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Moscow Death Brigade Feb 17, 2019
We are more than 30K on Facebook! Thank you, the worldwide Crocodile Brother & Sisterhood, for your support!
Moscow Death Brigade Feb 14, 2019
"It's the MDB! Derange! Break necks! Time to slam!"
Moscow Death Brigade Feb 12, 2019
MDB is coming back to Boomtown Fair in the UK!!! In August 2019 we'll be sharing the stage with hundreds of bands and artists including Napalm Death, Prophets of Rage, Asian Dub Foundation (Official), Atari Teenage Riot Pennywise! This is our biggest Festival yet so if you are around - come and mosh with us!
Moscow Death Brigade Feb 08, 2019
Super excited to perform at United We Stand, Divided We Fall Festival in Paris this March! Sharing the stage with Oi Polloi, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Stage Bottles, The Movement and other cool bands and supporting the good cause! See you in the pit!
Moscow Death Brigade Feb 07, 2019
New stock and new items (tshirts, hoodies, beanies) available at Fire and Flames Music - the only place online to get our merch:
Moscow Death Brigade Feb 03, 2019
Annual MDB Simposium has taken place this weekend and Crocodile has ruled that in 2019 MDB will have a lot of great things for you - new tracks, videos, shows and countries that we will visit! Stay tuned!
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 30, 2019
Our benefit T-shirts "No Means No" are back in stock at Fire and Flames Music! The only official place to get them and other MDB merch: All profits from these shirts go to Центр "Сёстры" a Russian non profit that helps victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence! In 2018 you and us have raised nearly 4000 Euro for them and we want to continue doing that in 2019.
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 29, 2019
Our Album BOLTCUTTER turns 1-year this week! Mad props to you all for the support you are giving to this record! Our headlining album release party at SO36 was sold out at 800 people and album landed #5 bestseller at CoreTex in 2018. We are preparing something new, but you can get BOLTCUTTER in the meantime: Digitally: On CD, LP or tape:
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 29, 2019
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 23, 2019
Our Instagram just got to 10,000 followers! Thanks for your support with this milestone! We will continue bombarding you with unique photos, videos and stories of MDB! If you haven't yet - follow us on Instagram: @yo_mdb_raps
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 21, 2019
"Faster! Here we go! Ghettoblaster!" The first music video that we released. Filmed and produced "in-house", just as we still do with all our music videos and reports. Check out MDB's YouTube channel for more!
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 21, 2019
Our friends Siberian Meat Grinder have raised 1500 Euro for an organization that saves orphaned bear-cubs and helps them return to the wild! ( We respect those, who help animals in need! Read more details below and show your support to SMG and!
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 17, 2019
Almost one year ago we released our album Boltcutter, which ended up in TOP 5 bestsellers at CoreTex for the year. We wanted to say big thanks to everyone for the support and positive reception of our record. We played 3 tours in support of the album playing a total of 46 shows (29 SOLD OUTS including official release show at SO36 in Berlin with 800 people). We've released 2 more music videos to support the album and as part of the tours have done a benefit campaign to support Sisters Center in Russia, which helps victims of sexual and domestic violence. You can get the album digitally or order CDs and Vinyl from the links below. Listen on Spotify, share with your friends and come to the gigs when we roll around your town! Order digital on iTunes, Amazon and all the online stores worldwide! CD, LP available at:
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 10, 2019
We are proud to announce that our merch is now available at our friends Fire and Flames Music online store: This is the only place where you can buy our merch online. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. More stuff is coming soon!
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 09, 2019
Our music video “Papers, Please” hit the mark of 1 MILLION views on YouTube. We are really excited about it, cause it means that our message reaches more and more people. It is especially important today, when the anti-immigration and anti-refugees hysteria reaches new levels of insanity, hard working people get deported, children are being held in concentration camps and families get destroyed, while the war criminals and preachers of hate keep making money on suffering of thousands and millions. But we believe that those walls will fall and the ideas of equality and humanism will prevail. We all are immigrants, We all are refugees! Booking MDB: [email protected]
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 08, 2019
A THANK YOU letter from Центр "Сёстры" ("Sisters") - a non-profit organization which helps the survivors of rape and sexual abuse in Russia - to all of you who supported out beneft campaign "NO MEANS NO" and together with us raised nearly 4000 Euro in 2018. All those money will go to support the work of "Sisters" and their anti-sexist and anti-rape activities. Our "No Means No" benefit t-shirts will soon be available online and at our shows. Much respect to "Sisters" and everybody who opposes discrimination, violence and abuse! We are proud that together with you we have a chance to support this struggle!
Moscow Death Brigade Jan 07, 2019
2018 was great and once again we want to express our respect to all of you! In 2018 we played 46 shows with 29 Sold-Outs all over Europe, including a Sold-Out headlining show at legendary SO36 in Berlin (800 people). For us who started as a DIY band, recording our first demos in the basement on shitty equipment, “promoting” our name, spray painting it all over the city and being hated by the majority for our positive message - it’s an unbelievable result. We want to express our gratitude to every person who supports us in any way and spread our music and message around. We have big plans for 2019 - want to perform in many new places around the planet and believe that it will be possible with you on our side! Together we are unstoppable! See you soon in the pit!
Moscow Death Brigade Dec 31, 2018
Moscow Death Brigade Dec 27, 2018
That's what we did in 2018 and what we gonna keep doing in 2019! Stay with us!
Moscow Death Brigade Dec 20, 2018
2018 is almost over and it was a great year for Moscow Death Brigade: - We released a new album - “Boltcutter” which landed on #5 in CoreTex best selling releases of 2018. - Played a huge tour in support of the release - “Boltcutter Tour” which consisted of 46 gig across the Europe (29 of them were SOLD OUTS). - Took part in a number of great festivals, including Boomtown Fair (UK), With Full Force (DE), Festival Zikenstockk (FR), Resist to Exist (DE), Stäbruch Festival (DE). - Did an England/Ireland tour for the first time. - Released 2 official music videos - “Boltcutter” and “What We Do”. - Got 3,7 million views on our YouTube channel (7,5 million in total). - Raised nearly 4000 Euro for our benefit campaign for a non-profit Центр "Сёстры", which helps the survivors of sexual abuse in Russia. All of the above is a result of our hard work and YOUR unstoppable support! Because of YOU our music and message is being heard all over the globe and we have the opportunity to keep working on our style, raise money for good causes and push forward harder and harder. Thank you so much for going to our shows, sharing our music and videos with your friends, buying records and merch and supporting Moscow Death Brigade in any other way! We have a lot planned for 2019, so keep your eyes open! Much respect to everyone who we have shared the stage and worked with in the 2018! See you all on 2019, together we can make it a great year!
Moscow Death Brigade Dec 12, 2018
MDB IN YOUR TV! Check our video interview for Belgian TV channel RTBF. The material is in French but the interview in the video is in English. We talk about our approach to writing music, our No Means No benefit campaign, symbolism of Boltcutter and other things! Special thanks to Gaetan Rude for arranging and producing such professional piece about us! You can check their other videos including one about The Bois!
Moscow Death Brigade Dec 10, 2018
WANNA HELP US MAKE AN MDB VIDEO GAME? We are looking for a coder to help with making a video game like you saw in our video "Boltcutter". Design and Concept are taken care of, just need your coding abilities. If you've got the skills and want to work with us - drop us a line at [email protected]! Past experience with working or releasing video/PC games is very welcome.
Moscow Death Brigade Dec 09, 2018
Super excited that our new album "Boltcutter" got to the #5 position in CoreTex TOP-20 2018. Very proud to share it with Slapshot, MADBALL, Terror, Sick Of It All, The Baboon Show - Official, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Sheer Terror, Wisdom in Chains and other killer bands. Congrats to our labels - Fire and Flames Music and Rebel Sound. And mad props to YOU ALL for supporting our band, buying our records and inspiring us! We gonna bring you more insane music and insane shows in 2019 and take it to another level! Thank you! Stay tuned!
Moscow Death Brigade Dec 06, 2018
Wanna win the Boltcutter covered with MDB art which was with us on Britain / Ireland tour? And also do a good thing? Our friends 0161 Festival are putting this up for raffle and will send it out to the winner. £5.00 per ticket. Paypal to [email protected] ALL THE MONEY are going to support a good fight in the UK!
Moscow Death Brigade Dec 05, 2018
Book MDB to put your fest or club on fire: [email protected] Share if you want some Renegade Stomp in your area! Footage from With Full Force, Boomtown Fair, Festival Zikenstock, New Cross Inn, SO36, Rock Café Prague, Resist to Exist and other cool places.