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The Symbolism of Everything
III (Definitive Edition)
All Eyes on Mord Fustang 3
Exciteshroom Adventure
The Concept of Inspiration
A New Sun
All Eyes On Mord Fustang 2
The Electric Dream (Remixes)
All Eyes On Mord Fustang
The Electric Dream – The Remixes, Pt. 2
The Electric Dream (The Remixes, Pt. 3)
The Electric Dream – The Remixes Part 1
A New World
Mord Fustang Apr 23, 2019
Chance of Rain: 0%
Mord Fustang Apr 19, 2019
「F U R T H E R」 single out now |
Mord Fustang Apr 05, 2019
「The Process of Elimination」 EP out now |
Mord Fustang Mar 21, 2019
Mord Fustang Mar 15, 2019
Flashback Friday: i don’t remember
Mord Fustang Mar 01, 2019
Flashback Friday: New City Gas, Montreal, QC 2013
Mord Fustang Feb 23, 2019
Timeline Photos
Mord Fustang Feb 22, 2019
To the lovely bunch of you who have listened already, what’s your favorite track of the new album? 🖤
Mord Fustang Feb 21, 2019
“The Symbolism of Everything” … is a story about paranoia and how every little thing can have a possible deep meaning behind it. I’ve had a period in my life where I had extreme anxiety and paranoia towards everything, it wasn’t exactly an enjoyable experience, but it made me think differently, in new creative ways. The album was recorded and cut over a period of 5 months. The first half of the album is much calmer and more experimental than anything I’ve done before. The second half gets back into the groovy dance music territory that I’m known for. I truly hope you enjoy it!
Mord Fustang Feb 21, 2019
「The Symbolism of Everything」 OUT NOW ✚ Download/Stream
Mord Fustang Feb 14, 2019
Happy Valentine's Day! Music: Mord Fustang - “Lauren” from upcoming “The Symbolism of Everything” album
Mord Fustang Feb 08, 2019
Heyo, doing a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, so get your questions ready!
Mord Fustang Feb 07, 2019
「The Symbolism of Everything」 album, out February 21.
Mord Fustang Feb 06, 2019
Timeline Photos
Mord Fustang Jan 31, 2019
On the new record...
Mord Fustang Jan 29, 2019
Mord Fustang Jan 28, 2019
days gone by are bygone days
Mord Fustang Jan 24, 2019
A couple more snippets from 「The Symbolism of Everything」 released February 21, 2019! The opener titled “Frick Datt” is out now.
Mord Fustang Jan 18, 2019
Hello world. Very proud to announce, my new album is called 「The Symbolism of Everything」 and it is released February 21, 2019!! The opener titled “Frick Datt” is out now! I appreciate your support!! x Listen here:
Mord Fustang Dec 19, 2018
Mord Fustang will return in a months’ time. Thank you. Have a very lovely holiday period everyone!
Mord Fustang Dec 07, 2018
POOF! Suddenly a fizzy drink emerges! 「SPIKED SODA」OUT NOW!
Mord Fustang Dec 07, 2018
Wow! Numbers! Thank you to everyone who has listened to my music this year! 💫 #2018ArtistWrapped Spotify
Mord Fustang Dec 01, 2018
Mord Fustang Nov 30, 2018
(A)Live somewhere… #FlashbackFriday