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Passengers 2016
Terminal M - Boarding Gate 1 (Compiled By Monika Kruse)
Terminal M - Boarding to Ibiza Gate 3 (Selected By Monika Kruse & Mixed By Pele & Shawnecy)
Summer Drops
Terminal M - Boarding Gate 2 (Compiled By Monika Kruse, Mixed By Paul C & Paolo Martini)
Terminal M - Boarding to Ibiza Gate 2 (Compiled By Monika Kruse)
Latin Lovers Remixes (feat. Zafra Negra)
Changes of Perception
Hendrik van Boetzelaer and Monika Kruse at Hive (August 30, 2019)
Venue: Hive (Zürich, Switzerland) Find tickets
Monika Kruse Aug 15, 2019
Hospitaltime 🙁. Since one month I did not feel right and had big problems, which I could not check because I was almost never at home. Now my Doctor sent me to an emergency operation to hospital to cut out an aggressiv Polyp. Just woke up from my general Anästhetic of my operation and still feel dizzy and weak but I hope everything is fine now. I am very sorry but I have to cancel my gig at my beloved @thezooproject - Ibiza. It is my favorite spot to play on Ibiza, open air , no vip, hippieske, great vibe - you should really check it out, even without me playing.
Monika Kruse Aug 14, 2019
I am very happy to welcome Mario Ochoa on Terminal M Records with two melodic but banging tracks for every occasion. I hope you enjoy! Get it here on beatport, spotify, apple music, stems & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Aug 08, 2019
Happy family time ! Since my mum died 8 years ago I am even more aware that every moment spending together with your love ones is the most important thing in life. ❤️ #familyrules
Monika Kruse Aug 06, 2019
Who wants to go swimming with me? I am taking 3 days off now , spending them with my Dad on the countryside, with some swimming and good talks. It is really important to me to take some time with my family. You never know how long we can be together here on earth and every moment together counts. ❤️
Monika Kruse Aug 02, 2019
Ready to close the main stage on the last day of Cirque Magique 2019 (BE) this Sunday after Boris Brejcha, Marco Faraone and many more 🎪✨ Who's with me?
Monika Kruse Aug 01, 2019
Looking forward to Egg London this Saturday 🔥 EGG LDN Pres Terminal M, Monika Kruse, Joyhauser, Kyle E & Uakoz Who's in London? Get your tickets here: See you there! 🎉
Monika Kruse Jul 31, 2019
Hola Ibiza ! ❤️ walking on the beach and swimming in the sea always gives me so much positive energy.
Monika Kruse Jul 29, 2019
Happy me! Tomorrowland memories! It was great to be back and play for the stage of Carl Cox ! 💃🙌. Pics by julienduval
Monika Kruse Jul 28, 2019
Croatia I love you. Project Vojarna was great fun! I met so many nice people thank you for all the caring. You have a golden heart. The rain did not stop us from having fun! Track ID: Mark Reeve - “Golden” on Terminal M Records Get it here on beatport, spotify, apple music & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Jul 27, 2019
Thank you people of Tomorrowland ! It was sooooo hot in that tent but you danced so crazy! 39 degrees did not stop you! Wow! ❤️
Monika Kruse Jul 26, 2019
Check out the new Bangers Compilation part 3 on my label Terminal M Records . This track „Reach“ by Balthazar & JackRock , Melody's Enemy is rocking my sets since weeks and I love it very much! Get it here on beatport, spotify, apple music & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Jul 25, 2019
Thank you all for your lovely Birthday wishes!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I spent a relaxed day with my family and friends and went at a lake outside in the nature. No Party and no alcohol as I still could feel the last weekend craziness hahaha... but for me the most important thing is anyway to be sourrounded with my family and friends and feeling the nature.
Monika Kruse Jul 25, 2019
Loving this banger from Balthazar & JackRock vs. Melody's Enemy. Playing it in every set since months and it rocks everywhere. <3 Check it here on beatport, spotify, apple music & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Jul 24, 2019
Nog ❤️❤️❤️❤️. My favorite festival! I am still exhausted but sooo happy !!!!! Happy 25th birthday Nation of Gondwana ! Still uncommercial after all these years and still the best crowd. I am always mega nervous before I play there as it means so much to me. Thank you for everything. Daaaaaanke!!!!! Es ist einfach immer großartig. ❤️ #nationofgondwana
Monika Kruse Jul 23, 2019
I am happy to present you the new bangers compilation. Volume 3 includes 4 different tracks, which I chose for different moments on the dancefloor, from heavy peaktime hitters to melodic outdoor tunes. Enjoyyyyy this banger from Mark Reeve. Check it here on beatport, spotify, apple music & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Jul 23, 2019
Can't wait for Tomorrowland this Friday! ❤️ Playing at the Carl Cox stage with Amelie Lens, ANNA, Carl Cox, Joyhauser, Pan-Pot, UNER. Who will be there? 🎉
Monika Kruse Jul 18, 2019
Just a normal office day 😉
Monika Kruse Jul 17, 2019
Very happy to announce my show October 19th for Adam Beyer presents Drumcode at THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT Full calendar at:
Monika Kruse Jul 16, 2019
Playing at the amazing PAROOKAVILLE Festival this Friday! 🎉 Catch me at the Desert Valley Stage with Charlotte De Witte, Fisher, Pan-Pot and many more... Who's in?! <3
Monika Kruse Jul 15, 2019
Check out the official after movie from AUTPUT a few weeks ago in Stuttgart. Thank you Discotronic Collective & Kowalski <3 Track ID: Monika Kruse & Timmo - Violet
Monika Kruse Jul 12, 2019
I'm back at Sea You Festival this Sunday! ☀️ Hope you're ready for dancing? 😎
Monika Kruse Jul 12, 2019
Check my brandnew top 15 for the summer: Which track do you love too?
Monika Kruse Jul 11, 2019
Looking forward to Homerun Open Air 2019 this Saturday! Closing the Homerun stage from 21:00 - 23:00 💃 Last tickets selling now 👉
Monika Kruse Jul 10, 2019
Congrats to Patrik Berg for reaching beatport's techno top 20 with his fantastic 'Beyond Control'. Check the whole EP here on beatport, spotify, apple music & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Jul 09, 2019
My heart is still full of joy when I think back of Awakenings one week ago. It was extremely hot on that day but the people danced like crazy. I had the day before food poisoning so I was not sure if I could play but the great energy of all dancers made me keep on going. ❤️. Thank you all for your love! Pic by NIMAX Photography