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Museum Vol. II
Prince Museum Feb 23, 2019
This week in 1980, Prince began his support act on the Rick James tour. Did you see any of these shows?
Prince Museum Feb 19, 2019
35 years ago today, Prince recorded Pop Life. ‘What’s the matter with your life....?’
Prince Museum Feb 16, 2019
A 21-year-old Prince backstage at The Bottom Line in New York, on this day in 1980.
Prince Museum Feb 14, 2019
Who else has seen The Revolution on tour recently? Delighted to get this Purple Rain purple vinyl 12” and ‘84 poster signed after the show!
Prince Museum Feb 13, 2019
Delighted to say that Ingrid Chavez will be going live on this page at 2pm Eastern on Valentine’s day. She’ll be looking back on her time with Prince, and premiering “All the Love in the World” a song from her new album “Memories Of Flying.” Tell a friend!
Prince Museum Feb 09, 2019
Prince at the GRAMMYs, four years ago to the day.
Prince Museum Feb 08, 2019
Prince and Beyoncé at the Grammys, on this day in 2004.
Prince Museum Feb 05, 2019
Today in 1986, Prince released Kiss.
Prince Museum Feb 04, 2019
No words. Miss you mate.
Prince Museum Jan 29, 2019
Today in 1988, Prince recorded Lovesexy.
Prince Museum Jan 27, 2019
Today in 1984, Prince recorded Take Me With U.
Prince Museum Jan 26, 2019
Happy Birthday to Wendy & Susannah Melvoin!
Prince Museum Jan 25, 2019
It is 30 years to the day since Prince recorded Arms of Orion.
Prince Museum Jan 24, 2019
How about that bassline!! Prince's former band The Revolution are out on tour, check out this very cool video with special guest Susannah Melvoin Artist Page!
Prince Museum Jan 24, 2019
Today in 1991, Prince recorded Thunder. 'Take me hand, it'll be alright....'
Prince Museum Jan 23, 2019
38 years ago today, Prince released Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?
Prince Museum Jan 22, 2019
Today in 1990, Prince was honoured with the Special Award of Achievement at the American Music Awards.
Prince Museum Jan 21, 2019
Today in 1982, Prince recorded All The Critics Love U In New York.
Prince Museum Jan 20, 2019
How great is the cover to this new paperback? More info:
Prince Museum Jan 20, 2019
How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore by the very talented Novine
Prince Museum Jan 19, 2019
Happy Birthday to Eric Leeds, Prince's incredible saxophone player. Eric blow your horn!
Prince Museum Jan 18, 2019
How amazing is this model of Paisley Park? Please let its creator Thomas de Bruin know just how good this is!!
Prince Museum Jan 15, 2019
Prince’s handwritten lyrics to International Lover, recorded on this day in 1982. ✈️♥️ Thank you for flying Prince International....
Prince Museum Jan 13, 2019
Today in 1988, Prince recorded Anna Stesia. Did you hear him perform this song live?
Prince Museum Jan 05, 2019
Happy Birthday to Vanity, who would have been 60 today.