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Morningsiders Aug 21, 2019
Hey! We’re playing a *free* show at Bryant Park in NYC on Friday at 7pm as part of the Emerging Music Festival. So any of you that couldn’t make it our our show last Thursday should come! Or come see us again! We don’t judge.
Morningsiders Aug 16, 2019
Back at it again next weekend at Bryant Park on Aug 23! Thnx to @oliviak_music for joining us last night. 📷 @grantamato
Morningsiders Aug 12, 2019
Hey! Reminder that we’re playing our first show in almost two years at Baby's All Right on August 15th at 6:30! Opening for us is badass singer and friend Olivia K. Tickets are getting pretty low so you should buy ahead. Buy! RSVP!
Morningsiders Jul 30, 2019
Magnus said that I have a talent for capturing his worst moments but I don’t know what he’s talking about
Morningsiders Jul 18, 2019
Headphones is out out now! You can stream it on all platforms by clicking here: It was a pleasure getting to know these lovely ladies while on my morning run!
Morningsiders Jul 15, 2019
Our new single “Headphones” is coming out on Thursday, July 18th! This single, along with “Not Your Lover” is from our upcoming EP “Pollen,” which will be available in its entirety on August 10th! If you want to celebrate with us, join us at Baby's All Right on August 15th!
Morningsiders Jul 15, 2019
Photo by Nikola Veljic at Grand Street Recording, Inc.
Morningsiders Jul 15, 2019
Morningsiders's cover photo
Morningsiders Jul 15, 2019
Graphic by Zach Bell
Morningsiders Jul 12, 2019
Not Your Lover lyric video out now on our YouTube channel! What’s your favorite lyric? We have bets going...
Morningsiders Jun 29, 2019
Our new single "Not Your Lover" is out now!! What do you guys think about the new direction?? Listen here:
Morningsiders Jun 27, 2019
Ok, so typically we don't play a lot of shows, but a lot of you have been asking, so we decided to just go for it! We're honestly pretty nervous, still haven't figured out all the band members playing and need to rehearse a LOT more, but also super excited 🙂 Come sing with us in Brooklyn @ Baby's All Right on Thursday, Aug 15th to celebrate the release of our "Pollen" EP! Tickets on-sale now @ :
Morningsiders Jun 21, 2019
Hello, hello, hello! We want to introduce you to “Pollen,” a brand new five-song EP that will be available in its entirety on August 10th of this year. To kick off the release roll-out, our first single “Not Your Lover” is hitting all streaming platforms next Thursday, June 27th! We’re super-stoked to share this new music with you!
Morningsiders Jun 04, 2019
Hello! We know we’ve been sleeping for a while, yesterday was randomly our most-streamed day in the history of our band. Check out the celebratory graphic that Reid is very proud of making. Also, we’ll be making some announcements soon - can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on! (New York - keep your ears open, we’re planning something special for you.)
Morningsiders Apr 16, 2019
Hey everybody, We’ve decided we’re going to make some merch and set up an online store. We’re thinking t-shirts, mugs, maybe frisbees, socks, etc. However, we have an amazing problem — we have too many images from “A Little Lift” to feature on our merch. We need help deciding which ones to feature, so we’ve made this little survey with some of our artwork. Please fill it out — it will only take a minute!
Morningsiders Mar 29, 2019
“Where Were You” is up on all streaming platforms, thus completing “A Little Lift” in its entirety! Thanks to all of our fans for supporting us through this process. Stay tuned, we have more exciting news coming soon!
Morningsiders Mar 25, 2019
Big news everyone! We’re releasing the final single of our song-cycle, “Where Were You,” on Friday, 3.29. We’ve also put all of our previous singles on Spotify as a playlist, called “A Little Lift,” so you can listen to them all. Altogether, they constitute our first full-length studio album. Hope you enjoy “A Little Lift!” Morningsiders
Morningsiders Feb 14, 2019
We love fan videos. Thanks @daniellefike for this gem #freida #dancingonthetable #playground
Morningsiders Jan 11, 2019
It’s tuba time
Morningsiders Dec 13, 2018
Hey darlings! We had a fantastic year. We released eight new singles, were featured on some amazing playlists, including Songs Taylor (Swift) Loves, Fresh Folk, Feel-Good Indie Rock, and New Music Fridays in the US, UK, and Norway, and we nearly doubled in Spotify followers. Some of you reached out to us that we were the most-listened to band in 2018, which has made makes our hearts glow with a glorious flame and makes us continue to want to make music! So cheers to 2018, and let’s make 2019 rock!
Morningsiders Dec 08, 2018
Our new single "How Good It Is" is out now!! One of our personal favorites. Hope you all enjoy! Listen on Spotify here: 💜
Morningsiders Dec 03, 2018
How Good It Is // 12.7.18
Morningsiders Oct 19, 2018
Our new single “Don’t Let Me” is out on Spotify and other streaming platforms! We had a blast recording this song. We brought out some drums and mics into a big concrete warehouse space and got some nice big boomy sounds. Hope you like the trumpet, fiddle, piano, drums and bass jam! Shout outs to: Tom Gardner at Rift Studios for the production, engineering, and mixin at Rift Studios for the production, engineering, and mixing Chris Connors at Concrete Sound for the master Zach Bell for the beautiful artwork and animated gif Cheers, Morningsiders
Morningsiders Oct 15, 2018
Don’t Let Me // 10.19.18
Morningsiders Sep 24, 2018
Our friend the amazing @hamer.jefferson playing the @bkamericanafest warming us up on a chilly September afternoon