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First Flower
Please Be Mine
Molly Burch Dec 19, 2018
🎁 Lil reminder that I just started an online store where you can buy my merchandise (“Burch Merch”) directly from me! I truly love going to the post office so please keep the orders up! I am happy to sign whatever you buy or leave little notes! At your service! Christmas is upon us!
Molly Burch Dec 14, 2018
MY ONLINE STORE IS NOW LIVE! I'm selling my leftover merch from tour. Buy directly from ME and I'll ship to YOU. ++ you can request for me to sign whatever you buy or leave a personalized note. Just in time for the holidays! xoxo Molly
Molly Burch Dec 14, 2018
✨🎙My online store is now live! I’m selling all of my leftover merch from tour ~ LPs, CDs, cassettes, t shirts and tote bags! Order directly from ME and I’ll ship to YOU with my bare hands! AND you can request for me to sign whatever you buy or leave a personal note, etc! Just in time for the Holidays, ya? Start ordering today! I love you! Link in bio! 💸💸💸🎁🎁🎁📦📦📦 Also ~ since I’m new at this and still working out the kinks, please DM me for questions, especially regarding international shipments! 😘 @ Austin, Texas LINK -
Molly Burch Dec 12, 2018
Me, 1993? “I’m a singer” 💅
Molly Burch Dec 12, 2018
🤠Post-tour anxiety is alive and well
Molly Burch Dec 11, 2018
GQ feature by Stephanie Talmadge photos by Kelly Giarrocco "These past couple years, I’ve gained so much self-confidence, self-empowerment in playing music, and learning how to be a boss and a band leader. Naturally, I’m a very soft-spoken person, and throughout my whole life, people have told me that’s a weakness and don’t take me seriously or see me as someone who’s powerful because of that. That’s where the song ("To The Boys") started. I wanted to address that part of me that I’ve always seen as a flaw but in recent years have been embracing. Just because I have a quiet speaking voice and sometimes people can’t hear me doesn’t mean I’m not a leader, and that I’m not strong. I really wanted to write a song that empowered women."
Molly Burch Dec 10, 2018
@gq feature ✨ link in bio, w/ all @kellygiarrocco press photos ✨
Molly Burch Dec 08, 2018
💕🌈✨2 & 1/2 month world tour over!! ✨ 🌈💕 Wow ~~ thank you SO much to everyone that made this possible and everyone who came to our shows. I love you all! Thank you for your kindness and welcoming my second album ‘First Flower’ into the universe. See you in 2019! To quote @arianagrande ~~ honest to god knock me out. 🎞 @noelwells
Molly Burch Dec 07, 2018
✨Manchester✨ Tonight is our last show w/ @_andy_jenkins and my last show of 2018! Come to Night & Day this evening (& purchase all of Andy and I’s albums cause it’d be more chill for us to not have to transport them home on our backs.) Doors at 8, Andy 8:30, us at 9:30! 📷 @nyladavison
Molly Burch Dec 07, 2018
🏹 Thank you for listening! I love you ✨ @spotify
Molly Burch Dec 06, 2018
✨Dublin✨ We’re here! So happy to be in Ireland! Playing tonight at the Grand Social, doors at 8pm, @_andy_jenkins 8:30, us at 9:15! Feed me @guinness ✨
Molly Burch Dec 05, 2018
✨Liverpool✨ Playing tonight at Leaf. Doors at 8pm, Niamh Rowe at 8:20, the wonderful @_andy_jenkins at 9, us at 9:40 📷 @theredbeanienz
Molly Burch Dec 05, 2018
💎London, I love you 💎 📷 @philllllipfan
Molly Burch Dec 04, 2018
✨London✨ Tonight’s Show at @thelexingtonlondon is SOLD OUT! Very excited for this one. Doors at 7:30, opener Rocheman at 8:30, we’re on at 9:30! @ The Lexington
Molly Burch Dec 04, 2018
💎💎 s/o to these two earth angels who have been touring with me for the past 2.5 months straight. I can’t express how much I love them ❤️✨ 4 more shows to go! ✨ 📷 @lukewrightnorton
Molly Burch Dec 03, 2018
✨Birmingham 🇬🇧✨ Playing tonight at the Hare & Hounds. Doors at 7:30, @boattorow 8:15, us at 9:15. 📷 @bibbib64
Molly Burch Dec 02, 2018
✨Brighton✨ Tonight we’re playing at @komedia_brighton w/ a packed line up of friends @riverwhyless 8pm @_andy_jenkins 8:45pm us at 9:30pm. Doors at 7:30! #midhairflip
Molly Burch Dec 01, 2018
✨Margate✨woo! First UK 🇬🇧 show! Playing tonight at @tomthumbtheatre doors at 19h30 w/ opener Andy Jenkins 20h45, we play at 21h30! @ Tom Thumb Theatre
Molly Burch Nov 30, 2018
✨Ghent✨ Playing at Trefpunt tonight! Doors at 19h30, support Galine 20h, we play at 21h. 📷 @phoellow (from “Candy” music video ~~ Link in bio)
Molly Burch Nov 29, 2018
#tbt tour Halloween 📷 @lukewrightnorton 💕
Molly Burch Nov 29, 2018
✌️This is how I feel after touring since Oct 1st 🤤🤤 SO happy to have a much needed day off today✨ In Ghent, what’s up? Tips? 📷 @maxjenkinsyall from “Candy” music video (link in bio still, y’all ✨HMU by @torynreed
Molly Burch Nov 28, 2018
✨Amiens 🇫🇷 ✨ Playing tonight at @lalunedespirates Doors at 20h30, we play at 21h, @stillcorners at 22h25. 📷 @oakandfir
Molly Burch Nov 27, 2018
✨Amsterdam✨ Playing tonight at @paradisoadam Doors at 20h30, we play at 22h. 📷 @bibbib64
Molly Burch Nov 26, 2018
PSA✌️ Buy these shirts from me at my shows Europe/UK because 1) they’re sick 2) the artwork is legend @saschastann 3) I don’t want to carry them back to America! 🤪
Molly Burch Nov 26, 2018
portrait of a tired woman on tour 🇩🇪