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Dimensional People
21 Again Collaborations, Pt. 2
21 Again Collaborations, Pt. 1
21 Again Collaborations, Pt. 3
Live 04
Rost Pocks
Radical Connector
Glam (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
Agit Itter It It (Bonus Track Version)
Niun Niggung
Iaora Tahiti
Mouse on Mars Feb 22, 2019
A new composition by Jan St. Werner feat Dirk Rothbrust premiers this Saturday in Cologne WDR 3 WDR Funkhaus Köln #musikderzeit #Stockhausen #Kagel #VassosNicolaou
Mouse on Mars Feb 17, 2019
Nathan Michel's The Beast was released on sonig in 2005
Mouse on Mars Feb 11, 2019
Short video doc by Eero Grundström of our set with Tyondai Braxton & Sonic Robots at Ääniwalli Feb 9th 2019 Musica nova Helsinki
Mouse on Mars Feb 09, 2019
Avengers in Helisinki Tyondai Braxton Sonic Robots Mouse on Mars Musica nova Helsinki
Mouse on Mars Feb 06, 2019
Mouse on Mars Tyondai Braxton Moritz Simon Geist perform together at Musica nova Helsinki this Saturday
Mouse on Mars Feb 05, 2019
20 years after "earth 2" Dylan Carlson / Earth & Markus Popp / OVAL (Official) & Jan St. Werner / Mouse on Mars worked together on "miscontinuum album" feat. Kathy Alberici Taigen Kawabe
Mouse on Mars Feb 02, 2019
looks weird but sounds amazing
Mouse on Mars Jan 28, 2019
Our good friends Stereolab have a few reissues and live shows coming up
Mouse on Mars Jan 25, 2019
We know Mouse on Mars is like "dessert" but: main dish is obligatory, too
Mouse on Mars Jan 24, 2019
4 views on youtube. let's double it. schlammpeitziger remix by Mouse on Mars
Mouse on Mars Jan 17, 2019
Helsinki Feb 9: Mouse on Mars collaboration with Tyondai Braxton and Sonic Robots at Musica nova Helsinki
Mouse on Mars Jan 14, 2019
perfect synths, drums and song
Mouse on Mars Jan 02, 2019
earth is a sound planet. happy 2019 to you all
Mouse on Mars Dec 30, 2018
Osaka! DJ Andi Toma on the decks tomorrow at New Year's Eve Party, Universe 2-3-9 Sennnichimae Chuouku, Osaka, Japan
Mouse on Mars Dec 25, 2018
this song with Bon Iver started a dimensional 2018 for Mouse on Mars
Mouse on Mars Dec 21, 2018
happy holidays everyone
Mouse on Mars Dec 19, 2018
We made a really good looking record this year! "There were so many sleeves that I loved this year, but I ultimately was hard pressed to think of one that delighted me in such a whimsical way – while still being as artful and sophisticated – as Azar Kazimir’s work for Mouse on Mars"
Mouse on Mars Dec 10, 2018
Our album of the year 2018. Artwork by Azar Kazimir
Mouse on Mars Dec 07, 2018
We're on BBC Radio 1 tomorrow night at 3am talking in our sleep
Mouse on Mars Dec 06, 2018
Thank you all who came to see Dimensional People Ensemble at Culturgest - Fundação CGD tonight. It was a memorable concert to end this dimensional year. Thank you Dodo NKishi Ando Sun Thomas Tinling Moritz Simon Geist for playing with us!
Mouse on Mars Dec 05, 2018
Mouse on Mars Dec 03, 2018
The last Dimensional People Ensemble performance in 2018 will take place at Culturgest - Fundação CGD Lisbon this Wednesday. Here's a photo from Haus der Kulturen der Welt by Mizuki Kin of Moritz Simon Geist #ZachCondon #JanStWerner Ando Sun Dodo NKishi #MaxKoehrich Benjamin Hofer Lanz #AndiToma 507nanometer & Eric D. Clark
Mouse on Mars Dec 01, 2018
German public radio is the best: download a feature on Jan St. Werner's DAF / Dynamische Akustische Forschung at Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nürnberg and an excentric hoerspiel by Markus Popp on sound & smell
Mouse on Mars Nov 28, 2018
The debut album from Moritz Simon Geist aka Sonic Robots is out! Produced by Andi Toma from Mouse on Mars and distributed by Kompakt Records
Mouse on Mars Nov 26, 2018
Mouse on Mars Dimensional People Ensemble captured by #UdoSiegfriedt at Haus der Kulturen der Welt last Saturday