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Passengers 2016
Terminal M - Boarding Gate 1 (Compiled By Monika Kruse)
Terminal M - Boarding to Ibiza Gate 3 (Selected By Monika Kruse & Mixed By Pele & Shawnecy)
Summer Drops
Terminal M - Boarding Gate 2 (Compiled By Monika Kruse, Mixed By Paul C & Paolo Martini)
Terminal M - Boarding to Ibiza Gate 2 (Compiled By Monika Kruse)
Latin Lovers Remixes (feat. Zafra Negra)
Changes of Perception
Monika Kruse at Watergate (May 11, 2019)
Venue: Watergate (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Hafenfestival Hafenfestival 2019
Venue: Hafen 49 (Mannheim, Germany) Find tickets
Marvellous island Marvellous island 2019
Venue: Base De Loisirs De Torcy (Torcy, France) Find tickets
Venue: Dutzendteich (Nuremberg, Germany) Find tickets
Exit Festival Exit Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Novi Sad, Serbia) Find tickets
Sea You Festival Beach Republic Sea You Festival Beach Republic 2019
Venue: Sea You Festival (Freiburg, Germany) Find tickets
Monika Kruse Apr 24, 2019
I think I need a new shaver ! #residentadvisor #pabloetchebest
Monika Kruse Apr 18, 2019
Superexcited for that special Easterweekend at Awakenings !
Monika Kruse Apr 17, 2019
It is getting warmer ... love it! Sunny days are happy days !
Monika Kruse Apr 13, 2019
Off to Festival Panoramas in France !
Monika Kruse Apr 11, 2019
These moments of pure happiness and beeing connected with the people are the moments why I love beeing a Dj. We are all one. Floor 5 - the dome at Time Warp brings always that special energy and connection between all of us . I love it as you can see on that picture! ❤️ #timewarp
Monika Kruse Apr 10, 2019
Smiling girls at @time_warp_official ! Amelie Lens is such a sweetheart ! Great to see girls like her rocking the stages worldwide so hard ! 🤗 #timewarp
Monika Kruse Apr 09, 2019
Look it‘s Time Warp !
Monika Kruse Apr 05, 2019
Flashback of last year Time Warp! I am so excited to be back tomorrow and celebrate their 25th anniversary !
Monika Kruse Apr 03, 2019
Spartaque is back on @Terminal M Records with a very powerful ep! I love the combination of harder techno but still with a funky touch! Check it here on beatport, spotify, apple music, stems & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Mar 30, 2019
What a great night at Nordstern Basel ! So much fun to play almost 5 hours B2B with my good friend Karotte (Official Fanpage) !
Monika Kruse Mar 29, 2019
Weekend is coming! Who joins me for a musical trip ? I will be playing today at Nordstern Basel with my buddy Karotte (Official Fanpage) and Saturday in Cologne at the legendary Odonien in Cologne.
Monika Kruse Mar 28, 2019
Can't wait for the party of the year! 25 years of Timewarp! Yeah !!!!
Monika Kruse Mar 22, 2019
Getting ready to go to one of my favorite cities: Barcelona ! Happy to be back playing at the great and one of the best spanish club INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club tonight! Join me for a dance ! . . If you love that shirt , you can get it here :
Monika Kruse Mar 20, 2019
Excited to announce that I play the first time at one of the biggest festivals in Hungary Balaton Sound Official on July the 3rd ! Yeah ! 💥
Monika Kruse Mar 18, 2019
What a wonderful weekend in the Netherlands! I am totally overwhelmed by the great gigs and the love on the dancefloor at TOFFLER / Rotterdam and Thuishaven / Amsterdam. I love the Dutch crowd! DANKJE well for the vibe ! ❤️🙏
Monika Kruse Mar 16, 2019
Checking some new tracks at home before I leave to the Netherlands. Nice weekend ahead with my longtime friend Michel de Hey (official) at TOFFLER in Rotterdam and Thuishaven in Amsterdam! And the supernice Bart Skils and lovely Cinthie are joining as well in Amsterdam. It is always great to play together with people you personally like a lot - musicwise and from their soul ! Enjoy your weekend !
Monika Kruse Mar 14, 2019
I am so happy for the lovely guys from Joyhauser to see their banging 'Killer Queen' on the way to become another success. And by the way: happy birthday Joris. Get it here on beatport, spotify, apple music, stems & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Mar 12, 2019
Congrats to Teenage Mutants & Moonwalk for such a big success with 'Urania'. Well deserved Available via Terminal M Records here on beatport, spotify, apple music, stems & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Mar 10, 2019
In Techno we trust! I am still flashed by the wicked crowd of the @crssdfest in San Diego last weekend! #crssd #ustour pic by @getiny
Monika Kruse Mar 08, 2019
I'm totally in love with Patrik Berg's 'Galactica' which I played at the sunrise in Montevideo (Uruguay) at christmas. Have a lovely weekend!! Now finally available here on beatport, spotify & apple music, stems & vinyl 12" from Terminal M Records:
Monika Kruse Mar 07, 2019
My first time playing in San Diego for @crssdfest was so much fun! Thank you for the vibe ! #crssdfest photo by Fixation Photography
Monika Kruse Mar 05, 2019
We lost a Rave Technolegend. R.i.p Keith Flint . The Prodigy was the soundtrack of the 90ies for me and I was still playing some edits nowadays. Even in the night he died , I played “breath” in Denver @clubvinyl . Don’t have a video from it , just from the night in Essen at club studio the week before. Keith ! You will be missed! #prodigy #keithflint #rip #breath #victorruiz #edit
Monika Kruse Mar 01, 2019
Hello San Francisco! I have a special bound with that city ❤️. Back in the days in the summer of 1992 , I was studying at University of Berkley for 3 month for the “summersession”. A Programm for foreign students. It was a great, intense , wild time. All foreign students lived together at the old Rockefellerhouse, sharing bunkbeds, rooms, little secret parties at that house. Of course we went every weekend to San Fran to have some more fun. Sometimes there were illegal raves going on, outside of SF where you had to hop on an old hippieske Bus to drive through the night and ending up in old empty warehouses or airports in the desert where the coolest underground raves happened. Kind of a mixture between tribal and techno and we were all spaced out 😎🦄. I will never forget this time and my one week living at the famous Haight Asbury. San Fran you are always in my heart. ❤️ It’s been now 7 years I played last time in SF. Let’s make it a great party tonight. #halcyonsf #monikakruse #sanfrancisco
Monika Kruse Feb 28, 2019
On my way to USA! #ustour
Monika Kruse Feb 27, 2019
This will be huge ! Can’t wait to play at the Drumcode Festival !