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All Back to the Mine, Vol. II - A Collection of Remixes
All Back to the Mine, Vol. I - A Collection of Remixes
All Back to the Mine
Things to Make and Do
The Flipside
I Am Not a Doctor
Do You Like My Tight Sweater?
Moloko+ Jul 25, 2019
Who can remember being at our official debut gig at the legendary SUGAR SHACK club night @ The Welly Club in 1991?...we had done a few mini gigs at the Adelphi prior to this under a different name but this was our proper launch gig..
Moloko+ Jul 04, 2019
We've had more airplay for 'CAN'T WAIT TIL SUNDAY' over in Canada...a pattern seems to be developing! wouldn't some gigs over there be great!..big thanks again to the TBM Record label for help and support...our Byrds meet Big Star sound seems to be striking a chord..and a complimentary jangle..
Moloko+ Jun 12, 2019
We'd like to give big thanks to Wally @ THE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC (TBM) Record label in Canada for organising airplay for CAN'T WAIT TIL SUNDAY on CKCU FM 93.1 in Ottawa,Ontario...we appeared on the 'Wednesday Special Blend' show..our piece of early 90s Hull jangle pop seemed to fit in with the laid back Canadian vibe of the show!
Moloko+ Apr 13, 2019
Let's celebrate Record Store Day with a bit of picture disc indulgence!..
Moloko+ Mar 01, 2019
Updated header
Moloko+ Jan 29, 2019
This beast of a single was released a year gained a number of plays on BBC RADIO 6 and it must have sounded pretty contemporary because a BBC Producer asked when this 'new band was doing its first tour dates'..this business moves in mysterious ways!..
Moloko+ Dec 23, 2018
Good wishes for Christmas and New Year from the boys in MOLOKO+...
Moloko+ Oct 18, 2018
Our track 'NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU'VE GOT' features on this great new vinyl/cd album on Firestation's a wonderful compilation of bands from mainly the 80's and some early's a very evocative soundtrack of the era..check it out!
Moloko+ Aug 30, 2018
Missing for 27 years and by chance they reappear.... the 'lost' Ross Williams session pics are here!
Moloko+ Aug 21, 2018
It was great to have a 3 quarter reunion of the band tonight..but very sad that Paul couldn't get across from France..MOLOKO+ will always be the original members and no replacements..we had a good discussion about whether our next move should be a new single or a full album..all our tracks sound like singles anyway!..any feedback from our friends/fans would be much appreciated...send us your regards Simon,Sean,Chris and Paul...(ps thanks to Mark for the photo)..
Moloko+ Jun 15, 2018
Hello to our Facebook friends!...would you like us to record a new single?...suggestions on a postcard please...
Moloko+ Apr 21, 2018
Happy Record Store Day from MOLOKO+..if you have either of our singles or the SMALL TOWN SCENERY album give them a celebratory spin!..
Moloko+ Mar 18, 2018
Moloko+ Mar 18, 2018
Moloko+ Mar 18, 2018
Moloko+ Mar 13, 2018
Thanks a lot for the kind words Kim..much appreciated!
Moloko+ Mar 06, 2018
It looks like we have made it onto a book sleeve!..nice touch..thankyou to FRUITS DE MER RECORDS..this should be a great read..
Moloko+ Mar 04, 2018
Paul and Simon from the band had a long overdue reunion today and had a really good catch up!..vinyls and cassettes were exchanged and plans for a new single were this space..perhaps a couple more 'lost masterpieces' may appear very soon!...
Moloko+ Feb 06, 2018
Thankyou very much to Nick Boldock for playing BITE THE HAND on this evenings HULL MUSIC VAULT on HKR was cleverly sandwiched between a track by The Housemartins and the Mick Ronson track 'Only After Dark'..a great bit of sequencing there!..
Moloko+ Jan 20, 2018
A big thankyou to Gideon Coe for giving BITE THE HAND another play on his BBC 6 Radio show the other night..alongside the esteemed company of David Bowie,Ray Charles,The Telescopes,The Rezillos and a live recording of Magazine..and lots of other great certainly helps us reach new listening ears!
Moloko+ Jan 18, 2018
Extra big thanks to Mark Waters for playing both our lathe cut singles on his 'SOUNDS GOOD' Radio show in Scotland!..
Moloko+ Jan 18, 2018
Thanks a lot for the review..
Moloko+ Jan 10, 2018
Great news!..apparently Gideon Coe played BITE THE HAND last night on his show on BBC RADIO's fabulous to get national airplay!..
Moloko+ Jan 04, 2018
Thankyou very much to Ian McCann at RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE for his review of our latest single..I think he has tapped into the vibe of the music!
Moloko+ Jan 01, 2018
Big thanks to ROCK RADIO UK for giving us some airplay!..