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Diamonds & Studs
Morningwood Dec 30, 2017
Morningwood Aug 01, 2017
Morningwood Jul 14, 2017
Pick up Morningwood lead singer Chantal Claret's new EP 'Let's Pretend Everything Is Okay' available today on vinyl from Rusted Wave as well as the usual digital distributors.
Morningwood Jan 10, 2017
11 years ago we released our debut record on Capitol Records. Happy Anniversary!
Morningwood Nov 17, 2016
Timeline Photos
Morningwood Apr 07, 2016
Head over to Reddit for Chantal Claret's AMA which is starting in a few minutes!
Morningwood Feb 25, 2016
From Chantal Claret : Here is a smattering of the items that will be available for sale on Friday for the Conquistadora Release Party at Meltdown Comics. All items will be signed by myself & Jimmy Urine (except for the Morningwood limited items if which there are a bunch). And yes that is a Keurig machine (which we will decorate) if you like your coffee black just like your blah blah blah blah.... One of a kind Tour Crush shirt, commemorative picture of us from the Reagan Library, Clay figures from Snobby Little Elf & Little Hard On's video, Britney Spears doll, wax molding of my hand, etc.... Watch it online from 5-9 PM PST or come down to Meltdown Comics 6:30-9 PM PST. Free. All Ages. 77 free signed copies of 'No Good Way To Die' 7"
Morningwood Feb 22, 2016
Watch Chantal Claret's new video for 'Conquistadora' and catch her on the new Judd Apatow Netflix show 'LOVE'
Morningwood Jan 10, 2016
Wow, today marks the 10 year anniversary of the first Morningwood record! Feels like a million years ago! This record allowed us to travel the world & do a million things I never thought possible, I'm forever grateful to have been in the band. A 19 year old girl singing about sex & tv & whatever the hell I wanted I was having a great time. So happy anniversary to Pedro & I, all of our many and various bandmates, the people who worked with us throughout our career & mostly the people who listened to our music. Love , Chantal #morningwood #jetsetter #nthdegree #nygirls #takeoffyourclothes
Morningwood Jan 05, 2016
February 19th. Netflix. See Chantal Claret acting on this show!
Morningwood Oct 09, 2015
Tomorrow marks the 14 year anniversary of Pedro & I meeting, which marks the 14th year anniversary of the beginning of Morningwood. Yay!
Morningwood Sep 16, 2015
Next week Jimmy & I are coming to your town! If your town happens to be Sacramento or Las Vegas! We will be there for the screenings of The Devil's Carnival! Come meet us & greet us & watch us on the big screen! Sept 21st in Sacramento. 22nd in Las Vegas. Get yo' tickets stat at #thedevilscarnival #lasvegas #sacramento
Morningwood Sep 14, 2015
Happy Birthday to Pedro!
Morningwood Aug 25, 2015
Las Vegas! See the movie & then meet us after (or before?). Also Sacramento on the 21st. Hooray!
Morningwood Aug 23, 2015
An interview with Chantal Claret & her husband James about their roles in The Devil's Carnival, a super fun movie musical, which heads out on tour starting this week & also mentions Chantal's upcoming role in the new Judd Apatow show 'Love' on Netflix.
Morningwood Jul 08, 2015
Check out Chantal Claret & Her husband Jimmy in the new move musical The Devil's Carnival which comes out August 11th and tours around the country, get tickets to showing near you. It's an event!
Morningwood May 20, 2015
Thank you and farewell! #letterman
Morningwood May 15, 2015
#fbf Late Show with David Letterman.
Morningwood May 08, 2015
#tbt to the original line up. Japa, Pedro, Chantal Claret & Timo.
Morningwood Apr 19, 2015
Chantal Claret "In honor of #RecordStoreDay #RSD15 'No Good Way To Die' vinyl EP's are on SALE!"
Morningwood Mar 01, 2015
We get Yahoo! some love for our dirty puppet 'Sugarbaby' video directed by our fave Adam Neustader.
Morningwood Feb 21, 2015
Since today is my bday I've made my new record available on iTunes! 🎉 #BattlesofaHeavyHeart - xo, Chantal Claret
Morningwood Feb 05, 2015
Chantal Claret has released a new album 'Battles of A Heavy Heart' which is available to or order NOW! For a sampler of the entire album go to her page. To order click link below:
Morningwood Jan 31, 2015
Chantal Claret visits Pancake Mountain