 2017
Check out this awesome drum cover of Archetype of Destruction! So glad people take the time to not only listen to our music, but to learn it and perform it themselves.
Mutiny Within Jul 31, 2017
Tell us what your favorite parts are from our new album "Origins" - Is it the Circles solo section? The Archetype blastbeats? Chris Clancy's high notes in Reasons??!