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Dimensional People
21 Again Collaborations, Pt. 2
21 Again Collaborations, Pt. 3
21 Again Collaborations, Pt. 1
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Radical Connector
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Glam (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
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Niun Niggung
Iaora Tahiti
Mouse on Mars Jun 23, 2019
underrated overlooked genius Michel Waisvisz / Steim via sonig
Mouse on Mars Jun 21, 2019
exclusive fiepblatter catalogue mix by jan st. werner for WNUR-FM 89.3
Mouse on Mars Jun 14, 2019
Mouse on Mars Jun 03, 2019
DAF / Dynamische Akustische Forschung Jan St. Werner's class at Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nürnberg developed the Distanzpulser in collaboration with Moritz Simon Geist
Mouse on Mars May 28, 2019
New Mouse on Mars album is in the making
Mouse on Mars May 25, 2019
Mouse on Mars May 17, 2019
"one of the best albums released so far this year in the realm of the avant-garde"
Mouse on Mars May 17, 2019
Today The National put out a new album which we had again the pleasure to contribute to.
Mouse on Mars May 07, 2019
new Mouse on Mars studio is up and running
Mouse on Mars May 03, 2019
Glottal Wolpertinger the new album by Mouse on Mars' Jan St. Werner is out today. Art Direction by Rupert Smyth Studio, Artwork by Paul McDevitt & Cornelius Quabek (Infinite Greyscale). Features Aaron Dessner & Bryce Dessner of The National. Buy: Stream:
Mouse on Mars May 01, 2019
New video for Jan St. Werner's Glottal Wolpertinger by Hal Ibaba Lovemelt
Mouse on Mars Apr 26, 2019
Glottal Wolpertinger is the new album by Mouse on Mars ‘s Jan St. Werner. Limited vinyl pressing of 300. Get it via Thrill Jockey Records your local record shop or online. There‘s digital, too. Features Aaron Dessner Bryce Dessner and enough spectral feedback to fill the entire #reichstag. Enjoy.
Mouse on Mars Apr 23, 2019
Here's what you get when you order / shop Glottal Wolpertinger the new LP by Mouse on Mars' Jan St. Werner
Mouse on Mars Apr 20, 2019
Don't play this too close to your easter eggs. Excerpt from Jan St. Werner's "central spark in the dark" commission for WDR radio feat. Dirk Rothbrust of Ensemble Musikfabrik
Mouse on Mars Apr 16, 2019
Glottal Wolptertinger is the upcoming new album by Mouse on Mars Jan St. Werner. Pre-order here:
Mouse on Mars Apr 14, 2019
Andi Toma of Mouse on Mars performed a rare solo set at Risc Night #3 last Saturday in Berlin. His solo record Damn Luei Lit is out on Infinite Greyscale:
Mouse on Mars Apr 11, 2019
Mouse on Mars' Andi Toma premiers his new record Damn Luei Lit (Infinite Greyscale) at Risc Night this friday in Berlin. Jan St. Werner performs Fiepblatter Catalogue material (Thrill Jockey Records) Plus: Elena Poulou (The Fall - Music), Thomas Mahmoud, Hanna Putz, Tilman Kanitz, Michael Wertmüller a.o. space is limited, first come first serve: Schlesische Strasse 38, 3. Hinterhof, 5. Etage
Mouse on Mars Apr 09, 2019
ANNOUNCING Jan St. Werner will be releasing the upcoming album Glottal Wolpertinger via Thrill Jockey Records on May 3rd! Commissioned for the renowned contemporary arts exposition documenta 14, Glottal Wolpertinger's sound experience is now open to all on this limited LP edition. Head to the TJ website for more! Listen to new track "Glottal Wolpertinger Feedback Band 3 / B" feat. Aaron Dessner & Bryce Dessner (The National): Artwork Paul McDevitt / Cornelius Quabek / Rupert Smyth Studio, Photo Peter Hundert
Mouse on Mars Apr 03, 2019
The new album from Jan St. Werner is ready for preorder via Thrill Jockey Records:
Mouse on Mars Mar 31, 2019
Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars joins Beirut at Funkhaus Berlin
Mouse on Mars Mar 29, 2019
We completed our Infinite Greyscale trilogy: Andi Toma “Damn Luei Lit“ - Jan St. Werner “Split Animal Sculpture“ - Mouse on Mars “Lichter“
Mouse on Mars Mar 15, 2019
Our new studio is nearly done. We still need a name for it
Mouse on Mars Mar 12, 2019
kinetic speaker wheel from Jan St. Werner‘s course at MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology rebuilt by Nicolas Kisic won Schnitzer Prize in the Visual Arts 2018
Mouse on Mars Mar 11, 2019
Jan St. Werner "central spark in the dark" tonight (stereo & Dolby Surround) 20.00 WDR3 German public radio - Foto Felix Berner