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Street Mode Festival Street Mode Festival 2019
Venue: Street Mode Festival (Thessaloníki, Greece) Find tickets
Moscow Death Brigade at LE TRABENDO (Parc de la Villette) (December 13, 2019)
Venue: LE TRABENDO (Parc de la Villette) (Paris, France) Find tickets
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 22, 2019
We are very proud to say that through our benefit campaign ALL FOR ONE with True Rebel Store you and us have raised 2000 Euro that were donated to an organization dedicated to helping refugee women in Europe! Visit their website to learn more and donate! You can still get this exclusive MDB x TRUE REBEL T-Shirt here with all profits going to Women in Exile:
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 21, 2019
"Jump in the pit with Shaolin monks Skinheads and punks Spit out your lungs"
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 15, 2019
More great moments from Boomtown Fair where we rocked the Town Centre Stage together with Asian Dub Foundation (Official), Killing Joke, Gogol Bordello, Prophets of Rage and other killer acts! People and crocodiles were flying over the crowd and the positive vibes were in the air. One of the largest and craziest festival on Earth and we felt super excited to return into its magic world. Mad respect to the crew and everyone who was doing the Renegade Stomp with us! Street Mode Festival (Greece, Sept 28) - NEXT!
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 11, 2019
Thank you Boomtown Fair! That was a blast! One of the biggest music festivals in the world and absolutely unforgettable experience of performing before such a huge crowd, sharing the stage with so many legendary bands and being a part of such a massive cultural event! Mad respect to Last Gang In Town, Hangar 161, Town Centre Stage and everyone who was rocking with us to the circle pit hip-hop beats! Much ❤️!
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 09, 2019
UPDATE: our set moved to Town Centre stage and 19:30. On the eve of returning to Boomtown Fair today, Aug 10th we are reminiscing of our trip there last year with this Boomtown/MDB 2018 report! Catch us on Town Centre stage at 19:30! Last Gang In Town
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 09, 2019
UPDATE: our set moved to Town Centre stage at 19:30 due to weather. Check out this insane line-up for Boomtown Fair where we are playing tomorrow (Sat, Aug 10)! Time: 19:30 Stage: Town Centre Props to Last Gang In Town!
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 07, 2019
August 10th we are playing Boomtown Fair! Stage: Town Centre Time: 19:30 See you in the pit dancing to Techno Rap Punk beats! #lastgangintown #boomtownfair #hangar161
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 05, 2019
With Freddy of legendary MADBALL in the backstage of Xtreme FEST. One of the main influences for us - both musically and spiritually. 10-ish years ago around the time we started MDB we saw Madball perform at Gramercy Theatre in NYC and witnessed the variety of people and subcultures present in the mosh pit: from skinheads, punks, hip hop kids to metal heads and hardcore kids - the real unity. We knew then that we wanted to make music that would get a similarly diverse crowd and bring people together. 10 years later these guys rock even harder than before. And it’s a true honor for us to share the stage with these hardcore heavy weight champions!
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 04, 2019
Merci beaucoup, Xtreme FEST! Mad respect for singing with us, crowdsurfing like crazy crocodiles and that massive circle-pit! Next - Boomtown Fair - August 10
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 04, 2019
Montpellier last night! Gratitude and respect to each and every person who came to Secret Place to do the Renegade Stomp with the Crocodile Death Brigade! Special thanx to those who travel from Lion, Toulouse, Marseille, Paris and other places! Your support makes us push forward harder than possible! Tonight - Xtreme FEST! Family Stage: 20:15
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 03, 2019
Tonight - Montpellier, Secret Place! 🐊🐊🐊
Moscow Death Brigade Aug 01, 2019
Check out our video report from our set at the mighty Mighty Sounds fest where we played with bands like Looptroop Rockers, H2O, The Casualties, The Original Wailers and many others! We had an absolutely crocodilian time there! Saturday August 3rd - Montpellier - Secret Place (FR) Sunday August 4th - Xtreme FEST with The Toy Dolls - Official, Sick Of It All, MADBALL
Moscow Death Brigade Jul 28, 2019
Check it out - great present we got from our supporters at Mighty Sounds: DIY crocodile pillows! Thank you for your time and skills - crocodile style in full effect!)
Moscow Death Brigade Jul 21, 2019
Great memories about Mighty Sounds 2019! So excited to become a part of this event, bringing together so many great bands and people from all over the world! SUMMER GIGS: 02.08 Montpellier - Secret Place (FR) 03.08 Xtreme FEST (FR) 10.08 Boomtown Fair (UK) 28.09 Street Mode Festival (GRC)
Moscow Death Brigade Jul 16, 2019
Our performance at the great Tattoo Konwent in Gdansk (Poland) was a grandiose ending to a crazy weekend. We drove all night to get there from the awesome Mighty Sounds Fest (Czech) and it was absolutely worth it! Impeccable organization, AAA production, great support and special thanks to the organizers for pampering us like rock-stars! Next is Xtreme FEST and SeeYouInThePit9 Festival in France. Photos by: Kamila Burzymowska, Marcin Pacześny
Moscow Death Brigade Jul 15, 2019
Thank you, Tattoo Konwent for having us! Amazing event, which brings together people from different areas of street culture, and such a killer support from the audience! We were happy to become part of it! Much respect to the crew and everyone who made it happen! More photos - soon!
Moscow Death Brigade Jul 14, 2019
Mighty Sounds, mad props for doing the renegade stomp with us last night! Thank you for the fire show, for going crazy in the massive pit, for your gifts (we ll show you what cool stuff we got from our supporters) and for showing the perfect example of true brother and sisterhood! Tonight we are rocking Tattoo Konwent in Gdansk with Siberian Meat Grinder. Our set starts at 18:00!
Moscow Death Brigade Jul 11, 2019
As many of you know the legendary Resist to Exist Festival is having difficulties with authorities, facing risk of being shut down. Here are our thoughts on this and a short video of the last time Resist to Exist and MDB partied together last summer! Resist to Exist is a staple of international unity and alternative culture. Since our earlier days of touring Europe they have been a pillar of support and a home for bands like us that could unite under its banners together with like-minded individuals. To push progressive ideas through music while entertaining thousands of people and creating avenues for charity projects that help people not only in Germany (home of Resist) but in many other countries including outside Europe. Resist to Exist is a platform of doing good, positive things that promote friendship and solidarity between people of various backgrounds and life-choices. For that we are thankful to the crew of Resist and are hoping for the best resolution of their current situation.
Moscow Death Brigade Jul 09, 2019
This Saturday July 13th we are excited to finally play Mighty Sounds Fest in Czech! Jameson Stage at 00:35 - be there! We are sharing this Festival with an insane line-up including: The Original Wailers, Looptroop Rockers, Turbonegro, Los Fastidios - officialpage, The Casualties and many more!
Moscow Death Brigade Jul 07, 2019
Moscow Death Brigade's cover photo
Moscow Death Brigade Jul 02, 2019
Check out our video invitation to Boomtown Fair , where we perform on August 10! Stage time - 19:00 Stage: Hangar 161 Really proud to be back at one of the world’s biggest music festivals and share it with Prophets of Rage, UB40, Gogol Bordello, Napalm Death, Pennywise, Asian Dub Foundation (Official), Atari Teenage Riot and many many more!
Moscow Death Brigade Jun 26, 2019
Summer season 2019 is open! Watch this video, shot in Finland Tour and at Rock am Berg Merkers e.V. and get inspired to skate, spray and rock like a maniac croc at our next gigs: 13.07 Mighty Sounds (CZ) 14.07 Gdansk Tattoo Konwent (PL) 02.08 Montpellier - Secret Place (FR) 03.08 Xtreme FEST (FR) 10.08 Boomtown Fair (UK) 28.09 Street Mode Festival (GRC) Booking MDB: Destiny Tourbooking And don't forget to get the new MDB x True Rebel Store collabo benefit tshirt!. All the profits go to support - an organization that helps refugee women in Europe. Get the tshirts here - worldwide shipping:
Moscow Death Brigade Jun 23, 2019
"MDB's back - protect ya neck!" Make sure you watched our new music video and prepare yourself for a summer fest season with the Brigade: 13.07 Mighty Sounds Fest (CZ) 14.07 Gdansk Tattoo Convention (PL) 02.08 Montpellier - Secret Place (FR) 03.08 Xtreme Fest (FR) 10.08 Boomtown Fair (UK) 28.09 Street Mode Festival (GRC) Booking - Destiny Tourbooking Mighty Sounds Xtreme FEST Tattoo Konwent Boomtown Fair Street Mode Festival
Moscow Death Brigade Jun 20, 2019
We are honored to perform at Gdansk Tattoo Convention on July 14! Can’t wait! Would be great to see old friends and have a chance to see the world tattoo legends at work!
Moscow Death Brigade Jun 18, 2019
Renegade Stomp at Rockamberg! Get ready for summer festivals with the Brigade! 15.06 Rock Am Berg Fest (DE) 13.07 Mighty Sounds Fest (CZ) 14.07 Gdansk Tattoo Convention (PL) 02.08 Montpellier - Secret Place (FR) 03.08 Xtreme Fest (FR) 10.08 Boomtown Fair (UK) 28.09 Street Mode Festival (GRC) Rock am Berg Merkers e.V. Mighty Sounds Xtreme FEST Boomtown Fair Last Gang In Town Street Mode Festival