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Rumors and Reputations
Mureau Feb 07, 2018
Anybody out there interested in hearing new music ?
Mureau Sep 09, 2015
Drums for album 2 start tomorrow! Having fun album names/artwork/song names...etc
Mureau Aug 07, 2015
Mobile Uploads
Mureau Jul 08, 2015
Jello Biafra
Mureau Nov 22, 2014
Check out this Cover of Diamond Eyes by our vocalist Tvoeltz
Mureau Aug 15, 2014
Tune Into or download the app "tune in" and search kosher metal or call in to be on the show live 805 409 8585 live for another hour
Mureau Jun 02, 2014
What is your favorite part about this video ?
Mureau May 31, 2014
New Jams in the studio =)
Mureau May 31, 2014
Mureau Apr 26, 2014
Lost hope for a bit....found a large amount of love for this project with a little help from my friends. Fresh music in progress from us to you. #mureau #2014 #2ndalbum
Mureau Feb 10, 2014
we would like to welcome the homies @reformers to the Mediaskare Records Family! What do you think of this band
Mureau Jan 31, 2014
its great to have friends who can always make you laugh….and friends who make awesome music! check out this video made by our boys in New Mexico
Mureau Jan 17, 2014
check these dudes out!!! last time we hung out with them we ate deer and drank moonshine!!!
Mureau Jan 06, 2014
who is still jamming this song?
Mureau Jan 01, 2014
Happy New year!! can't wait to share these new jams in 2014!
Mureau Dec 25, 2013
Mureau Nov 27, 2013
just in case you missed it yesterday! check out this Slipknot cover featuring our vocalist Taylor Voeltz. This cover features members of Kingdom Of Giants, HERO IN ERROR and Dawn of Justice ENJOY!
Mureau Nov 23, 2013
please help us help out friend! even if you donate $2
Mureau Nov 15, 2013
FINALLY!! new Life On Repeat one of our favorite bands, that e never got to tour with
Mureau Nov 14, 2013
FINALLY!!! listening back some new Mureau Mixes!!! I think you all will be very happy!! something for everybody....this album will be very Raw when angry...and very pretty and melodic. It is a musical journey based on the life experiences we have seen and learned from during our journey making Music
Mureau Nov 11, 2013
One of the best promoters in the whole country needs our help!! Take a chance to help her out! She has done tons to help MUREAU!
Mureau Nov 05, 2013
What is your favorite song from our debut record Rumors & Reputations?
Mureau Oct 26, 2013
have you ever seen us live? If so where and with who!?
Mureau Oct 26, 2013
looking for top of the line recordings? hit up our vocalist Taylor Voeltz his company Sounds Like Robots Fighting is killing the game! He does all of our recordings!
Mureau Oct 24, 2013
go stream the new Sirens and Sailors album here! you wont be sorry