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The Concept of Inspiration
A New Sun
All Eyes on Mord Fustang 3
III (Definitive Edition)
Exciteshroom Adventure
9999 in 1 Definitive Edition
9999 in 1
All Eyes On Mord Fustang 2
The Electric Dream (Remixes)
All Eyes On Mord Fustang
A New World
The Electric Dream – The Remixes, Pt. 2
The Electric Dream – The Remixes Part 1
The Electric Dream (The Remixes, Pt. 3)
Mord Fustang Dec 07, 2018
POOF! Suddenly a fizzy drink emerges! 「SPIKED SODA」OUT NOW!
Mord Fustang Dec 07, 2018
Wow! Numbers! Thank you to everyone who has listened to my music this year! 💫 #2018ArtistWrapped Spotify
Mord Fustang Dec 01, 2018
Mord Fustang Nov 30, 2018
(A)Live somewhere… #FlashbackFriday
Mord Fustang Nov 23, 2018
Here’s some bonus tracks for y’all.
Mord Fustang Nov 21, 2018
Hey hi! I've made a track exclusive to VR game Beat Saber! Very happy to be a part of the OST! Listen here:
Mord Fustang Nov 09, 2018
My new album 『III』 is out now!!! It is a continuation of the musical story from my previous EP, “The Concept of Inspiration”. Thank you so much for your support so far this year! Much appreciated! PS. IF YOU LIKE IT, SHARE IT
Mord Fustang Nov 02, 2018
The album is now up for pre-order if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s out November 9!
Mord Fustang Oct 30, 2018
“Adieu” is out today, I hope you like it!
Mord Fustang Oct 23, 2018
's cover photo
Mord Fustang Oct 23, 2018
「I’m a Voyager」 out today 🙃🙃🙃
Mord Fustang Oct 19, 2018
Ghost in Your Life / Filtered House Thing — out now. Spotify: iTunes: Bandcamp:
Mord Fustang Oct 05, 2018
Celebrating 8 years of Mord, “All Eyes On Mord Fustang 3” is out now. Spotify — iTunes — Bandcamp —
Mord Fustang Sep 28, 2018
Hey guys! I made a free MatrixBrute “Mario 1985” preset pack. Check it out here
Mord Fustang Sep 07, 2018
「 G A I A 」 — OUT NOW Spotify: iTunes: Bandcamp:
Mord Fustang Aug 26, 2018
Sorry folks I’ve been kind of dull lately. There are some really cool things coming in the next couple of months. They aren’t tour dates unfortunately, but very cool nonetheless. 🙏
Mord Fustang Aug 24, 2018
Even More Obvious Hint: It’s AES 128 encryption.
Mord Fustang Aug 23, 2018
Obvious Hint: The answer is in the string that I posted two days ago, it just needs to be decrypted somehow...
Mord Fustang Aug 22, 2018
You have the clue To see through Crack the code Receive a download
Mord Fustang Aug 21, 2018
My next release is 1zInd3gxH9lL73+S205xVm7GpZaMoa5hYW6twTlDc4ih9Ie5orjqwS98luy7otSz and it is out >>September 7<<, also, it’s >>128<< bpm… ;)
Mord Fustang Aug 15, 2018
Electronic Sorbet playlist update
Mord Fustang Aug 13, 2018
All synthesizer sources on the latest release are of analog nature. The Concept of Inspiration is out now.
Mord Fustang Aug 10, 2018
Mord Fustang Aug 07, 2018
A taste of what’s on “The Concept of Inspiration”, out this Friday, August 10!
Mord Fustang Jul 31, 2018
Just found out that “Fabricated” has exceeded 100,000 streams in just 2 weeks, awesome! Thanks Spotify Editorial Team!