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Mr. Probz May 15, 2019
Thanks for all the bday wishes!! I’m so thankful for all of you. God is amazing 🙌❤️
Mr. Probz Dec 31, 2018
Best wishes to you and all of your loved ones!! Don’t forget to take some time to reflect and keep raising the bar for yourself and the people around you. Keep motivating yourself and others around you to get to where you need to go and look at every second as a new starting point to elevate. God bless and thank you 🙏 ❤️
Mr. Probz Dec 10, 2018
Wow! With only one single out this year I must say I’m surprised and grateful to see that the music is still moving! Eventhough I haven’t been on social as much as I probably “needed” to be, I’m super excited about all the upcoming projects and plans. 2018 has been a real eye-opener and Left Lane Recordings is built as a new platform for the next chapter so I’ll finally go back to what I love doing the most. Thank you for all the love and support 🙏❤️ God is amazing..
Mr. Probz Dec 07, 2018
After receiving so many requests we’ve decided to officially release this version of ‘Praying To A God’ so you can finally add it to your playlist ✅👀 Big shout out to Spotify for all the playlist love worldwide 🙌❤️ Link:
Mr. Probz Nov 22, 2018
All aboard!! 🌊🛶 Hit that subscribe/follow button 👍❤️
Mr. Probz Nov 09, 2018
Yesterday we’ve opened our doors and officially launched our new platform! Left Lane Recordings is created out of necessity to help protect and guide artists, writers and producers in their creative journey. We strive to help them become who they want to be in a equal partnership. We connect business and creativity in a unique way and believe in the power of independency and giving our talents complete creative control. The overwhelming energy we felt last night was amazing! We’re proud and excited to start this new adventure with all of you.. God is good ❤️
Mr. Probz Sep 25, 2018
Everytime I think I’ve seen the world it taps me on the shoulder and tells me how small I was thinking..
Mr. Probz Sep 11, 2018
You are not a group..
Mr. Probz Sep 06, 2018
What up world!? Make sure you follow me on Instagram (@mrprobz) because Facebook keeps forcing me to advertise to talk to you guys. I know that my posts here won’t reach you most if the time so if you want to stay close hit that follow button on the other side❤️
Mr. Probz Aug 23, 2018
Thank you for all the love & support!! ❤️🙏
Mr. Probz Aug 18, 2018
Nothing but dust and water..
Mr. Probz Aug 03, 2018
I’ve had the pleasure of working with these two again. Can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world! 🔥 God is good 🙌
Mr. Probz Jul 26, 2018
Some time ago we were rehearsing for the Redbull Music Uncut version of "Space For Two" when out of the blue, we started to jam with a reggae version of "Till You're Loved ". Fortunately the camera kept rolling, what happens on camera is what happened on the spot 😬 (shout out to the band 🙌) Let me know what you guys think ❤️
Mr. Probz Jul 08, 2018
God is truly amazing 🙏❤️
Mr. Probz Jun 29, 2018
We’re live!! 📡📻 Big shout out to my broski R3hab for this one 🙌 Go to my Spotify or YouTube channel and check it out! Don’t forget to hit that like/share button 💪❤️🚀 Links:
Mr. Probz Jun 28, 2018
Tune in to Mallory Lynne on sxmElectro Ch. 51 today at 5pm ET for the #bpmdebut of the brand new R3hab mix of "Space For Two"! 🙌🚀
Mr. Probz Jun 27, 2018
Really cool interview! Big up Ashley Z 🙏 iHeartRadio
Mr. Probz Jun 26, 2018
I’m super excited to announce that the official R3hab remix of “Space For Two” drops this friday!! 🙌❤️ And it only took us 10+ years of friendship to finally collab 😅😂 (visuals: Brian Elstak) Make sure to keep an eye on my Spotify or Youtube channel and hit that subscribe button 👍💪 #cantwaitfortheweekend
Mr. Probz Jun 18, 2018
Tell a friend to tell a friend 😬
Mr. Probz Jun 11, 2018
G’morning Fukui..
Mr. Probz May 31, 2018
So this happened last night.. Don Diablo
Mr. Probz May 16, 2018
Check out this uncut live session we recently did at the Red Bull Studios! This is the first time performing my new single 'Space For Two' live 😬. Don’t forget to push and hit that like button ❤️️
Mr. Probz May 15, 2018
Thanks for all the birthday wishes ❤️🙏 (📸: Ilja Meefout) #bdayboy #teamtaurus #finewine
Mr. Probz Apr 25, 2018
Big shout to my brother Armin van Buuren and everyone else that helped make this possible!! 🎉❤️🙏🚀
Mr. Probz Apr 25, 2018
Tof stuk in de nieuwe JFK magazine 🙌❤️ (📸: Ruud Baan)