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Ed Sheeran Apr 19, 2019
I wasn’t allowed on stage yesterday, none of my team were either. We all thought the lightening would pass and we’d get to do the show, but it didn’t, and then the show had to be cancelled. I apologise to each and every fan that waited for so long in the rain, and I promise you, before the year is done, I will be back to make it up to you.
Ed Sheeran Apr 01, 2019
Brand new jamie lawson album out today. It’s called The Years in Between, and it’s great. Find it everywhere you usually find music, enjoy !x
Ed Sheeran Mar 22, 2019
Go watch this video of me, Dave & Nihal talking for LoveMusic HateRacism’s YouTube channel x #beautifulresistance
Ed Sheeran Mar 15, 2019
Comic Relief: Red Nose Day
Ed Sheeran Mar 07, 2019
I’ve joined Annie Lennox, The Circle & Apple Music to shine a light on why #GlobalFeminism is so important. #InternationalWomensDay
Ed Sheeran Feb 18, 2019
28 📸 zakary walters
Ed Sheeran Feb 12, 2019
Playing myself in a new film by Danny Boyle & Richard Curtis called Yesterday. Check out the trailer x
Ed Sheeran Jan 24, 2019
I grew up wanting to play Lowden guitars, but they were so rare and so expensive I didn’t end up getting one til I was given one by my friend Gary from Snow Patrol in 2012. Through Gary I met George Lowden and he started making my tour guitars for me, which were amazing both on stage and in the studio We have been talking for years about trying to make a guitar that was as amazing as a Lowden but in a price point that was the same as the regular guitar companies, and also be made in Ireland. We never thought it was possible, but George and his team managed it I’m so honoured to launch our new guitar brand, Sheeran guitars by Lowden. These are without a doubt the best guitars at their price point, and just a joy to play Check out more at, I hope you love them as much as me x
Ed Sheeran Jan 18, 2019
A rare sight of me reading a book and security kev bird watching
Ed Sheeran Dec 20, 2018
I'm a patron of the London Irish Centre. Please help them raise funds for great services in care, culture and community x
Ed Sheeran Dec 19, 2018
A remix of my song Bloodstream is part of the project, which is helping to raise awareness of the impact plastic pollution has on the world’s oceans x
Ed Sheeran Dec 11, 2018
Night in with #thewibbles
Ed Sheeran Dec 11, 2018
100% of the proceeds of these limited edition tees and hoodies will be donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation for the #chakuaselfie campaign which will promote self-testing among young men in Kenya. You can get them at
Ed Sheeran Dec 01, 2018
📸: Nic Minns
Ed Sheeran Nov 30, 2018
🚜 boi & gal by zakary walters
Ed Sheeran Nov 30, 2018
There are 264 million children out of school, denied the freedom that an education affords them. Demand world leaders and donors fund a $40 billion budget gap so that we can #DefeatPoverty.
Ed Sheeran Nov 23, 2018
New items up in my webstore, go check them out x
Ed Sheeran Nov 22, 2018
You’re a wizard, Frodo
Ed Sheeran Nov 09, 2018
I'm featured in #LivingViral which is out now on SB.TV's YouTube! Interesting insight into the internet..
Ed Sheeran Nov 09, 2018
Perfect video is a year old today x
Ed Sheeran Nov 02, 2018
Recorded a version of Thursday the song I wrote with Jess Glynne while we were both in the states, check it out x
Ed Sheeran Oct 10, 2018
Just 9 days left to enter to win one of five 2018 World Tour merch packs by following me on Spotify, details here –
Ed Sheeran Oct 03, 2018
Ed Sheeran Sep 28, 2018
Gates Foundation #goalkeepers2018
Ed Sheeran Sep 26, 2018
Tickets for my European tour next year go on sale tomorrow (Thursday 27th September) at 10am BST. Tickets & info at X