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Double Night Time
The Driving Memoirs (Japanese Edition)
Morgan Geist Jul 23, 2019
Morgan Geist Jun 25, 2019
Morgan Geist Feb 19, 2019
Hello. Morgan Geist "Detroit" EP (incl. incredible Carl Craig remixes!) finally available on Bandcamp plus a VERY limited restock: Metro Area triple vinyl. More news soon.
Morgan Geist Dec 31, 2018
Morgan Geist Oct 17, 2018
Found in the lab, reanimated and out this Friday: Morgan Geist’s REMnants, remastered from the original 1996 master tapes.
Morgan Geist Aug 06, 2018
Morgan Geist Nov 28, 2017
I found Kelley Polar. He is working on some new music.
Morgan Geist Nov 20, 2017
Darshan and I made a Spotify playlist of some (streamable) influences that inspired the creation of our Metro Area album.
Morgan Geist Oct 27, 2017
A long time ago I did a thing. Like me, it got older and put on a little weight (the bass on the remastering sounds great is what I'm saying).
Morgan Geist Oct 25, 2017
Look at that. Out this Friday with 3LP, too. Invisible 1s and 0s too, if you don't like stuff.
Morgan Geist Sep 20, 2017
Little something I was involved with back in the old days... Metro Area 15th Anniversary Edition. Meticulously remastered triple vinyl compiles all 12 songs from original US and UK releases. Out 10/27.
Morgan Geist Aug 31, 2017
Nouveau York
Morgan Geist Aug 25, 2017
Mazel tov to B12 and Warp Records on the beautiful reissue project. Props to Warp for including this cat in the package.
Morgan Geist Aug 03, 2017
OK, will do. Here's a photo.
Morgan Geist Jun 15, 2017
Morgan Geist Jun 12, 2017
My new record is a GROOVE-Magazin "Record Of The Week" and for that reason alone you should grab it, but if you need another reason it's because the translation of the review renames me "Morgan Mind." The vinyl is now everywhere (including USA via Pacific Beach Vinyl USA and others) and it's on my Bandcamp page.
Morgan Geist May 26, 2017
My new record is out today.
Morgan Geist May 18, 2017
Hi. Award-winning kitten lover and good pal Jessy Lanza is playing some music from my new record "Megaprojects Two" (released next week) on her BBC show.
Morgan Geist Apr 05, 2017
May 26, 2017: "Megaprojects Two" on Environ Records.
Morgan Geist Mar 30, 2017
Morgan Geist remixed Joe Goddard's new single and you can listen to the result right here:
Morgan Geist Mar 14, 2017
Morgan Geist Feb 28, 2017
Morgan Geist Feb 27, 2017
New music coming soon.
Morgan Geist Feb 03, 2017
New music in a couple months! But today only, Bandcamp will donate 100% of their share of the proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU Nationwide). So if you need any music from me, it's the store I'd love you to use. Thank you.
Morgan Geist Jan 21, 2017