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Latest Version of the Truth
Silent Killer
Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven
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Latest Version of the Truth
Above All
Mustasch at Gröna Lund (May 3, 2019)
Venue: Gröna Lund (Stockholm, Sweden) Find tickets
Mustasch at Falkhallen (May 18, 2019)
Venue: Falkhallen (Falkenberg, Sweden) Find tickets
Norway Rock Festival Norway Rock Festival 2019
Venue: Norway Rock Festival (Kvinesdal, Norway) Find tickets
Lørdagsbillett Norway Rock Festival Lørdagsbillett Norway Rock Festival 2019
Venue: Øyesletta, Kvinesdal (Kvinesdal, Norway) Find tickets
Mustasch Apr 22, 2019
Drunk or Dumb? #whatiswrong
Mustasch Apr 22, 2019
Blood In Blood Out: 200k streams on Spotify! Thank you!
Mustasch Apr 21, 2019
Rollecoster in Frankfurt #heavymetal #rollercoster #frankfurt
Mustasch Apr 21, 2019
Drunk or dumb? #gross #klein
Mustasch Apr 20, 2019
Thank you Hamburg! Next up: Köln!
Mustasch Apr 19, 2019
Good times in Hannover! Heute Abend: Hamburg!
Mustasch Apr 13, 2019
Nice to see the two metalheads of A&p-REACTS digging some Mustasch!
Mustasch Apr 11, 2019
And here are the lyrics for "Blood In Blood Out"! You think that I´m suicidal I was born to be defiant Why should I embrace the silence There´s nothing that can kill this fire I refuse to hide my talent I was born to be defiant This is our call, we´re in for life Blood In, Blood Out Metal fueled by firepower Blood In, Blood Out We´re killing it for life The race is on, I´ll ride forever We´re going down this road together We´re not here for being silent I was born to be defiant This is our call, we´re in for life Blood In, Blood Out... I am not suicidal I was born to be defiant Blood In, Blood Out...
Mustasch Apr 10, 2019
Tomorrow we start our German tour supporting Kärbholz​! Full schedule at:
Mustasch Apr 10, 2019
Tomorrow we start our German tour supporting Kärbholz! Full schedule at:
Mustasch Apr 06, 2019
Today we're inviting you all to a Q & A on Pindify. Ask anything you'd like in the comment field, and then tomorrow we'll try to answer as much as we can. Have a good Saturday!
Mustasch Apr 05, 2019
Join us at our new Pindify portfolio, where we offer our greatest fans exclusive material from our very best! ...and of course our worst. Demos, videos, behind the scenes footage and whatnot. Unless you want access to all material, you can of course sign up for free.
Mustasch Apr 03, 2019
Mustasch is now confirmed for the MOTOCULTOR FESTIVAL Open Air festival in Saint-Nolff (France) on August 16th!
Mustasch Mar 31, 2019
Did you know that all of us are on Instagram? Mustasch: Robban Bäck: Ralf Gyllenhammar: Stam Johansson: David Johannesson:
Mustasch Mar 20, 2019
Here we go again, folks!
Mustasch Mar 16, 2019
What do you think about our new single "Blood In Blood Out"? Spotify: YouTube: Clip courtesy of Bullsize.
Mustasch Mar 15, 2019
And here´s the music video for "Blood In Blood Out"! Produced and directed by Ted Lindén at Bullsize. Shot at the BASE23 dance studio in Stockholm.
Mustasch Mar 15, 2019
Our latest single "Blood In Blood Out" is now released on Spotify and iTunes! This time we stood on our own eight feet and released it on our own record label Tritonus Records. Written and produced by Ralf Gyllenhammar and David Johannesson, and mixed by Tobias Lindell. The music video is due here at 11:00 CET, so stay tuned!
Mustasch Mar 14, 2019
"Blood In Blood Out" release schedule for tomorrow: 09:00 CET: Spotify! 11:00 CET: Music video premiere! Swedes: Ralf Gyllenhammar is invited to Bandit Rock (Official) tomorrow at 08:00 to talk about the future of Mustasch.
Mustasch Mar 13, 2019
The second sample of our upcoming single and music video "Blood In Blood Out" due for release on March 15th!
Mustasch Mar 11, 2019
The first sample of our upcoming single and music video "Blood In Blood Out" due for release this Friday! And btw: Happy Birthday Stam Johansson!!!
Mustasch Mar 11, 2019
Mustasch Mar 08, 2019
Next Friday we will release our first single since the "Silent Killer" album: "Blood In Blood Out"! This time we act as our own record label for the first time in our career. Watch out for a teaser video next week!
Mustasch Mar 06, 2019
Mustasch is confirmed for a new show on July 20th at the beautiful Dalhalla together with the mighty Hammerfall! This limestone quarry, turned into a huge venue, is located outside Rättvik, Sweden. Tickets and info: Facebook event:
Mustasch Feb 09, 2019
#Repost @blackharbourentertainment with @get_repost ・・・ We are happy to announce Mustasch as part of the upcoming Kärbholz tour "HERZ & VERSTAND TOUR 2019" 11.04. Losheim am See - Eisenbahnhalle 12.04. Nürnberg - Löwensaal 13.04. Leipzig - Felsenkeller 14.04. Berlin - Huxleys Neue Welt 15.04. Rostock - M.A.U. Club 17.04. Hannover - Capitol 18.04. Bremen - Tivoli 19.04. Hamburg - Grosse Freiheit 36 20.04. Köln - Palladium (Hochverlegt vom E-Werk) 21.04. Frankfurt - Batschkapp 23.04. Memmingen - Kaminwerk 24.04. Zürich (CH) - Komplex Klub 25.04. Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn 26.04. München - Backstage 27.04. Obertraubling - Airport Eventhall 28.04. Heerlen (NL) - Poppodium Nieuwe Nor