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Museum Vol. II
Prince Museum Aug 21, 2019
Today in 1990, Prince released his Graffiti Bridge album.
Prince Museum Aug 17, 2019
Happy Birthday Lisa Coleman!
Prince Museum Aug 08, 2019
Prince recorded Computer Blue on this day in 1983.
Prince Museum Aug 08, 2019
On this day in 1982, Prince recorded the song 1999.
Prince Museum Aug 07, 2019
Today in 1986, Prince recorded Hot Thing.
Prince Museum Aug 02, 2019
Happy Birthday to Apollonia, who turns 60 today.
Prince Museum Aug 01, 2019
Today in 2007, Prince began his run of 21 Nights at the O2 in London.
Prince Museum Jul 27, 2019
Prince's film Purple Rain was released 35 years ago today.
Prince Museum Jul 16, 2019
Today in 1982, Prince released Do Me, Baby.
Prince Museum Jun 25, 2019
Prince’s Purple Rain album is 35 years old today.
Prince Museum Jun 21, 2019
Prince’s Batman album is 30 years old today.
Prince Museum Jun 13, 2019
MacKenzie from The New Power Generation on America's Got Talent performing Nothing Compares 2 U 👍
Prince Museum Jun 11, 2019
Today in 1988, Prince recorded Pink Cashmere.
Prince Museum Jun 08, 2019
Prince would have been 61 years old today. Thanks for all the joy you gave us, old friend.
Prince Museum Jun 07, 2019
This week in 1985, Prince recorded, directed and performed in a video for Raspberry Beret.
Prince Museum Jun 04, 2019
Prince performing on the patio at the Warner Brothers lot in California; today in 1991.
Prince Museum May 30, 2019
Today in 1981, Prince released Gotta Stop (Messin' About).
Prince Museum May 29, 2019
Ten years ago today, Prince delivered one of his finest ever TV performances on the Jay Leno show, singing Somewhere Here On Earth.
Prince Museum May 21, 2019
Today in 1984, Prince was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.
Prince Museum May 21, 2019
Today in 1982, Prince recorded Little Red Corvette.
Prince Museum Apr 28, 2019
Today in 1985, Prince recorded Kiss.
Prince Museum Apr 22, 2019
Today marks three years since Prince's passing.
Prince Museum Apr 11, 2019
Today in 2001, Prince released his single U Make My Sun Shine with AngieStone.
Prince Museum Apr 09, 2019
Today in 1986, Prince recorded his video for Mountains.
Prince Museum Apr 08, 2019
Today in 1978, Prince released his debut LP, For You. Post up a photo of your copy of the album!