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Dimensional People
21 Again Collaborations, Pt. 2
21 Again Collaborations, Pt. 3
21 Again Collaborations, Pt. 1
Live 04
Radical Connector
Glam (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
Rost Pocks
Agit Itter It It (Bonus Track Version)
Niun Niggung
Iaora Tahiti
Mouse on Mars Aug 18, 2019
Jan St. Werner and David Grubbs talk dogs and pools for Talkhouse
Mouse on Mars Aug 14, 2019
Next month dutch electro-acoustic insitution Steim is celebrating its 50's birthday. Former artistic director Jan St. Werner joins the event:
Mouse on Mars Aug 11, 2019
45 minute Fiepblatter Catalogue mix by Mouse on Mars member Jan St. Werner, including segments from his recent Glottal Wolpertinger LP on Thrill Jockey Records. Aired Friday June 14th 2019 on WNUR-FM 89.3
Mouse on Mars Aug 08, 2019
Mouse on Mars Jul 31, 2019
we got da police in our studio
Mouse on Mars Jul 21, 2019
100 minutes of extra Glottal Wolpertinger material have been released on Jan St. Werner's Fiepblatter Bandcamp The album is available via Thrill Jockey Records
Mouse on Mars Jul 18, 2019
Desert Encrypts featuring Jan St. Werner, Rosa Barba, Chad Edward Taylor Rob Mazurek July 26 / 27
Mouse on Mars Jul 10, 2019
this came out 25 years ago #Vulvaland
Mouse on Mars Jul 09, 2019
Thank you everyone who came out to see Jan St. Werner perform in Japan. Thank you also to Ali, Rui & Dum Dum for promoting the shows.
Mouse on Mars Jul 08, 2019
“Mouse On Mars collaborate with Drumno on a brilliant krautrock-influenced cut with flutes, guitar and a claustrophobic drum sound that makes you feel like your head's gonna explode” Various - 10 Years Of Monkeytown Records
Mouse on Mars Jul 06, 2019
this Sunday in Tokyo: 当日券は17:30より¥3,500予定。(Tickets at doors will be available from 17:30 7/7. Price: ¥3,500 (may change)
Mouse on Mars Jul 03, 2019
For Monkeytown Records' 10th anniversary MODESELEKTOR (OFFICIAL SITE) chose a few gems from the label catalogue for a exclusive mix including some Mouse on Mars, too:
Mouse on Mars Jul 01, 2019
Jan St. Werner live in Kobe - Tue 7/2 19:00-25:00 (火) CLUB DO GU vol.2 & bonnounomukuro (ボンノウノムクロ) & EVARYU & Ali Morimoto & DJ Takeshi & Kozuki
Mouse on Mars Jun 28, 2019
JAN ST. WERNER JAPAN TOUR 2019 Kitakyushu Kokura - Sat 6.29 19:00-25:00 @MEGAHERTZ Jan St. Werner YXIMALLOO 水槽楽 DJ POLYPICAL Free Entrance Kobe - Tue 7/2 19:00-25:00 (火) CLUB DO GU vol.2 Jan St. Werner bonnounomukuro (ボンノウノムクロ) EVARYU Ali Morimoto DJ Takeshi Kozuki 2000yen Tokyo - Fri 7/5 23:00~ 1F: Jan St. Werner (DJ set) Compuma 置石 SEASLUG (SUNGA&Yudayajazz) 2F: Kota Motomura Ginji Karinga SEI 2000yen/drink Tokyo - Sun 7/7 OAG Haus/ドイツ文化会館OAGホール Open: 17:00 / Start 17:30 Jan St Werner Phew 3000yen
Mouse on Mars Jun 26, 2019
We contributed two collaborative pieces by Shelly Knotts & Jan St. Werner to this new extensive fundraiser album
Mouse on Mars Jun 23, 2019
underrated overlooked genius Michel Waisvisz / Steim via sonig
Mouse on Mars Jun 21, 2019
exclusive fiepblatter catalogue mix by jan st. werner for WNUR-FM 89.3
Mouse on Mars Jun 14, 2019
Mouse on Mars Jun 03, 2019
DAF / Dynamische Akustische Forschung Jan St. Werner's class at Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nürnberg developed the Distanzpulser in collaboration with Moritz Simon Geist
Mouse on Mars May 28, 2019
New Mouse on Mars album is in the making
Mouse on Mars May 25, 2019
Mouse on Mars May 17, 2019
"one of the best albums released so far this year in the realm of the avant-garde"
Mouse on Mars May 17, 2019
Today The National put out a new album which we had again the pleasure to contribute to.