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Passengers 2016
Boarding Gate 1 (Compiled By Monika Kruse)
Terminal M - Boarding to Ibiza Gate 3 (Selected By Monika Kruse & Mixed By Pele & Shawnecy)
Summer Drops
Boarding Gate 2 (Compiled By Monika Kruse, Mixed By Paul C & Paolo Martini)
Boarding to Ibiza - Gate 2
Latin Lovers Remixes (feat. Zafra Negra)
Changes of Perception
Monika Kruse at Unknown venue (December 14, 2018)
Venue: Unknown venue (Bogota, Colombia) Find tickets
Monika Kruse at Imagine Land (December 15, 2018)
Venue: Imagine Land (Medellín, Colombia) Find tickets
Monika Kruse at Rio Electronic (December 23, 2018)
Venue: Rio Electronic (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Find tickets
Monika Kruse at Unknown venue (December 24, 2018)
Venue: Unknown venue (Montevideo, Uruguay) Find tickets
Monika Kruse Dec 04, 2018
Big thanks to Kevin de Vries for this magic remix for The Reason Y!! Playing it every weekend and it rocks!! Get it here on beatport, spotify, apple music & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Dec 03, 2018
Thank you all dancers and promoter of the Contact Festival Munich for the fun! Pic by @juliankrenn #contactfestival
Monika Kruse Nov 30, 2018
Ready for the weekend? Next gigs are : Friday 30Nov. at Hive Zurich for my good friend MANON (official) Saturday 1dec 2018 at Contact - the 5th experience Munich Thank you Horizn Studios for that great travel gear! Love it!!! 😍
Monika Kruse Nov 27, 2018
Tuesday Mood. 💜PRINCE💜. Still makes me so sad that he died. I am a huge fan, I saw him live for the first time at the „sign of the times tour“ when I was 15. Sheila E. who I admire as well was taking part at that tour, and she blew me away how she played the drums and was hot as hell! I was even on stage dancing - and got my first blackout as I was so overwhelmed by that experience. My both Idols 1 Meter in front of me, and 20 000 people as well. Since that concert I saw him live 10times and never saw an artist playing as good as he did. I got that Concert Album „Piano and a microphone 1983“ as a gift from a fan. Thank you so much ! #prince #princeandtherevolution #sheilae
Monika Kruse Nov 26, 2018
's cover photo
Monika Kruse Nov 25, 2018
Joyhausers new release “c166w” on Terminal M Records is rocking sooo much ! Great party again at Boogalooclub in Zagreb! 🎉❤️
Monika Kruse Nov 24, 2018
Thank you Club Roxy in Prague! You know how to party! 💥Always great when a club is sold out. But also my highlight was the bunch of flowers I got from a fan during I played! Soooo nice !!! Thank you !! ❤️💐
Monika Kruse Nov 23, 2018
Monika Kruse Nov 22, 2018
Need a cosy and warm black sweater? An x mas present? Black Friday ahead! We do a 15% reduction on all cloth in our shop until MONDAY. All cloth are bio and fair trade 🙏😘
Monika Kruse Nov 21, 2018
I cannot believe this is 15 years ago I wrote that track “Latin Lovers” ! #oldiesbutgoodies #clubPaula
Monika Kruse Nov 18, 2018
Enjoying the beautiful autumn and all the wonderful colored leeves in Berlin 🙂
Monika Kruse Nov 16, 2018
Back in the studio!
Monika Kruse Nov 13, 2018
Playing for la Familia at @egg_club_london is always great!!!! I love it there! Good crowd , good line up, and lovely promoters. ❤️❤️❤️
Monika Kruse Nov 11, 2018
Thank you Belgrade! I love your great energy! #trackID #Joyhauser #c166w #terminalmrecords
Monika Kruse Nov 09, 2018
Wonderful weekend adhead! I am so happy to be back in Belgrade tonight - always so great energy from the crowd ! And tomorrow Egg London ! La familia celebrates their 6th birthday and I am excited to party with them!
Monika Kruse Nov 08, 2018
TBT ! Missing these days! Since Club Space on Ibiza closed down the island changed a lot. For me one of the best parties were Carl Cox Music is the Revolution. Always an interesting line up and Carl himself brought so much positive energy to that night, this was unique. And yeah.. the boattrips were fun too! But I heard rumors , Carl might bring Space back... I am very excited! #carlcox #spaceibiza
Monika Kruse Nov 07, 2018
These are some of my favorite tracks at the moment which I will surely drop at Egg London this saturday. Looking forward to a great night!!
Monika Kruse Nov 06, 2018
Enjoying the Indian Summer in Berlin while answering my emails. Still warm enough to wear a T-shirt. 😊🌞
Monika Kruse Nov 02, 2018
Finally my Set from this year Time Warp is online. Enjoy ! <3
Monika Kruse Oct 25, 2018
Taking a 2 weeks break from techno to follow my path of healing and transforming. I am doing a workshop of breathwork clarity on Ibiza. Clarity breathwork is a gentle, safe and extremely powerful breathing process that releases stress from cells of the body and helps to transform limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs. The simple process of learning how to breath more consciously has the power to shift everything in your life from your physiology to manifestations of our dreams. I did several different breathwork already as there are : Holotropic breathing , transformational breathing or clarity breathwork. I really can recommend to try out one of these , it is definitely a lifechanger and you don’t need to take LSD to go on a mental trip 😉
Monika Kruse Oct 23, 2018
So proud to have the possibility to put out another amazing ep from Metodi Hristov on my label. Can't believe he's still getting better and better with each release!!! Get it on beatport, spotify, apple music & vinyl 12":
Monika Kruse Oct 15, 2018
Thank you all who so early to listen to my 3 hours set at Connect! This was special! ❤️ Time Warp x Awakenings present Connect
Monika Kruse Oct 14, 2018
It was nice to get “connected” at the first edition of @timewarp and Awakenings : We present Connect in Düsseldorf. What a massive line up! Playing for 3 hours was great fun and I enjoyed a lot to hang out with my friends and colleagues!
Monika Kruse Oct 12, 2018
's cover photo
Monika Kruse Oct 10, 2018
Looking forward to play an extended 3 hours Set for Awakenings & Time Warp present Connect ! It is an honour to open the event and to have the time to express myself so I can put the people in the right state of mind for the night :-)