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Uca's Dance
MOULETTES Nov 29, 2018
#takeover @the_rose_hill #adventuresinspacetime #metamorphosis building up to something special special special this Saturday 7pm #brighton #councilofexperts recommend this very highly
MOULETTES Nov 19, 2018
@windowintoexplorations is part of @the_rose_hill #ResidencyTakeover - collaborations between over 20 superduper multidisciplinary artists creating new work for performance on Sat 1st Dec, #brighton #brightongigs #have6stringcellowilltravel Thanks @alanmillerguitars for the lifesize model of this #6stringcello X
MOULETTES Nov 18, 2018
Winged MOULG ™ in cosmic synth space travel adventures ... 🌟 #whatsshebuildinginthere ?
MOULETTES Nov 11, 2018
Moul collaborator. New album! Check it! From Sweden via Brighton via Berlin.
MOULETTES Nov 08, 2018
NOT TO BE MISSED GIG TONIGHT in Komedia Brighton ! The Breath Duo gig with frequent Moul collaborator and co-conspirator Ríoghnach Connolly - warm up the dark night with some transformative beautiful lushness!
MOULETTES Nov 01, 2018
@windowintoexplorations is off to @le_guess_who festival in #Netherlands with @alabaster_deplume ensemble next weekend ... Hyped about this lineup! ⚡
MOULETTES Oct 26, 2018
German Friends!!! You really should go see the Magical Bunty Looping supporting Cosmo Sheldrake. Bunty is one of Brighton's best, long term Moul collaborator and The Rose Hill Arts Hub/Studio Founder. Belrin Tonight!
MOULETTES Oct 12, 2018
What links these 20 beauties ? were thinking of a specific word... First to guess wins moul prizes! Comment below... Happy Friday! XX Listen & Follow the playlist here: #pjharvey #skunkanansie #grizzlybear #littledragon #batforlashes #bjork #lauramvula #thisisthekit #beatles #thezombies #soundgarden #elizajaye #nickcave #tortoise #esperanzaspalding #scottwalker #katebush #ryuichisakamoto #ericwhitacre #oldfavourites #newtastes #fridayplaylist
MOULETTES Oct 07, 2018
Hannah Moulette
MOULETTES Oct 04, 2018
Moulettes Mixtape Competition Time ! WHAT IS THE LINK BETWEEN THESE 20 SONGS ? We are looking for a SPECIFIC WORD... first correct answer wins a deluxe Moul prize: an album, an EP and a T-shirt. Please answer in the comments below, on instagram or twitter... ENJOY the tunes and FOLLOW the playlist for more Auricula delights and competitions ! tune-yards Dirty Projectors Ms. Lauryn Hill Stevie Wonder #ymasumac Queen #NusratFatehalikhan #carlcarlton #hukwezawose Lalah Hathaway Toto Sam Cooke #AlimandFarganaQuasimov Laura Mvula #hamletgonashvili Jeff Buckley Kate Bush Eska Whitney Houston
MOULETTES Aug 21, 2018
Hey Moulitia. We'd like to give a big shout out to Moulette collaborator Eliza Jaye. She hasn't been too well recently and is trying to raise a few quid for her treatments. You would have seen Eliza rocking out with us during the Constellations Tour. Here is a link to her fundraiser page. Many thanks and big love.
MOULETTES Aug 21, 2018
Some more snaps from the Electric show Beautiful Days Festival and some from the Acoustic show on Friday afternoon... Thanks Sadie-Michaela Harris for the photos ! thanks and loads of love #wethecollective Mike Simmonds Anisa Arslanagic Jac Nott Ollie Austin Matt Savage Mark Chadwick Hannah Moulette xxx
MOULETTES Aug 14, 2018
2 sets Beautiful Days Festival this coming weekend - playing with The Levellers Acoustic in the big top on Friday & Main stage Electric Sunday! 5 Moules!!! No Raevennan though....booo...perhaps we can sneak her in...Big love! With love THE LEVS!
MOULETTES Aug 04, 2018
Big love to all in Brighton celebrating today.
MOULETTES Jul 29, 2018 Starting to miss making music together...yes we are.
MOULETTES Jul 24, 2018
Apologies for any Moulettes fans who were hoping to see us play with the levellers in the WE the Collective show in Buxton. The show had to be cancelled last minute yesterday due to unforseen circumstances. Tickets will be refunded. Much love to everyone and all the Levs for an incredible tour!
MOULETTES Jul 14, 2018
Today is a radical day of much Cello promise... whole herds of Cellists are gathering in force as we speak. We are very honoured to play the New Directions Cello Festival 2018 WDR Funkhaus Köln TONIGHT!! with Suzanne Paul & Etta Scollo and infamous Cello Goblin Rushad Eggleston . String Trio, Synths, electric guitar and vocals all over the place. We're trying out allllll newwwww songs and arrrangements eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! x x x
MOULETTES Jul 10, 2018
Back on tour playing in The Levellers Royal Liverpool Philharmonic tonight! #wethecollective @moulettesband
MOULETTES Jun 28, 2018 If you needed some encouragement to listen to Moulettes. Here's Ollie's top 40 Moul Tracks. Also did you hear about the 6 string cello being made...woop
MOULETTES Jun 27, 2018
EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! from the research laboratory Workshop of Alan Miller Guitars... I am beyond lucky to soon be playing The Ultimate 6-String Electric Cello, in time for the New Directions Cello Association Festival 2018 in Köln. Isn't she Beautiful ?? Bubinga, Black Walnut, Swiss Pine, Birds Eye Maple... A masterpiece ! watch this space...
MOULETTES Jun 13, 2018
Zeche Carl, Essen TONIGHT! The Levellers with MOULETTES on strings, perc & vox #wethecollective Buy the Album. Come see it in the UK!!! July, Nov/December. Tickets still available. @moulettesband
MOULETTES Jun 10, 2018
Blacksheep-Festival Bonfeld (DE) Friday, Kulturzentrum Faust, (DE) yesterday & Poppodium 013 (NL) tonight. MOULETTES with The Levellers. #wethecollective Check out the backdrop!
MOULETTES Jun 07, 2018
Great first night with The Levellers playing #wethecollective. MOULETTES on strings, perc & vocals. Playing in Belgium #denamertheatre no.12 in the UK charts! SWEATY but great!! 45ish shows left
MOULETTES May 28, 2018
4star review of our collab with the awesome StopGap Dance Group. It is such a privilege to work alongside people who don't just pay lip service to the power of true inclusivity. These fine peeps prove that not only can it be done but it can create some of the most beautiful art you will ever see. We feel inspired - Keep creating, keep working together and the beauty of human collaboration, resilence and peaceful nature will lead us foward into a better future. We look forward to working with StopGap again. Watch this space. Moulettes want to work with you.