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This One’s for the Dancer & This One’s for the Dancer’s Bouquet
My Best Human Face
City Wrecker
Julia With Blue Jeans On
Julia With Blue Jeans On
Heartbreaking Bravery (with Siinai)
Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped
Dreamland EP: Marimba and S**t-Drums
Moonface Jul 20, 2019
The Moon and The Dream, song 7 of my 2019 song-a-month collection, is now up on Patreon. It's... jazzy. Find it here:
Moonface Jul 20, 2019
Belgium this fall!
Moonface Jun 23, 2019
I see my face upon the guard dog Dying by the gate Behind the gate's an ordinary day But it's a princely life for me! Song 6 - Wasted Energy
Moonface Jun 17, 2019
West coast: check Europe: check East coast: I'm on my way. Get ready. Get pumped. Get your dancing shoes on, in case you decide to go dancing after you've quietly listened, as still as stone, to me sing and play piano for an hour. Yeah!
Moonface Jun 14, 2019
Manic Presents
Moonface May 21, 2019
Song #5 of my 2019 song-a-month campaign now up on Patreon. It's called Crossroads. It's about black holes and decision making. If you hear it, I hope you like it:
Moonface May 06, 2019
For anyone interested, I've added tiers on Patreon, starting this month.
Moonface Apr 30, 2019
I just can't help it I keep adding dates to this US tour. Boise and Spokane both now in the mix and up for sale:
Moonface Apr 22, 2019
Now hovering just over 1K patrons on Patreon! I can't give enough thanks. The support is so encouraging, heartwarming, and really helps me keep going on days I want to take a sledgehammer to my piano. New song 4, for April, is posted there now. It's called Fading Graffiti. Enjoy
Moonface Apr 13, 2019
Las Vegas venue has been changed from Beauty Bar to The Bunkhouse. RIP Beauty Bar. Tickets:
Moonface Apr 10, 2019
Hey! We've added Nanaimo to the beginning of this tour. It's happening May 1st at White Room (one of the best spaces on Vancouver Island) with Light Conductor playing as well Tickets go on sale tomorrow at Fascinating Rhythm Pumped!
Moonface Apr 07, 2019
Very pleased to announce that Light Conductor are joining me as travel buds and opener on the upcoming solo piano dates. They are the "twilight slow-burn modular synthesis duo of Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsay and Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes... Their live show, featuring touring member Olga Goreas, also of The Besnard Lakes, immerses the audience in stately, slowly shifting synth tones, stereophonic squelches and pink noises." Should be good! They will be playing all the listed US dates except Seattle. I don't know why they hate Seattle so much...
Moonface Mar 22, 2019
New song #3 now up on Patreon! It's called "One at at Time", it's about the near-impossibility of ever truly knowing each other, is accidentally 8 minutes long, contains one million notes, and was VERY fun to record. Hope it makes you feel... something.
Moonface Mar 20, 2019
Berlin, Manchester, and Helsinki have been added to the EU tour...
Moonface Mar 03, 2019
For any patrons on Patreon who are interested: as requested I have uploaded "Still a Criminal", a Soundcloud B-side from 2012s "Julia with Blue Jeans On," so that it's now downloadable. You can find it as a poorly titled WAV file here: Thanks people!
Moonface Feb 14, 2019
Welp, It’s a weird one! Song two of 2019’s song-a-month campaign is up on Patreon. It’s called Having Discovered Ayahuasca and it’s about how I don’t dig cults.
Moonface Feb 11, 2019
I might just quit piano and start a surf band called Jon Snow & the You Know Nothings where all I have to do is screw around on two guitar strings and sing about white walkers, but until then we're still adding shows. Look out Hamden!
Moonface Feb 01, 2019
We're happy to announce that tickets for upcoming shows are now on sale:
Moonface Jan 30, 2019
On sale Friday...
Moonface Jan 30, 2019
EU solo piano shows! On sale Friday. I'll be back then with venues & ticket links. May 24 - Krakow May 25 - Prague May 29 - London May 31 - Dublin June 03 - Amsterdam June 04 - Copenhagen June 05 - Oslo June 06 - Stavanger June 07 - Bergen More cities coming...
Moonface Jan 30, 2019
Moonface's cover photo
Moonface Jan 17, 2019
The response today on Patreon was really positive & heartwarming. A true thanks to all of you who are supporting the idea. It's encouraging for mid-level acts like me to know that fans & friends have our backs in this odd, unpredictable industry. *genuflects then goes in for hug*
Moonface Jan 17, 2019
Moonface Jan 16, 2019
It's all happening now! I'm putting out 1 piano song a month on Patreon over the course of 2019, and the 1st track is up today. It's called "River River" and you can find it here: Thanks people!
Moonface Jan 10, 2019
For anyone interested: I have been tractor-beamed back to the piano. Writing acoustic songs again, I’m going to record and release (on Patreon) 1 song a month over 2019. I hope this idea is exciting to at least one other person. 1st song coming next week. I’ll post a link here!