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Even If It Kills Me (10th Anniversary Edition)
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My Dinosaur Life
My Dinosaur Life
Even If It Kills Me
Even If It Kills Me
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Commit This to Memory
I Am the Movie
Motion City Soundtrack Jun 07, 2019
Motion City Soundtrack Jun 07, 2019
Philly! Our man Justin Courtney Pierre will be performing THIS month at The Ardmore Music Hall! He'll be playing songs from all of his various projects as well as a bunch of MCS tunes! ~ Don't miss it! Tickets >>
Motion City Soundtrack Jun 03, 2019
's cover photo
Motion City Soundtrack May 16, 2019
Here's the latest video Justin Courtney Pierre made for the song "Sooner" off his album "In The Drink." Enjoy the full video here:
Motion City Soundtrack Apr 17, 2019
Hi everyone! I'm going to be playing bass on tour with Tiny Stills! It starts ONE WEEK FROM TODAY and I am beyond excited. Why? Well, I get to play really good songs 🔥, I get to soak up some sunshine (I love you Portland, but come on with rain already) AND I get to reunite with my long-time MCS brother/America’s Hunk Tony Thaxton. Check the dates and come say hi if you can! ❤️, Matty T.
Motion City Soundtrack Dec 07, 2018
We’re selling off what’s left of our merchandise and passing the savings on to you!
Motion City Soundtrack Nov 28, 2018
Our boy Justin Courtney Pierre is back at it. Head to for tickets and shit (figurative). 😘
Motion City Soundtrack Nov 16, 2018
Tonight’s show is sold out, but Justin Courtney Pierre’s show tomorrow at First Avenue & 7th St Entry still has some tickets left. Dig in and get some!
Motion City Soundtrack Nov 12, 2018
Our very own Justin Courtney Pierre shares some thoughts on some of his favorite albums of all time. Check it out!
Motion City Soundtrack Oct 30, 2018
Hey gang, shit is crazy. If you're not happy with the way things are, make sure to go out on November 6th and VOTE YER ASS OFF! Now enjoy this video of some of our favorite Minnesotan lunatics, giving a shout out to the late great Senator Paul Wellstone.
Motion City Soundtrack Oct 12, 2018
Hey gang, just wanted to let you know that Justin Courtney Pierre just released a new solo album called ‘In The Drink’ and it's a banger. Our very own Josh Cain produced the hell out of it! Feel free to check out all the tasty details over at! (Please note, the vinyl will be available on the 26th)
Motion City Soundtrack Aug 23, 2018
Hey gang, Justin Courtney Pierre just released another song and video. This time for “I Don’t Know Why She Ran Away!” See the full trailer over at You can also pre-order the album and get tickets to see him on tour this fall while you’re there. HINT HINT AHEM WINK NUDGE
Motion City Soundtrack Aug 08, 2018
Justin Courtney Pierre
Motion City Soundtrack Aug 01, 2018
In case you haven’t heard yet, Justin Courtney Pierre's new SOLO album ‘In The Drink’ will be available October 12th on Epitaph Records. Pre-order bundles, tour dates, and new music video are up at Enjoy!
Motion City Soundtrack Jul 31, 2018
‪Hey y’all! It’s Josh Cain’s birthday today! If you see him out there, give him the ole birthday shuffleybuffkins! 🎂🎉🎈🎁🎊‬
Motion City Soundtrack Jun 18, 2018
Justin Courtney Pierre
Motion City Soundtrack Jun 01, 2018
Hey all! Our drummer, Tony Thaxton has a brand new record with his wife. Check out Laughing Into The Void by Tiny Stills, out today on Spotify & Apple Music!
Motion City Soundtrack May 26, 2018
Our very own Justin Courtney Pierre celebrates a birthday today! Feel free to reach out and let him have it. 🤘
Motion City Soundtrack Apr 09, 2018
Hey gang, this Saturday you can catch Justin Courtney Pierre & Josh Cain in Raleigh, spinning some of their favorite Emo tracks form the '90s, '00s, & today! Come out and get some! Apparently, it is on course to sell out. Get your tickets HERE:
Motion City Soundtrack Jan 23, 2018
What’s up good people? Jesse here, and I really love this band. Like, one of my favourites in a long long time. Notice how I put the extra “u” in favourites? That’s because they are from Scotland and they have extra letters in words. Anyways... buy this record and then you’ll be happy you did. 😘
Motion City Soundtrack Dec 11, 2017
EIIKM 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition is now ready for ingestion! Head to wherever you buy or stream music to do just that. Rumor has it there are a few special vinyls and shirts still available. Head to to get your hands on 'em. Thanks for the lifetime of good vibes, good people. Enjoy!
Motion City Soundtrack Dec 07, 2017
Motion City Soundtrack Nov 09, 2017
Hey gang, Justin Courtney Pierre's little video game themed art project The Rapture Twins has released a new song and all the proceeds are going to charity. Go here to explore:
Motion City Soundtrack Oct 27, 2017
This just in! We are now selling a clear variant of Even If It Kills Me 10th Anniversary Edition through our webstore ( The pink record Epitaph was selling sold out incredibly fast, so get on this, if it is something you wish to get on. Wait, what? Hope you are having a truly special day. We love you. Take care!
Motion City Soundtrack Oct 17, 2017
Even If It Kills Me is over 10 years old and for its birthday we decided to rerelease it, along with a bunch of extra stuff you've never heard! Preorder yours now: