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Running (Âme Remix)
III (Instrumentals)
Running EP
III (Bonus Tracks & Remixes)
50 Weapons of Choice #2-9
Moderat (Video Album)
Moderat Sep 18, 2017
Hi everybody, Siriusmo's remix of "Eating Hooks" has always been a favorite in our live sets. After playing it for 118 times during our tour we think we should tell you his new album "Comic" is out now on Monkeytown Records! :-)
Moderat Sep 05, 2017
Hi everybody, It’s hard to explain how it felt waking up after this last show knowing a chapter of our lives has just came to an end. After so many months spent touring, you might end up taking all this for granted. But then you walk on a stage like that and you suddenly realise you are going to keep this moment forever. We're sad but enthusiastic, exhausted but longing for more. After so many years, Moderat finally has become a real band and even more: a family. We won't let it die. Thank you so much for all the love. It’ll take us a while but we’ll be back! Stay tuned! Szary, Sascha & Gernot. (Pic by Birgit Kaulfuß)
Moderat Sep 02, 2017
Kann losgehen! #teambadkingdom #berlin #finalchapter ❤️
Moderat Sep 02, 2017
Berlin ❤️
Moderat Aug 23, 2017
Hey everybody.. we want to thank Köln / Brussels / Amsterdam & Hamburg for joining us. + a little note for the Wuhlheide concert-goers: we only have 230 tickets left for Berlin.. - As seating and spots are 100% unreserved-> come early - Don't forget the maximum bag size @concert -> A4 You can check out all infos here: See you there! 😍 🙌 ✊ Photo ©Metz
Moderat Aug 06, 2017
Twelve more dates left to top our Sonar experience. Who's in? 🙌 👉 Sonar Live 2017 full show 👉
Moderat Aug 04, 2017
Hi Everybody, When we started Moderat it was meant to be a fun-thing, a playground and sort of a vacation from our individual projects. It’s still fun and becoming a band after all these years was a real experience. A long way considering we all started as Dj’s in dirty basements. But after 4 years of this, non stop, we feel that Moderat now is what we need to take a vacation from. After our final show on September 2nd at Berlins Wuhlheide, an amazing open air venue, we will go back to Modeselektor and Apparat. Thanks for the ride, hope to see you again! G/S/S
Moderat Jul 21, 2017
Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force sadly can't make it to our concert on Sep 02. We are however, super happy to announce that our friends from Mount Kimbie will be supporting us in Berlin.🏖✌️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Come join us! Check it out here:
Moderat Jul 07, 2017
Here comes a part of our concert @ Glastonbury Festival (official)! Enjoy your weekend!
Moderat Jul 03, 2017
Thank you all for the amazing festival weekends we have had so far!👇 *Fotos © Metz @ Roskilde Festival Open'er Festival Glastonbury Festival (official) ASTRO festival
Moderat Jun 25, 2017
impressive ... thank you Glastonbury ... #teambadkingdom #moderat #moderatlive #modeselektor #apparat #pfadfinderei #glastonbury
Moderat Jun 16, 2017
Just arrived at Sónar Festival and kicking off todays release of our "Live" vinyl box > 🙌 For those of you who can’t be be part of the upcoming festivals and concerts, you can tune in at 1:00am, live stream below 🎥👇🔥
Moderat Jun 03, 2017
Moderat May 24, 2017
We made a mix for! They have some copies of our Moderat Live LP left for you...
Moderat May 16, 2017
Melted our live show into a limited 2x12" vinyl box set for you, available for pre-order in stores now. 500 limited color vinyl box sets are exclusively available at See you on tour or at our last show in Berlin ✌️
Moderat Apr 23, 2017
Thank you Coachella 2 ... #teambadkingdom #modeselektor #apparat #pfadfinderei #coachellaweekend2 (📸@auburn_sky)
Moderat Apr 17, 2017
Thx to all who joined us at Coachella! Hope you enjoyed the show. Now on our way to 🇨🇦Montreal, 🗽New York + 🌴LA. So - just in case you have friends there - let them know! #teambadkingdom tix>
Moderat Apr 16, 2017
Now @ Coachella💡📽️ #LiveStream on channel 2 >>> First step of #closingchapterIII next ones #Montreal #NewYork #LA #Reims #Athens #London … #hopetoseeyouthere
Moderat Apr 14, 2017
Now on our way to ________________
Moderat Apr 13, 2017
Our mix for KEXP. see you in a bit @Coachella #Montreal #NewYork #LA ... *photo © Robin Alysha Clemens
Moderat Apr 11, 2017
_updated our bus playlist. next stops Coachella, Montreal, NY, LA, Reims, Athens, London + ... ***Autechre Tangerine Dream - Band Florian Kupfer Vatican Shadow Clark blursome Tropic of Cancer The Antlers The Sea and Cake Rolando Simmons Thomas P. Heckmann (OFFICIAL) Arthur Russell Luke Abbott robot koch Savannah Jo Lack Sans Parade Bon Iver SHXCXCHCXSH John Beltran Aphex Twin Trans Am....Suggestions?
Moderat Apr 01, 2017
1 year ago today we released "III" ... #moderat #teambadkingdom #apparat #modeselektor #pfadfinderei *listen:
Moderat Mar 31, 2017
Our last show for a very long time will be in Berlin... don't sleep on this... #moderat #teambadkingdom #III *tix:
Moderat Mar 22, 2017
Already got this Pfadfinderei designed #Moderat III Logo Hoodie? No cheap production. No bullshit. Made by Civilist Berlin, manufactured in Portugal. Available here: #teambadkingdom #moderatmerch #modeselektor #apparat #berlin
Moderat Dec 13, 2016
good bye Americas! thanks for joining #teambadkingdom ... hugs and see you soon... S & G & S Chile 🇨🇱✔️ Argentina 🇦🇷✔️ Peru 🇵🇪✔️ Colombia 🇨🇴✔️ Mexico 🇲🇽 ✔️ US 🇺🇸✔️